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Angel Coon Shares Her Journey from Entrepreneurism to Spiritual Guidance

While the spirit of hustle has always been admired in society, people often overlook the importance of faith and spiritual beliefs, especially in their darkest moments. Although most can uplift themselves, others take a long time finding their way again. Angel Coon is a psychic and medium renowned for her eccentricity and artistry. She has dedicated her career to helping people find their way out of the darkness in their lives.

Known as an up-and-coming influential powerhouse, Angel Coon has always had a knack for creativity and sales, giving her the ability to create art and design her own advertising and promote her brands. Growing up, Angel watched as her father took leaps to start his own business, sparking her entrepreneurial spirit.

Angel would start her first business in 2012, Aleah Photography & Art, and continue to expand her portfolio in the following decade. Today, she oversees multiple companies, runs a successful Airbnb in Mississippi, and pushes her art to create fascinating pieces. Angel’s journey as a psychic medium started over two years ago when she sought recommendations from friends to get a psychic reading, something she had wanted for years.

Despite her success in her entrepreneurial endeavors, Angel always felt her calling was elsewhere. “I have always had big dreams for myself but didn’t always quite see me as a business owner or a brand,” she revealed. “I started preaching about self-employment and encouraging others to follow their dreams – even investing in a few startups along the way.”

In 2020, Angel Coon finally found her way to her spiritual calling. Opening her studio, Earthwise Studio & Shop. She started seeing a community build around it. Angel witnessed extreme acts of healing occur within the space, and people were finding their way to her, seeking guidance in finding their way out of the darkness that encompassed them.

“I started to really see that in order to change the world, I need to step into the spotlight and be a voice for that change,” revealed the medium.

Since then, Angel has been renowned for her ability to connect, empathize, and help people from all walks of life. The medium can set herself apart from others with an intuitive nature and broad range of experience with people from all parts of the world. Angel Coon has the ability to help people see that they have more in common than they have in their differences. She cites her journey with her Creator to fuel her passion for helping people realize that their relationship with whomever they pray to is uniquely theirs and that no one can or should tell them what it should look like.

“Coming from a long line of women who were never afraid to speak their mind gave me the confidence to stand firmly and unwavering in my truth,” said the medium. “It gave me the strength to stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves. My spiritual insight taught me that if you have a platform, you should use it for good. We all have a purpose here. We are all part of moving humanity forward and helping the world come together for a time of prosperity and peace.”

Despite her impact, Angel Coon foresees her career expanding with tours to bring her events to major cities throughout the country. She also hopes to hold her own art shows to inspire others and gain the opportunity to mingle with people who need a spiritual message.

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