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AI Tools for Business

AI Tools for Business
Photo Credit: Ashay Shukla

Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing how companies operate, from manufacturing to marketing. Bringing AI into your business, whether a scrappy startup or a local shop, can give you an edge against heavyweight competitors. But with flashy new AI tools launching every week, it’s tough to know where to start – and what’s actually useful versus hype.

I’ve tested my share of AI platforms meant for business. Some are too complex without much payoff. Others have slick marketing but can’t deliver the goods. Let me save you some headaches. I’ve rounded up the seven most practical AI tools I’d recommend based on their real-world performance, affordable pricing, and ease of learning. These are the ones proving their worth day to day for businesses aiming to work smarter, not harder.

The key is finding the right match between each AI tool’s strengths and your business needs, which I’ll break down. I’ve got you covered on everything from chatbots to predictive analytics. Read on to upgrade your tech stack without breaking the bank or getting overwhelmed.

Wix AI

As a long-time Wix user, I’ve been impressed with how they keep innovating to help folks like me build slick websites without needing to code. Wix just dropped a sweet suite of AI tools that make creating pro-level designs, write-ups, and other assets downright simple.

I gave the new AI features a spin and was surprised by how easy Wix made it to cook up graphics, logos, and videos and tailor them to my boutique shop. All it takes is typing a text description of what you need. For instance, I had the AI Image Creator whip me up some killer social media graphics showcasing new hand-made candles. Just told it my shop name, products, and the vibe I’m going for and boom – gorgeous images in barely a minute.

Wix even automatically generates written content like Google Ads copy or product descriptions for your site by inputting topics and target audience. No more struggling to come up with the right message myself. Beyond the smart design and writing perks, Wix offers everything from an AI website builder to AI business name suggestions.

While fancy on the backend, the tool remains simple to use for non-techies like myself. And you can customize the AI-generated results if you want to add your own touch. Wix keeps the pricing fair, too, with pro plans that unlock the advanced AI starting at just $14 monthly. For running an online biz without headaches, I’d vouch for giving their AI a whirl.

Main Advantages:

  • User-friendly AI creation flows
  • Fully baked into Wix site builder
  • Huge range of AI design & copy features
  • Reasonably priced subscription plans

ChatGPT Plus from OpenAI

As a serial entrepreneur always looking for tools to boost productivity, I was an early adopter of ChatGPT. The AI chatbot makes conversation shockingly human-like and helpful for tackling business tasks. Upgrade to ChatGPT Plus for even more firepower.

I’ll be frank: the free version of ChatGPT is so good it almost feels like you’re chatting with a real teammate when bouncing ideas around or asking for input. Plus, you can take that to the next level for $20 monthly. You get the bleeding-edge GPT-4 model responding lightning-fast with even more accuracy. 

I use ChatGPT Plus as a personal consultant on steroids, helping write first drafts for blog posts, emails, social captions, outlines for video scripts – you name it. I just give it a simple prompt explaining what I need and some key pointers. It’ll turn around lengthy, well-written content in seconds that I then tweak to my style.

Beyond writing, it fleshes out product comparisons if I’m debating new software to test, suggests catchy slogans when rebranding, and will even generate promo images or basic code. For the Pro version, you can train the AI on your company’s unique lingo and data sets too.

Considering the time and money ChatGPT Plus saves me by automating draining marketing and creative tasks, $20 monthly is a steal. If you run a business, I’d take this AI assistant for a spin.

Main Perks:

  • Most advanced natural language AI 
  • Customize for your niche and use cases  
  • Automates and enhances writing, ideas, graphics 
  • Affordable subscription pricing

ProAI Business Growth Platform

As an entrepreneur who geeks out on technology to fuel data-driven decisions, I discovered ProAI – an impressive all-in-one AI platform built by Pro Business Plans, top business plan writers, solely for growth-minded founders like us.

Rather than cobbling together a mishmash of generic AI tools, the ProAI team leveraged their digital strategy chops into one beast of a business intelligence engine. Simply integrate your sales, marketing, finance, and operations data feeds. ProAI’s proprietary algorithms work behind the scenes to surface hidden trends, segments, and opportunities you’d easily miss otherwise.

It essentially serves as a personal AI-powered consultant translating all that data into strategic power plays tailored to your situation. 

And that’s just scratching the surface since ProAI rolls out frequent technology upgrades as their lead AI researchers cook up new data sorcery.

Granted, being powered by a crew of actual digital strategists means ProAI carries a heftier price tag than basic biz-focused AI I’ve seen, scaling into the thousands monthly. But damn, does it pay dividends. I saw a 3x higher ROI within six months after signing on. If you’re set on turbocharging sustainable growth, I can’t overstate having ProAI’s brainpower in your corner.

Main Perks:

  • Analyses data identifying growth levers
  • Created by actual business strategists
  • Frequent technology upgrades
  • Premium pricing but drives exponential impact

Murf AI Voice Generator

Murf AI Voice Generator: As a bootstrapped startup founder producing all our explainer videos in-house, I worried quality voiceovers were out of budget. Then I discovered Murf and haven’t looked back since. This crazy-simple AI generates vocal narrations rivalling what professional voice actors charge hundreds for.

Just paste your video script or any text into Murf. At lightning speed, it works its magic to analyze the content and speaking style that fits best. Then, with one click, it seamlessly voices the words as if a seasoned pro recorded them. 

Beyond saving cash, I dig how easily you can customize the narrator’s voice exactly how you want in the interactive editor. Tweak accent, speech pacing, masculine versus feminine tone – even throw some vocal inflections in the mix. Additional options open up depending on the pricing plan. 

I mainly rely on Murf’s free version, which allows 500 monthly words to voice short intros or testimonial clips in promo videos. But their Pro plan looks tempting to unlock unlimited lengthy narrations, which could come in handy in producing our training webinars and podcasts. At a reasonable $15 monthly for solo entrepreneurs like me, Murf makes elevating production value achievable even on a budget.

Main Perks:

  • Unlimited AI voice-over generation  
  • Fully customizable vocal range/style
  • Downloads easy embeddable MP3 files 
  • Generous free tier + reasonably priced Pro plans

Pictory AI Video Generator

As an ecommerce owner, we live or die by product photography. But editing hundreds of pics sucked up too much time from actually running the biz. That’s when a photo-editing wizard friend hipped me to HitPaw’s AI-powered suite for streamlining edits at scale.

I just drag and drop batches of product shots into HitPaw for the AI to work its magic. It automatically sharpens and clarifies details that appear grainy, plus enhances lighting and vibrancy on dreary-looking images of apparel and accessories. The coolest part is that HitPaw can even expand small images by 4x without that awful pixelation or quality loss that typically happens.

When model photos came back with dingy backgrounds or walls crowding the frame, the AI backdrop editor made scene touchups a cinch. I dig that it keeps skin tones and hair looking totally natural, too when replacing backgrounds. Same for the smart portrait-to-landscape tool and gif creator to diversify content formats.

While you can peep at some key features on a free version, the $39.99 annual plan unlocks the full month for advanced enhancement. Considering HitPaw slashed my editing workload by over 60%, it is easily worth every penny for ecomm at scale. But it appears super valuable for anyone publishing content across the web or social feeds.

Main Perks

  • Automates photo editing and touchups
  • AI prevents quality loss when upscaling
  • Background editing and gif creation
  • Generous free version + paid annual plan Meeting Assistant

As a solopreneur drowning in back-to-back calls, our human brain can’t keep track of everything said to save my life. Crucial decisions made or tasks assigned often slip through the cracks. I’d realize days later when clients circled back fuming, or deals collapsed. An epic mess. 

By chance, I discovered – an AI assistant gifting me a steel trap memory for capturing meeting gold despite chaotic days. 

I start meetings by clicking record as Fireflies works Behind the scenes, transcribing word-for-word dialogue with freaky accuracy. It even lets me search transcripts or click sections to play audio clips for total context. 

But the real superpower is automated summaries neatly organizing just the crucial stuff – think decisions, owner follow-ups, deadlines. No more forgotten tasks sinking deals! Fireflies will even trigger calendar reminders as the due dates approach. 

I mainly lean on the free version, allowing 40-minute call transcriptions and summaries. However, the affordable paid plans lift limits for longer workshops while adding bonuses like analytics.

For solopreneurs or small teams drowning in meetings, I swear this AI gives you a steel-trap memory. Try Fireflies as your personal secretary. It’s become indispensable to keeping my workload afloat!

Main Perks

  • Automated meeting transcription & summaries
  • Searchable dialogue with audio clips
  • Syncs with calendars & notifies on action items
  • Free and paid plans to fit needs Rewrite this content like it was written by a human.

I’m pumped by how rapidly AI tools are leveling up to eliminate tedious tasks that used to bury me. The tech expands so quickly that new solutions pop up daily to make different parts of running my small business way smoother. Kinda wild and hard to keep pace with tbh!

But no need to reinvent your entire workflow overnight. I’d start by shortlisting areas that steal your productivity or still require manual heavy lifting daily. Be honest with the clunky processes that slow you down. Then, peek around at AI assistants created specifically to handle those workloads and connect the dots, such as finding the right pitch deck consultant.

Even implementing AI in a few smart spots can save serious hours and hassle while making your operation run way tighter. Before you know it, you’ll wonder how you did things the old-fashioned way! With computing power and smarts improving at light speed thanks to AI, we all gain resources only big dogs used to have. Pretty empowering for solopreneurs and mini-teams!


Published By: Aize Perez

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