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Elite Pickz Expands Winner’s Circle by Upping Its Game and Online Presence

In January 2020, Elite Pickz saw the opportunity to help everyday fans take an actionable step to dive into their passion for betting on sports and hopefully create a new source of income. The company meticulously researched the space and developed a unique business plan. It would use complex data rather than opinion to set odds and offer picks to its members. 

In a world where the House always wins, sportsbooks and casinos engineer gaming to show a profit. Eager sports fans place bets daily online and in person, thinking that because they’ve watched a particular team or sport their entire life, they know how to play the odds and beat them. But winning in the sports betting industry has little to do with opinions and gut feelings. It’s about correctly using analytics and advanced models to capitalize on market inefficiencies. That’s where Elite Pickz comes into play.

In a quest to establish a data-based consultantship, Elite Pickz “tested” (interviewed) multiple sports bettors who claimed to be pros selling picks. Unfortunately, the company discovered many were frauds. The industry is full of individuals claiming improbable win rates and monthly profits but not knowing about the science behind making informed picks.

Elite Pickz didn’t throw in the towel, though. The business bet on itself to root out the perfect, legitimate consulting team of professionals—one of the first U.S. sportsbook employees on the east coast and a handicapper with a long and documented track record. This collaboration is different from its competitors’ approach. These experts established a tested formula that helps bettors create what they call positive expected value (+EV) picks based on targeted, precise information, not just intuition. 

It all goes back to data. Using advanced models and numbers, Elite Pickz meticulously mines information using comprehensive and tested systems to achieve massive profitability long term. The team  consistently beats closing lines on the large majority of their picks—this is almost unheard of in the industry. Beating closing lines consistently creates an edge over the House. When a bettor plays an advantage enough times, they see a profit. Elite Pickz demystifies how to achieve these results for its clients. 

The betting consultants aren’t afraid to tell followers when they take a hit, either. Some days the House wins. Transparency is paramount to the company’s success; it doesn’t hide losses like its competitors, enhancing its credibility with clientele. 

Elite Pickz is excited to announce its latest expansion by officially launching its website in Winter 2022. The site will focus on the customer by offering in-depth information and opportunities for an enhanced experience. The company primarily operates through Instagram, with its impressive 145k followers. It also has a Discord channel for members only. The team knows growing its internet presence provides potential for a larger winner’s circle.

The company sells informed data in daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly packages. With each monthly pass for picks, they will often guarantee results. If the team fails to generate an ROI during your month, they offer an additional month free. The company’s customer service focus develops long-term relationships with bettors who respect that integrity. 

Elite Pickz also offers a free email service with tips on sports betting to educate its audience and increase returns. Even if someone is new to sports betting and hasn’t committed to utilizing Elite Pickz services, they can receive the free emails.

Meeting the full-circle desire to give back some of its profits, Elite Pickz selects one day a month to donate a portion of sales to a charity. The company knows that giving back to build community is always a sure bet and makes everyone a winner. 


 Elite Pickz is a sports betting consulting company based in the U.S.A., founded in January 2020. The company focuses on building long-term client relationships by using data-driven picks to help them generate income through sports betting. The company consistently beats closing lines on the large majority of their picks, a very rare achievement in the sports betting consulting industry. 


Elite Pickz Team 


Source: Elite Pickz

Filmmaker R. Parthiban Succeeds in Creating the World’s First Non-Linear Single Shot Film “Iravin Nizhal”

Indian filmmaker Radhakrishnan Parthiban has been revolutionizing the film industry in his home country with his distinct style and creativity over the past years. His most recent project, Iravin Nizhal, is the world’s first non-linear single-shot film that has defied many production boundaries and achieved a groundbreaking feat all on its own. Written and conceptualized by Parthiban himself, the unstoppable filmmaker also plays the protagonist in the project that saw 59 settings, more than 300 actors, 150 technicians, numerous costume and makeup changes, and a 50-year time span, all perfectly choreographed into one single shot and achieved after a grueling 90-day rehearsal period.

Parthiban is a three-time winner of the prestigious Indian National Film Awards for his exceptional performances in the industry. He has acted in more than 72 films, directed 15, and produced 12. Mostly, his films highlight his rich cultural background and showcase the Tamil language. 

As can be expected, shooting Iravin Nizhal was a massive logistical and production challenge. Aside from the adult crew, the production team also had to take charge of animals and children who were part of the supporting cast. All of them were carefully trained to follow the timing of the continuous scenes. Apart from ensuring that everyone was in sync, the production team also had to incorporate multiple weather, technological, social, and historical aspects in order to come up with a genuine experience for viewers. 

Naturally, several surprises and challenges took place during the actual recording despite the series of rehearsals that were undertaken. Parthiban and his team made room for a lot of improvisation and creativity to come into play, and the result was exquisite. Scenes were shot with several takes to guarantee the accuracy of the narrative and the perfect arrangement of scenery and stage elements. 

The film was created with the help of some big names in the industry. AR Rahman, an Academy Award Winner for his work in Slumdog Millionaire, did the music and background score of Iravin Nizhal. He was a recipient of the Padma Bhushan, India’s third-highest civilian award, in 2010. Additionally, Craig Mann served as the Supervising Sound Designer. He won an Academy Award in the category of Best Sound Mixing for the film Whiplash. Finally, Cottalango Leon was the VFX Supervisor. He is an Indian-American computer graphics technician who was awarded a joint Academy Award for scientific and technical achievement in 2016.

Iravin Nizhal is Parthiban’s official entry to the 2022 Academy Awards. The filmmaker wants to highlight Indian ingenuity and creativity in the area of filmmaking. He worked tirelessly for the past ten years to perfect the script, hoping to bring honor and due recognition to the Tamil film industry. Considered his best work yet, the film will not only highlight the Tamil film industry but also Indian Cinema in general. 

Before Iravin Nizhal, Parthiban wrote, directed, and produced the 2019 thriller Single Slipper Size 7, the world’s first single-actor film. Parthiban also played the lead in the movie, which entered the Asian Book of Records and India Book of Records for having a single person write, produce, direct, and act in the project. 

Iravin Nizhal is now available on Prime Video. 

The Fashionography: New Gold Standard of Multi-Channel Advertising

The advertising industry has undergone a radical transformation in step with the latest digital and consumer market trends over the past decade. Multi-channel marketing has become a new standard for advertisers; it relies on various media channels to get the marketing messages across to their audiences. Whether email, social media, printed publications, mobile, display ads, television, name it, the more channels that are used to reach potential customers, the more comprehensive and efficient a marketing campaign. Modern-day consumers armed with smartphones and tablets now shop both online and in brick-and-mortar stores. To win the customer, marketers nowadays have to create an ecosystem where one experience seamlessly flows into another. 

Among the industry leaders who have mastered multi-channel marketing to perfection is The Fashionography (TF), a disruptive branding and content creation agency that offers the industry’s most impressive and complete range of services in the realm of content creation. TF possesses full-service photography and video production capabilities, creates content and designs digital strategies for brand or influencer marketing, and does collaborations with leading fashion, beauty, & lifestyle brands. Among The Fashionagraphy’s clients are such big names as Dior, Chanel, Bottega Veneta, Tommy Hilfiger, and other renowned brands.  

Fashionagraphy’s most recent client is Seyer, a new luxury leather goods brand and manufacturer of luxury accessories for the busy modern professional. Just as the agency strives to create a seamless experience for its clients with multi-channel marketing techniques, Seyer manufactures accessories designed to work with every possible style. Based in Munich, Germany, the luxury leather goods brand has been working with the most talented creatives from Europe and the US. Seyer’s collaboration with The Fashionography is bound to broaden its worldwide reach through a concerted social media and digital advertising campaign.

Thanks to the captivating digital content, The Fashionography has won over a culturally diverse and fastidious international audience on both sides of the Atlantic; its patrons from fashion mainstays such as New York, Paris, Seoul, and Los Angeles closely follow The Fashionography curated content. More than 2 million people monthly follow The Fashionography Instagram; among them are such top industry players as Olivier Rousteing (CD, Balmain), Gal Gabot, Inez & Vonoodh (Photography Duo), Carols Nazario (Global Fashion Director, i-D), Mert & Marcus (Photography Duo), to name just a few. An impressive 237K Instagram following counts a top casting director Piergiorgio Del Moro, supermodels Candice Swanepoel, Anna Ewers, and other celebs. Additionally, The Fashionography team understands that, in the world of advertising, synergies have been shown to produce great results; this is why the agency partners with The Lions Management, a top advertising agency known for its unique approach to talent management and content production for various beauty, fashion, entertainment, and social media clients. 

The Fashionagrpahy creates some of the most readable content covering the latest fashion news and trends along with relevant industry news, sustainable fashion, fashion editorials, designer collections, fashion models and fashion campaigns. The agency has become a kind of newsletter for the entire fashion industry and a source of trustworthy and entertaining news. On the creative side, the agency’s team is famous for putting together organic content partnerships and programs on The Fashionography multimedia platform. TF places clients in publications and newsletters that strike a chord with target demographics.

One of the key factors that sets TF apart from other agencies is their ability to create personalized, interactive and engaging experiences for their clients and customers. They understand that in today’s digital age, consumers are looking for a more immersive and personalized shopping experience, and their team works to create a seamless and cohesive experience across all channels and platforms. In addition to their work with established brands, Fashionography is also heavily involved in supporting and promoting emerging designers and independent brands. Through their collaborations and partnerships with emerging designers and independent brands, The Fashionography provides a platform for these brands to showcase their talents and reach a wider audience.

TF is a leading agency in the field of multi-channel marketing, known for their ability to create personalized, interactive and engaging experiences for their clients and customers. The agency’s focus on sustainability and ethical fashion, as well as their support of emerging designers and independent brands, sets them apart in the industry. With their recent collaboration with Seyer, and the year 2023 ahead, we can expect to see even more exciting and innovative campaigns from the group.

We look forward to seeing what The Fashionography and Seyer have in store for the public in 2023.