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Breast Reduction surgery touted as receiving the most patient satisfaction? Consider Breast Reduction | Dr. Adam Kinal

Even though the trend of breast enhancements has taken the world by storm, there are those that are not so happy with their naturally large breasts. Wondering why? The fact is that being well-endowed might be ruining the quality of life – to be more precise, destroying your back daily. Millions of women struggle with the burden of large breasts every day. Luckily, there are several ways to reduce the size and weight of your breasts, from diet and exercise to surgery. However, breast reduction surgery is a sure-shot way to help reduce the size of your breasts. This is where Dr. Adam Kinal comes in and saves the day.

An expert cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Kinal has been committed to enhancing his clients’ natural beauty through careful and long-term tested systematic procedures. He is renowned in California, Tennessee, Florida, and Georgia for implementing various successful procedures that produce exceptional results, along with boosting self-confidence and improving one’s appearance. 

It’s no secret that having large breasts can be a pain in the neck (literally and figuratively). If you’re one of the many women who suffer from large, heavy breasts, you know the pain and discomfort they can cause. From backaches and neck pain to indentations in your shoulders from your bra straps, large breasts can take a toll on your body. 

Oversized breasts can be a nuisance when it comes to ruining your back, resulting in severe backaches. If you’re tired of dealing with the daily struggles of having large breasts, then it might be time to consider breast reduction surgery. By going under the knife to reduce the size of your breasts, you can finally say goodbye to your back problems.

Most patients report excellent results from breast reduction surgery and often return to their normal activities within a few weeks. If you are considering this type of surgery, be sure to consult with Dr. Kinal to discuss your specific goals and expectations. He can surely help you achieve the results you desire. As far as his success rate as a plastic surgeon is concerned, Dr. Kinal is very successful, and in fact, patients love their results. This success rate has made him a highly sought-after surgeon in the United States.

Dr. Adam Kinal is a Board-Certified Surgeon and fellowship trained in Cosmetic Surgery who understands the struggles that come with having large breasts. He offers the procedure of breast reduction as a way to help women get what they’ve always wanted – breasts that are smaller in size. Moreover, he recommends that it is very important that patients follow a strict diet of lean proteins, fresh fruits and vegetables, probiotics, good hydration, absolutely NO smoking, and limit alcohol, sodas, and processed foods once the surgery is done. Light exercise is advised after a few weeks, but it is essential to move a little after surgery for blood circulation. Once patients are healed, they should protect their investment by working out, eating healthy, and staying hydrated. 

According to Dr. Adam Kinal, breast reduction surgery involves removing excess tissue and skin from the breasts and can also include repositioning the nipples and areolas. This type of surgery can be performed as an outpatient procedure, and it usually takes about two to three hours to complete.

After the surgery, you will need to wear a surgical bra for about four weeks. You will also have some drains placed under your arms to help collect any fluid that may accumulate. These drains will be removed after a few days.

If you’re ready to take the next step, contact Dr. Adam Kinal’s clinic today to schedule a consultation with him. He will be happy to answer any questions you have and help you determine if breast reduction is right for you. You won’t regret it!​

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