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The Young Mogul: Selling Multiple Agencies at 20

Every aspiring entrepreneur knows the narrative: it will take years of grinding, a healthy dose of luck, and the right timing to build the foundation of your empire. And don’t forget that 90% of all businesses will fail within the first year. Jens Peterson, the 25-year-old founder and CEO of Asano Media, is rewriting this script. At barely 20, when his peers struggled with college assignments, Peterson sold multiple agencies and showed aspiring entrepreneurs they could do it.

Peterson’s success was no fluke. Born into a financially strapped household in Utah, the desire for financial freedom wasn’t a wish; it was a dream he was willing to sacrifice everything for. “I remember wanting to buy something, and my dad told me that if I want something, I need to work for it,” Peterson recalls. “That’s what I did; I started by flipping things on Craigslist with the help of my older brother.” It was a pivotal moment and the beginning of a long path for the then-10-year-old.

His life veered further from the ordinary paths when he dropped out of high school at 15. Having learned and earned some money from his flipping business, he was already sure of the direction he wanted, and that was not the traditional education system. Instead, he turned to the University of YouTube, where he learned tech-related things, and his earnings skyrocketed. His willingness to experiment opened new doors for him.

“Through YouTube and trial and error, I learned how to get installs for apps with paid ads, content creation, and affiliate networks,” he explains. “From there, I expanded to learning everything I could about marketing and sales.” Peterson was already ahead of the game when influencer marketing became mainstream. His earliest achievements included catapulting Charly Jordan’s account from a modest 200K to a staggering 1.4 million followers and working with big names like Tayler Holder and DJ Khaled. He also co-produced a hit episode of Tuesdays with Troy with Dr. Phil, which remains the most-watched episode in the show’s history.

Opening Asano Media was not just about making more money; it was a personal drive to challenge the status quo and create value for his clients. “After selling multiple agencies in 2018 at age 20, I focused on a few highly profitable businesses that I built to 8 figures in only a few years,” he shares. “I decided to offer my services to the public again by opening Asano Media, the one-stop shop for all your marketing and advertising needs from Content creation, ad management, PR to website and software creation.”

Peterson has never been one to settle for good enough when he knows something can be better. “I’ve always loved building things, and I love to challenge myself,” he states. From mastering the algorithms to understanding each client’s unique needs, he admits there is always something new to learn and implement. “Every industry is different, which means the same stuff that worked for one industry probably won’t work for the next.” His ability to pivot quickly and form long-lasting relationships has contributed significantly to his success in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

“I was that person, with a business, struggling to figure out how to get sales,” Peterson adds. “I can relate to that hopeless feeling of not knowing if you can make your business successful.” Through Asano Media, he aspires to propel 10,000 businesses to 10x their brand within a year of partnership. It is not just about flaunting their marketing chops but sharing the blueprint of success, helping other business owners reach their goals as fast as possible.


Unlocking Chicago’s Remote Work Wonderland: Top Companies and Opportunities

Chicago, renowned for its architectural marvels, cultural diversity, and deep-dish pizza, is now emerging as a hub for remote and hybrid work opportunities. As the professional landscape evolves, so do the job offerings in this bustling city. Whether you’re a seasoned remote worker or just dipping your toes into the world of flexible schedules, Chicago has something for everyone. Let’s explore the top companies that stand out, not only for their commitment to innovation but also for their dedication to creating a thriving remote work culture.

Pioneers of Flexibility – Top Chicago Companies

  1. Salesforce

When it comes to remote work, Salesforce is a trailblazer. This cloud-based software giant understands the value of work-life balance, offering employees a hybrid model that fosters collaboration and creativity. With a commitment to diversity and inclusion, Salesforce provides a supportive environment where employees can thrive, regardless of where they’re working.

  1. Grubhub

Fueling the city’s appetite for remote work, Grubhub has embraced flexibility with open arms. As a leader in the food delivery industry, Grubhub encourages employees to savor the benefits of remote collaboration. The company’s inclusive approach and commitment to employee well-being make it a standout choice for those seeking a remote or hybrid work experience.

  1. Allstate

Known for its innovative approach to insurance, Allstate extends its commitment to creativity in the workplace. Recognizing the changing dynamics of work, Allstate provides employees with the tools and support they need to excel, whether they’re working from the iconic Chicago skyline or the comfort of their homes. This insurance giant proves that remote work can thrive even in traditionally office-based industries.

Qualities That Make These Employers Exceptional

1. Emphasis on Work-Life Balance

One common thread among these top companies is their commitment to fostering a healthy work-life balance. They understand that employees are not just assets but individuals with personal lives and priorities. By embracing flexible schedules, these companies prioritize the well-being of their workforce.

2. Technological Innovation

In the digital age, technological innovation is key to success. Salesforce, Grubhub, and Allstate are at the forefront of incorporating cutting-edge technologies to facilitate seamless remote collaboration. From advanced communication tools to state-of-the-art project management and hot desking software systems, these companies ensure that distance is never a barrier to productivity.

3. Inclusive Culture

Diversity and inclusion are not just buzzwords for these employers; they are integral components of their organizational DNA. Remote work at Salesforce, Grubhub, and Allstate is not just about where you are physically but about being part of a diverse and inclusive community that values the unique perspectives each employee brings to the table.

Navigating the Remote Job Market in Chicago

Now that we’ve uncovered the gems of Chicago’s remote work landscape, how can you navigate this market to find your perfect fit?

  1. Tailor Your Resume for Remote Success

Highlight your remote work experience, focusing on achievements and projects completed independently. Showcase your ability to manage time effectively and stay motivated in a remote setting.

  1. Leverage Online Networking Events

Platforms like LinkedIn offer a plethora of virtual networking events. Engage with professionals in your industry, attend webinars, and participate in discussions. Building a strong online presence can open doors to remote opportunities you might not find elsewhere.

  1. Research Company Culture

When applying for remote positions, delve into the company’s culture. Look for clues about how they support remote workers, their communication practices, and the tools they use for collaboration. A company with a robust remote culture is more likely to provide a positive and productive work environment.

Embrace the Future of Work in Chicago

As Chicago continues to evolve into a remote work haven, professionals seeking flexibility and innovation are finding their niche in this vibrant city. The key is to align yourself with companies that not only offer remote opportunities but also prioritize the well-being and growth of their employees. So, whether you’re captivated by the architectural wonders of the Loop or the serene shores of Lake Michigan, know that Chicago’s remote work landscape is as diverse and dynamic as the city itself. Embrace the Windy City’s remote revolution, and unlock a world of possibilities in your career journey.

Dr. Dean Bartles: A Leader in Driving Innovation

Dr. Dean Bartles, a skilled personality in manufacturing innovation, has made an impact on the industry through his efforts and leadership roles. He is the CEO and founder of the Manufacturing Technology Deployment Group (MTDG), an organization focused on advancing and applying cutting-edge manufacturing technologies. With a diverse career, Dr. Bartles has demonstrated a sheer commitment to driving transformative change within the manufacturing field, collaboration, and technological progress. His role at MTDG reflects his dedication to moving the industry forward and shows his stature as a leader in the industry.

Dr. Dean Bartles’ journey through academia promotes lifelong learning and academic excellence. His academic foundation began at Hagerstown Junior College, where he earned an associate degree in business administration in 1976. He continued to cultivate his knowledge at Shepherd University, obtaining a bachelor’s degree in business administration, followed by an MBA from Shippensburg University in Pennsylvania in 1981. Driven by passion for exploration, he pursued further studies, acquiring a master’s degree in International Business in 1991 and then a Doctorate in business administration from Nova Southeastern University in 2000.

Not content to rest on his wins, Dr. Bartles expanded his expertise even further, securing a second Ph.D. in technology management from Indiana State University in 2013. His continuous learning further earned him an executive certificate from the MIT Sloan School of Management, which attests to his commitment to staying at the forefront of business and technological advancements.

Dr. Dean Bartles’ career within General Dynamics is marked by a progression highlighted by his strategic and leadership approach. Starting in 1978, he began his journey at Fairchild Republic Company before joining General Dynamics, where he worked for the company’s growth and success. His ascent through the ranks marked his persistent commitment and strategic vision, eventually leading him to become the Vice President and General Manager. Dr. Bartles’ impact extended beyond national borders, as he undertook roles in establishing and managing manufacturing operations in Egypt and Turkey. These international experiences showcased his adeptness in navigating diverse environments and his capacity to compose successful ventures on a global scale. His role as a driving force behind General Dynamics’ growth and international ventures displays his position as a dynamic leader within the manufacturing domain.

Dr. Dean Bartles’ leadership extends beyond the corporate walls to transformative initiatives. He played a vital role in founding the Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute (DMDII) under UI Labs. The significance of DMDII cannot be understated, as it was chosen to lead this initiative by President Barack Obama himself. Dr. Bartles’ leadership proved influential in overseeing the development of DMDII’s $16.5 million facility renovation project. Under his supervision, DMDII coordinated research projects that valued over $80 million, driving large-scale innovation projects.

Dr. Dean Bartles’ leadership portfolio includes contributions to various influential organizations within the manufacturing sector. His tenure as a leader at the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, University of New Hampshire, National Tooling and Machining Association, and the National Center for Defense Manufacturing and Machining (NCDMM) has been marked by his insights and dedication to advancing the industry. His roles encompass a wide range, from his position as a Senior Technology Advisor at the American Society of Mechanical Engineers to his directorship of the John Olson Advanced Manufacturing Center at the University of New Hampshire.

His presidency at the National Tooling and Machining Association further steered industry organizations with vision and purpose. Currently serving as the President and CEO of the Manufacturing Technology Deployment Group (MTDG), Dr. Dean Bartles continues to advance the manufacturing industry. In this role, he looks after the strategic direction of MTDG, an organization that holds the National Center for Defense Manufacturing and Machining (NCDMM) and Advanced Manufacturing International (AMI) under its umbrella.

Dr. Bartles’ commitment remains steadfast as he invests his wealth of experience and expertise to drive innovation, collaboration, and the effective utilization of cutting-edge technologies. His leadership at MTDG outlines his enduring pursuit of enhancing manufacturing processes, growth, and nurturing the symbiotic relationship between technology and industry.

Dr. Dean Bartles’ influence on the manufacturing side is an example of his dedication and visionary leadership. Through his versatile roles, including CEO, founder, and executive across various organizations, he has consistently championed innovation, collaboration, and the integration of advanced technologies into manufacturing practices. His ability to bridge academia, industry, and research has resulted in advancements and shown a culture of continuous improvement.

A Pink Wonderland: Chicago’s Enchanting Pop-Up Bar Brings a Blush-Colored Holiday Extravaganza to Life

CHICAGO, IL – December 1st, 2023 – Brace yourselves, for a PINK winter wonderland like no other! This holiday season, prepare to be transported to a whimsical, PINK world that will fill your heart with joy and your Instagram feed with enchanting moments. “A Pink Wonderland” is the latest addition to the city’s festive scene, and it promises to be the prettiest time of the year!

Against the backdrop of the city’s iconic architecture, “A Pink Wonderland” unfolds as a sensory masterpiece, a symphony of pink that extends beyond mere aesthetics to create an immersive experience. The enchantment doesn’t stop at the visual; it permeates the air, inviting everyone to breathe in the holiday spirit in the most vibrant and delightful shade imaginable. Get ready to embrace the transformative magic as Chicago welcomes “A Pink Wonderland,” a seasonal spectacle that transcends the ordinary and ushers in a celebration of joy, beauty, and the unmistakable charm of a PINK winter wonderland!

Imagine sipping on your favorite festive cocktails surrounded by an immersive, blush-colored wonderland adorned with twinkling lights, ornaments, and holiday cheer. A Pink Wonderland will be a captivating escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, offering an enchanting setting where you can create cherished memories with loved ones.

Indulge in the magic of the season as you sip on your favorite festive cocktails within the embrace of “A Pink Wonderland’s” blush-colored wonderland, where every corner is adorned with twinkling lights, whimsical ornaments, and an infectious holiday cheer. As you revel in this captivating escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, the enchanting setting becomes a canvas for creating cherished memories with loved ones, ensuring that each moment spent within this rosy-hued haven becomes a treasure in the tapestry of your holiday experiences.

Don’t miss the chance to share laughter, joy, and unforgettable moments with your family and friends this holiday season at “A Pink Wonderland.” Save the date and make your reservations early because this enchanting pop-up bar is set to be the talk of the town!

Venue and Details:

  • Location: Bounce Sporting Club, 324 W Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL
  • Opening Date: December 1st, 2023
  • Closing Date: December 31st, 2023

Specialty Cocktails: Savor the Festive Essence!

Indulge in handcrafted winter cocktails at “A Pink Wonderland”, poured into glasses designed for the special moment. Enjoy crafted festive holiday beverages, as well as traditional favorites, that will warm your heart and body. 

Immersive Decor: Pink Peppermint Dreams Come to Life!

The venue is decorated with the soft embrace of pink peppermint dreams. From its enchanting decor, adorned with rosy hues, sparkling garlands, and delicate snowflakes, will envelop you in a winter fantasy that’s as sweet as candy.

Themed Photo Booths: Instagram-Worthy Dreams!

Capture memorable moments with your besties in themed photo booths that are every Instagrammer’s dream. Share your joy and holiday spirit with the world as you strike poses amidst the enchanting surroundings.

Live Entertainment: Dance the Night Away!

Dance to the captivating live DJs, filling the air with the sounds of joy and celebration. From pulsating pop hits to classic holiday tunes, our DJs will keep the festive energy alive throughout the magical evening.

For more information and reservations, visit or follow us on social media @apinkwonderland

The Future of Automobiles in the Age of EVs and Self-driving Cars

The narrative of automobiles is being indelibly written at a pivotal juncture, bridging centuries of conventional combustion-engine dominance and the dawn of an era marked by electric vehicles (EVs) and self-driving cars. This transformative shift is causing ripples across the global automotive industry, catalyzing unprecedented advancements in mobility and transportation infrastructure.

Electric vehicles, symbolizing a paradigm shift from traditional fuel-guzzling engines, embody the promise of sustainable, eco-friendly transportation. Incremental developments in battery technology, improved efficiencies and the metamorphic ascent of charging infrastructures are rendering EVs not only viable but increasingly mainstream. As EVs’ range extends and charging times contract, conventional barriers impeding their adoption gradually crumble, heralding their arrival as the new norm.

The rectitude of EVs, however, goes beyond the automotive realm. The corporate ethos at aligns with this fledgling EV revolution. According to Patrick Cohen of, “Electric vehicles represent not just a mode of transport but a commitment to sustainability.” EVs, by reducing carbon footprint and negating fossil fuel dependency, carry significant ramifications onto multiple fronts. They beckon an overhaul of urban planning designs with built-in EV charging infrastructures and a ripple effect on energy and manufacturing sectors, ultimately culminating in shifting consumer attitudes and behavior.

On a parallel course to EVs, self-driving cars, leveraging advanced artificial intelligence and sensor technologies, are forecasted to redefine mobility. The boons of autonomous vehicles are multi-faceted, from unprecedented levels of convenience to prospective leaps in safety standards and traffic management efficiencies. By mostly removing human error from the equation, self-driving cars hint at a future characterized by fewer accidents and optimized traffic flows.

Nevertheless, the advent of autonomous vehicles brings with it a multitude of conundrums and challenges. Ethical concerns about decision-making algorithms during critical moments, evolving regulatory landscapes, societal acceptance, and infrastructure preparedness may serve as impediments to their widespread acceptance.

These technological advancements are triggering tectonic shifts in the automotive industry’s landscape. Traditional manufactures, in a bid to stay relevant in the face of these transitions, are leveraging their investment might in EV and autonomous driving technologies. Tech behemoths and fresh entrants, by contrast, bring forth innovative disruptions to classic constructs of automobile manufacturing and mobility solutions.

The convergence of EVs and self-driving technologies paints far more than a picture of futuristic vehicles. As Cohen succinctly puts it, “These advancements aren’t mere trends; they signify a monumental leap towards a more connected, efficient, and environmentally responsible automotive future.” The concept of owning vehicles may eventually make way for car-sharing and mobility-as-a-service models, all underpinned by an emphasis on sustainability.

As we navigate through this transformative epoch, the future contours of the automobile industry will be etched by a harmonious fusion of sustainability, cutting-edge innovation, and societal adaptation. The amalgamation of electric vehicles, autonomous driving, and their shared influence is creating a new age in the automotive chronicle. A revolution on our traveled roads surely awaits us, guided by the visionaries at and their commitment untiringly directed toward redefining our relationships with cars and mobility overall.