A pharmacist by profession turns into a reality TV star – Roxanne Hamedi

Dreams do come true, and that’s just not for fairytales but in real life as well. Some people believe that they have their lives sorted with everything planned out and placed in the order they have set. However, there comes an opportunity that changes everything and turns your life around for the better. Such is the story of pharmacist turned reality TV celebrity – Roxanne Hamedi

The 29-year-old, gorgeous Persian-Scottish woman who can speak both English and Farsi fluently earned her degree in pharmacy. Soon after completing her degree, she started practicing, and it was during a relationship that she moved to London. Even then, she continued her practice. But life had something else in store for her. During her stay in the UK, Roxanne Hamedi was spotted on Instagram and was approached for a meeting with MTV London. After a few meetings, she was asked to pack her bags, get into a cab and go to Newcastle, where she would be quarantined for two weeks with a bunch of strangers on MTV’s show Geordie Shore 

Talking about how one thing led to another, Roxanne Hamedi shared, “I always wanted to help people as I am quite a caring person, so my job as a pharmacist is quite rewarding for me.” She further stated, “However, there was a time when I wanted to try out a new direction because I have also always wanted to be famous too. Hence, when the opportunity came up for Geordie Shore, I just couldn’t miss it.”  

Roxanne was featured on the series 22 of Geordie Shore called “Hot Single Summer,” where the original cast would go in and meet other “singles,” and then they dated each other. Every few days, someone would be eliminated and leave the house. The idea was to find your soulmate by meeting and dating different people in a closed environment. “I fell for a guy called James Tindale, and our connection was very strong from the beginning. He made it clear that I was the only girl he wanted, and he had planned so many nice dates for us inside the house. We also saw each other a few times after filming for 4 weeks,” Roxanne explained. “Basically, I was the only contestant to have gone into the house from the start and finished until the end, where James asked me to be his girlfriend. I essentially won the show,” she added. 

For Roxanne, doing reality TV was a completely different ballgame that changed her life. It was not like a job but was fun, glamorous and exciting, something completely different from healthcare. It was like a challenge, something she had never experienced before, and she loved it to bits. The excitement, the adrenaline rush, the unpredictability of the job, everything enthralled her. The fame and the love she received post-show motivated her to work more on the small screen. In fact, she aspires to become a TV presenter and appear on shows like Strictly Come Dancing, Dancing on Ice, or I am A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here.  

The pharmacist turned TV celebrity believes consistency and hard work can do wonders for you. “Rome wasn’t built in a day, and if it were that easy, everyone would be doing it. So, nothing worthwhile comes easy basically, and I believe that when you put the effort in, along with having the right resources and also a bit of luck, you can achieve anything,” she stressed. “Consistency is the most important thing to stay focused on your goals. Whether it is getting up early to go to the gym and then working and being able to sleep at a good time so that you can get your 8 hours a day. Whatever it is you do in life, your efforts have to be consistent in order to achieve your goals,” Roxanne reiterated. 

The intelligent and classy pharmacist who set out on a journey to becoming a TV star wants to make a difference in the world, be it through her healthcare work or her TV persona. She is kind, compassionate and believes in the goodness of people. She wants to utilize her celebrity status to talk about people’s health and wellness and help them do better in life. 

Roxanne Hamedi is living the best of both worlds. In her line of pharmacy, she gets to help people through her medical advice and feels immensely rewarded when people come up to her and tell her how her advice helped them get better. While working on TV, she gets to express her alter ego and has fun with life. Being true to her work makes her admired by people both on-screen and off-screen. And as far as her journey to success is concerned… the journey has just begun.