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Athar’a Pure Natural Skincare Reaches Goal of Leaving a Positive Impact on People and the World

Photo: Courtesy of Kiki Khan Photography 

There are many reasons people value skincare, but the main idea is to get healthy, smooth skin. When picking out skincare products, there are many things to consider, such as looking younger, addressing skin issues, and protecting their skin. Sara Davoodi created a skincare line that could address everything people often search for. Her brand Athar’a Pure uses natural ingredients to bring together a healthy and effective product that people will be comfortable applying.

Sara Sonia Davoodi is a resident who was born and raised in Chicago. The working mother of two initially created Athar’a Pure as a side hustle and hobby before turning the brand into a fully thriving business. Sara dedicated Athar’a Pure to her late nonni (grandmother) Athar. Growing up, Athar was a truly remarkable woman who played an integral role in Sara’s upbringing. Her nonni instilled a love and knowledge of plant botanicals and their medicinal & beauty benefits. Sara wanted to honor her grandmother with a brand that celebrated her generous spirit and love for plants and animals.

Athar’a Pure initially started as an indie beauty brand. Sara’s passion and love for natural ingredients were paired with a dream to keep her family traditions alive. The brand grew, much to Sara’s surprise. She is now relaunching her line with an updated website, upscale, sustainable packaging, improved formulations, and new products.

Photo: Courtesy of Kiki Khan Photography 

Sara Davoodi believes that her ancestors helped pave the way to make natural skincare what it is today by handcrafting both medicinal and beauty treatments in the Ayurvedic tradition and passing down the expertise over generations. The traditions have long adorned the beauty regimens of brides in Pakistan and India.

The brand creates completely natural skincare products based on their family traditions and rituals. They use unique plant botanicals, herbs, and spices like neem, Turmeric, coffee arabica, pomegranates, rice, and other nutrient and antioxidant-rich superfoods. 

Athar’a Pure is set on a mission to leave a legacy and a positive impact on the planet as they partner with Trees for Life. This international nonprofit movement works for the empowerment of villagers in developing countries. Together they plant nutritious moringa trees for impoverished communities around the world. Athar’a Pure is also committed to zero-waste packaging, with most of its components being glass, cardboard, and biodegradable packaging peanuts and with minimal to no plastic components. The line is also certified as a vegan and cruelty-free brand by Leaping Bunny and Peta.

Photo: Courtesy of Kiki Khan Photography 

With a unique line of products created to bring centuries of knowledge, rich heritage, and exotic eastern plant botanicals, Athar’a Pure brings people accessible products that work with a modern lifestyle. Sara Davoodi hopes to turn her line into the preferred vegan and cruelty-free skincare line in the market. She wants Athar’a Pure to be recognized for their contributions to the planet and create a legacy that will positively impact the planet and wildlife.

To learn more about Athar’a Pure, you may visit their website. You can also reach out to them through Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

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