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5 Top Internships for High School Students in Chicago

As the summer season approaches, high school students are on the lookout for engaging and rewarding internships. Fortunately, there are numerous programs in Chicago that satisfy a variety of interests and skill sets. Here are five top internships for high school students in Chicago:

StandOut Connect

StandOut Connect is a remote program started at The University of Chicago that provides paid internships to high school students in their area of interest. Students in the StandOut Connect program receive mentorship from top university alumni in their area of interest throughout their internship. The internship program helps students build their resumes and professional skills as well as learn how to integrate novel technologies such as Open AI into their workflows.

Chicago Business Institute Summer Internship Program

The Chicago Business Institute (CSBI) provides a six-week paid internship program to high school students in Chicago. Internships are offered at various banks, law firms, accounting firms, and engineering firms in the Loop and other business districts. This program aims to introduce students to the corporate world and provide them with hands-on experience in various business fields.

The Field Museum Internship

The Field Museum offers both paid and unpaid internships to high school students. Interns work alongside scientists, researchers, and other interns, gaining valuable experience in the field of their choice. This program aims to provide students with hands-on experience in research, conservation, and science communication.

University of Chicago Data Science Institute Summer Lab

The Data Science Institute Summer Lab is a 10-week long paid summer research program at The University of Chicago. High school students are paired with a data science mentor in various domains, such as biology, social sciences, and public policy. The program aims to provide students with the opportunity to explore the field of data science and gain experience working on real-world research projects.

University of Chicago Medicine ResearchStart Program

The ResearchStart Program is a multi-institutional program that welcomes high school students from the Chicago and Urbana-Champaign areas to explore careers in cancer research. This program offers hands-on experience working in a laboratory setting, where students work on research projects with mentors and learn about the latest advances in cancer research.

These internships provide high school students with the opportunity to explore various fields, gain hands-on experience, and build their resumes. Participating in these programs can also help students make connections with professionals in their fields of interest, which can be invaluable as they pursue their careers.

It is pertinent for high school students to take advantage of internship opportunities, as they can be a critical stepping stone to future success. Not only do internships help students develop their skills and gain experience, but they also give students a better understanding of their chosen field and what is required to succeed in it.

Overall, Chicago offers an array of top-notch internship programs for high school students. Whether students are interested in business, science, or data analytics, there are opportunities available to match their interests and help them achieve their goals.


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