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Emerging Artist Vikash Jha Dazzles the Art Scene with Diverse Art Perspective

Confluence 1 (2021), Acrylic, upcycled fabric, spray paint, marble powder and other mixed media on canvas

Finding an incredibly talented and well-rounded painter can be few and far between. However, in a sea of artists aspiring to make a name, one gifted individual has managed to turn heads with his remarkable works—Vikash Jha.

He is an Indian-American contemporary artist and abstract expressionist best known for his use of vibrant colors, cross-cultural imagery, and multilayered painting techniques. This creator stands out as a highly skilled painter and a true man of the world, having lived in two continents and having both western and eastern cultural influences.

Having a well-rounded background has helped him understand and appreciate the bold expressionist techniques of many western greats as well as transcendental visual expressions of Indian contemporary greats. Incorporating these learnings with his own personality has given him an edge—a unique approach to content, individualistic style, and painting techniques. 

Another trait that makes this emerging artist exceptional is his passion for honing his craft and skills. He is always looking for ways to elevate his work and loves to learn about and experiment with new materials, mediums, and techniques. 

When asked to describe his creations, the artist, shared, “My works are often very textural, using a wide range of materials such as marble powder, sandglass beads, metal powders, scrap and discarded materials, cement, upcycled fabrics, and recycled materials that I could lay my hands on. I use palette knives, all kinds of paint brushes, scrubbers, and other materials to express my mind on my canvases.”

Due to his innate talent and consistent drive for excellence, Vikash Jha has seen a steady rise in his art career. Since 2017, his works have also been displayed in juried exhibitions at the Sotheby’s Fine Art auction house and the Oculus at the World Trade Center (both through MvVO Art) and several other galleries and prestigious venues in New York City.

Vikash Jha first moved to the United States about two decades ago to advance his career in the field of management consulting and financial services. He took specialized academic studies at Harvard and MIT, following his formal art and business education in India.  

Having expertise in both business and art is a testament to his well-rounded and versatile nature, which shows in his powerfully evocative masterpieces. Some might even liken him to one of today’s most celebrated artists, Jeff Koons who has a similar career background.

Despite some comparison, Vikash Jha is most definitely a one-of-a-kind creator who has a distinct creative style and now is starting to get his well-deserved recognition as the one to look out for in the art scene. 

Most recently, he bagged a prized critique through a lucky draw hosted by Penguin Random House. His work has impressed New York Magazine’s Senior Art Critic and author of How to Be an Artist, Jerry Saltz. The renowned Pulitzer-prize winning critic said of Vikash’s work, “You know a fair amount about art. Great sense of color…. internal light. Gets viewers engaged from far and….then draws them in… by working back the details. This is important… I think that if this is the least representative of your works, you are in great shape.”

The accolades that he has received sets the tone to a bright future that is in store for Vikash Jha. In the upcoming, he aims to become a celebrated global artist and provocateur. He also plans to create an art brand that consumer brands would love to be associated with. One day, his name will become one that gallerists would feel proud of, and collectors would feel fortunate to have his works in their private collections. 

To achieve all of  his goals, the highly skilled painter continues to create captivating works of art. As his success scales, he wishes to one day create a team of like-minded individuals who can support his creative journey as he expands to more business ventures and collaborations. 

Art collectors, enthusiasts and other interested parties should visit his upcoming solo show called Voyages of Reflections on Artsy’s online art auction marketplace in the MvVO Art Gallery between August 2 to 8, 2021. His Artsy page can be found on this link. Learn more about Vikash Jha and his works by checking out his official website and Instagram page.

ArtTour International Celebrating Artistic Prowess Through the ATIM Collector’s Choice Award

Art is life; it brings color and vibrancy to a world that can be muddied by busyness. In the past, artists have been their own advocates in sharing their work with the world. As the art community has grown, more and more artists are banding together to recognize and acknowledge those who spend their lives creating beautiful creations that instill deeper meanings within us all. ArtTour International Magazine (ATIM) built a global platform to give artists a voice, recognition, and the tools they need to succeed in one of the most demanding industries in the world. They created ATIM Collector’s Choice Award to celebrate the brilliance of earth’s most exceptional artists, making the space to recognize the talent, dedication, and spirit that goes into the work and award those artists on a stage that reaches tens of millions of viewers worldwide.

A team of high-profile academy judges carefully considers artists receiving the ATIM Collector’s Choice award to determine who takes the ultimate prize home. ATIM has made it their mission to acknowledge and award excellence in the art industry for several years, and they have never shown any signs of stopping. Founder of ArtTour International, Viviana Puello, hosted the award ceremony honoring forty-nine of the best artists operating in the art world today for their contribution to the community and their impact on their respective circles. Many high-profile personalities in the creative scene were in attendance, including Zenaida Mendez, the Director of Manhattan Neighborhood Networks (MNN) El Barrio Firehouse. 

ATIM has remained active throughout the pandemic and has kept its commitment to excellence for its brand and artists. ArtTour International Magazine is a global multimedia platform that has millions of subscribers from over 180 countries. The last edition of the ATIM Collector’s Choice Award was virtually streamed from the MNN Studios in New York City to audiences via a live broadcast on Facebook, YouTube, and several other platforms. 

ATIM is more than a media company or an award organizer because it is the only art magazine supporting art activists addressing social and environmental issues outside of art and awards. “We focus on giving voice to the artists and empowering them. We view art marketing from a different perspective. We know that the best way for artists to market and sell their works is to connect with their audience to find those who receive their message. Every artist is sharing a message, consciously or unconsciously.”

To discover the artists awarded with the ATIM’S Collector’s Choice Awards and ArtTour International, visit the company’s website.