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A New Kind of Basketball Emerges with Global Mixed Gender Basketball League (GMGB)

From one decade to another since its creation in 1891, basketball is undoubtedly one of the most influential sports in the world, continuously influencing the lives of both young people and adults. Basketball has inspired the dreams of many aspiring young athletes, given their purpose, and brought out the best in them. The world witnessed the awe-inspiring careers of legendary basketball icons like Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Lebron James, and the late Kobe Bryant, and their lives have been unceasingly igniting the burning passion growing inside of many young athletes today. Just as times are constantly changing and evolving, so is basketball with the emergence of the Global Mixed Gender Basketball League (GMGB).

If anything, GMGB is poised to revolutionize basketball as it introduces a new way of playing it that is inclusive and fun. Established in 2015 by James Scott, the owner and CEO of the world’s first co-ed professional basketball league, GMGB has sought to unite both men and women athletes with exceptional skills in playing the game. Overall, there are seven existing teams in the league, each owned by different internationally known celebrities or entertainers. Interestingly, the players in the league are former professional basketball players in the NBA, WNBA, and the Harlem Globetrotters. They all agreed to be part of the league as they believe in Scott’s vision and what it can do for future generations. 

“The unique formula that we’ve developed for play is three women and two men on the court in the first quarter, followed by two women and three men in the second quarter, on each team. Each quarter it rotates. This, along with a few other minor changes in play, ensures an exciting and never-before-seen format, what we believe to be The Future of Basketball,” Scott explained.

There are bound to be a few raised eyebrows along the way, but Scott believes it is just a matter of time before basketball fans all over the world open themselves up to embracing new possibilities. By introducing GMGB, barriers and biases will be broken.

“There are no other professional basketball teams or leagues that have men and women playing together on the court at the same time. The vision of equality is evidenced not only in the players but in the coaches and referees as well. Everything is men and women. That coupled with the internationally known celebrity team owners and the outstanding halftime entertainment that they bring sets us apart from all the rest,” he added.

The world has witnessed a lot of role reversals for many decades now, from the basic home setting to business and politics, where women are boldly taking center stage. Seeing the same role reversals happen on a basketball court is quite life-changing and exciting, to say the least. Scott hopes to be able to one day effectively bridge the gap that has made gender a gauge in professional sports. 

Guided by the slogan “Equal Pay for Equal Play,” Scott intends to make GMGB a platform instigating genuine change that will benefit everyone who has a deep passion for basketball, regardless of their gender and status in life. While the league is a long way from making mixed gender basketball a normal thing in the sports industry, Scott is determined to see his plans come to fruition. 

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