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Architect Extraordinaire Zehra Aksu Emerges as One of the Most Sought-After Yacht Brokers

More prominently known as The Windy City, Chicago is the perfect place to create a luxurious lifestyle that cultivates personal comfort and professional growth. With so many business opportunities in store, go-getters residing therein can easily establish strong relationships with their clientele, upscale their brands, and organize events. Moreover, one would find spectacular skylines, breathtaking infrastructures, and incredible architecture at the heart of the city. Among those known for their prowess in architecture, construction, and development is Zehra Aksu, a visionary now regarded as an emerging force in the yachting industry. 

Widely recognized for having numerous beaches, Chicago is replete with recreational activities that offer residents and tourists a fresh reprieve from the hustle and bustle of city life. A great example of such activities is yachting. As a matter of fact, owning and chartering a yacht is not only a good way to unwind and destress but is also useful for business and corporate gatherings. For this reason, Zehra Aksu utilizes her yacht expertise to demonstrate the true essence of a well-lived life while showcasing The Windy City’s natural and beautiful resources.

Start Your Next Luxury Voyage with Yacht Expert Zehra

Photo Courtesy: Zehra Aksu

Hailing from Istanbul, Turkey, Zehra Aksu is a multitalented yachting professional who has been providing her clientele with an exceptionally high level of service. After more than a decade of working in the construction industry, she has found a way to reconnect with water, establishing a name for herself as a yacht broker. This power player has made it her mission to influence people to live this life to the fullest by showcasing the ultimate yachting lifestyle. According to her, yachts have an incredible power to enable people to seize the day and appreciate life because of the experience they provide. “People need to believe that yachts are pieces of art that hold value to invest as long as they are maintained well,” she said. 

Start Your Next Luxury Voyage with Yacht Expert Zehra Aksu

Photo Courtesy: Zehra Aksu

Although yachting is usually associated with leisure and relaxation, it may also be used as a powerful tool for business growth and exposure. “Yachts are also great branding vehicles for business purposes,” Zehra Aksu shared. “One of my clients named her yacht after her company’s product line. Now, she is using the yacht for marketing, branding, and promoting her products on board and entertaining her clients by creating yacht events.” 

Throughout her journey, one thing remains at the top of Zehra Aksu’s career: the needs of her clients. So, she takes it upon herself to prioritize them while creating a safe and understanding environment. In this way, this go-getter not only provides out-of-this-world experiences but also strengthens her relationships with them.

Start Your Next Luxury Voyage with Yacht Expert Zehra

Photo Courtesy: Zehra Aksu

“After sales, I help my clients find the marina to dock their yacht and crew. I then proceed to give maintenance advice and interior design updates on their yacht, even charter management if they like to use their yacht for business,” Zehra Aksu explained. “I also offer to help new build yacht purchases if they choose to build their own yacht. In addition, I offer project management services as the owner’s representative throughout the new build yacht’s construction process.”

With everything that has happened in the world, Zehra Aksu’s philosophy in life is a breath of fresh air. Through her industrious efforts, she aims to see more people break away from the vicious cycle and see and appreciate what life has to offer.

If you are ready to experience the beauty of life, connect with Zehra Aksu through her Instagram @superyachtbrokerzaksu, TikTok, Facebook or LinkedIn. You can also text her at What’s app Business + 1 3057679905.

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