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Avoid Dating Horror Stories with Midwest Matchmaking

All anyone wants is to find love — they want to be loved and love another. As Nat King Cole famously said, “The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.”  

In today’s fast-paced digital age, mobile apps and online platforms have become the norm in the dating scene, but they all too often lead to countless swipes and disappointing encounters. The endless ghosting, mismatched expectations, and awkward encounters can leave anyone feeling frustrated and disillusioned, wondering how it could be so difficult to find love when there are more options and different ways to date available. 

The answer is easy — when it comes to modern dating in the digital era, there is no personalization. Even though the world is smaller thanks to social media and dating apps, people are not actually getting to know one another. 

It’s for this reason and others that Courtney Quinlan, owner of Midwest Matchmaking says, “We screen everyone before we suggest a match. We make sure they’re real people looking for the same thing you are: love.”

Personalized service catered to your needs

When it comes down to today’s wide array of dating apps and websites, many have filters that users can select to help narrow down their list of potential matches. However, these don’t always work as intended, leaving people with either too many options that aren’t relevant to their interests or too few results, leaving them with slim pickings. Using a service like Midwest Matchmaking will help personalize results from all available candidates. 

“We get to know you on a deeper level,” Quinlan remarks, “and we offer suggestions based on you and your preferences. We screen all of our candidates before matching them with anyone to ensure they’re real people that are genuinely searching for love and commitment.” 

Midwest Matchmaking provides an extensive screening process that filters out incompatible individuals, saving you time and energy. Each potential match is carefully evaluated, ensuring they meet the criteria and standards of that particular matchmaking service. By focusing on quality matches, the firm increases the likelihood of creating lasting and meaningful connections.

Expert guidance

One of the key differences between matchmaking services and other love-finding tools such as dating apps and websites is two-fold. Not only do matchmaking services offer expert guidance, but they also often act as a kind of dating therapist. 

“Some people have so much trauma when it comes to dating and finding love,” Quinlan notes, “but we’re here to help them through that. We believe everyone has their person and we’re determined on helping them find each other.”

Online dating can be overwhelming, especially for those who enter the dating scene while still carrying all the extra baggage of any past failed dating experiences. This is why matchmakers — such as those on Quinlan’s team — genuinely want to help you and guide you in the right direction. 

At Midwest Matchmaking, they offer expert advice and insight into dating from the very beginning. From the initial consultation to post-date feedback, their expertise helps clients navigate the often complex world of dating and all the emotional ups and downs it can bring. Their hands-on approach and genuine commitment to their clients’ happiness set Midwest Matchmaking apart from other similar services. 

Confidentiality and privacy

Privacy and confidentiality are essential when it comes to matters of the heart, which is why Midwest Matchmaking prioritizes your privacy and understands the sensitive nature of matchmaking. Unlike online dating, only a select few are able to see your profile, and only with your permission. 

“All client information is treated with the utmost confidentiality, providing a safe and secure environment to explore romantic possibilities,” says Quinlan. “You can rest assured that your personal details and conversations will remain strictly private, allowing you to focus on building connections without any concerns.” 

More than just setting up dates

When dating, the pressure to have one-on-one conversations can be debilitating. This is why Midwest Matchmaking frequently hosts singles events with like-minded individuals to help ease that anxiety. 

“We offer singles events to help individuals on their single journey,” shares Quinlan, “from fun speed dating events to ‘mingle-and-greets.’ Each event is specifically tailored for those who are invited and we help them along the way so that they never feel alone.”

In addition, Midwest Matchmaking also offers dating coaching services to help guide candidates through anything that may come before, during, and after dating — be it good, bad, or just outright confusing. For example, Midwest Matchmaking offers one-on-one sessions, workshops, online courses, and an exciting option for immediate expert advice. 

If you’re tired of living through horror story after horror story in the dating world and want to take control of your love life, a service like Midwest Matchmaking is the best option for you. They can provide you with the confidence and enthusiasm to start dating again without going into every new conversation expecting to be disappointed. 

“Our team has countless years of relationship experience,” Quinlan affirms. “We have introduced thousands of people to their partners and helped them make it last.” 

In the ever-changing and often challenging world of dating, it’s crucial to find a path that leads to genuine connections and fulfilling relationships. Everyone deserves to find and be loved, and Midwest Matchmaking is the perfect fit to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. 

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