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Top 10 Jewelry Shops in Chicago

A piece of jewelry no matter how little is like the perfect spice; it tells a story and the power to make you feel unique. So it is no surprise that jewelry has been around for hundreds of years, often gifted to loved ones or used to mark special occasions such as engagements and weddings. However, as important as jewelry is, choosing a piece that pairs perfectly for an occasion is still a daunting task for many people, thus creating a need to find a trusted jewelry store that would provide adequate information that would aid in the selection process. 

Listed below is a list of handpicked jewelry stores in Chicago known for their stellar reputation and exceptional customer service in helping clients navigate the jewelry selection process. These stores also offer exceptional pieces of the highest quality, making them the best choice in the city.

  1. James & Sons Fine Jewelers

When it comes to jewelry, James & Sons Fine Jewelers is the go-to store for brilliant diamonds, beautiful fine jewelry, elegant watches, treasured Jewelry gifts in the Windy City-Chicago. The store has served generations of families for over five decades as their trusted jewelers and experts in custom-made jewelry. The family-owned business has built a legacy of making every customer “feel at home” with its classic to cutting edge jewelry designs and personalized service and

In addition to helping customers navigate the selection process of picking the perfect piece of jewelry as gifts to loved ones or for special occasions, James & Sons also offers complimentary cleaning and repair services to help customers maintain the beauty and shine of their jewelry. 


  1. Ethan Lord  

Ethan Lord is a name that needs no introduction in the world of affordable yet exquisite jewelry. Established under a nationally leading jewelry manufacturer- Casting House, Ethan Lord was created to be a smart alternative to expensive legacy jewelry brands by sourcing handcrafted jewelry directly from the manufacturer, removes the need for middleman services and keep prices at a competitive range while ensuring optimal quality of each piece and personalized customer service. Customers can also be assured of free lifetime maintenance from cleaning to polishing.

In addition, every piece of metal from Ethan Lord is 100% recyclable, and the mined diamonds are sourced from conflict zones and only from dealers who adhere strictly to the Kimberley Process. 


  1. Sandberg Jewelers 

Sandberg Jewelers is a jewelry store owned by third-generation jewelers serving Chicago city with the finest jewelry and engagement rings for over 100 years. It displays a stunning collection of designer jewelry, including diamond jewelry, gold and platinum jewelry, colored gemstones and watches.

When you stop in at Sandberg Jewelers, you would see why this family-owned business is Chicago’s jeweler of choice. The showroom’s dedicated staff upholds the tradition of knowledgeable and friendly service, helping customers navigate through a wide jewelry selection to choose a piece that genuinely complements their style at competitive prices. In addition, the store also offers maintenance services such as ring resizing, engraving, redesigning and many more. 


  1. Torres Omar Jewelers 

Since first opening its doors 35 years ago in 1980, Torres Omar Jewelers has grown to become the go-to destination for beautifully crafted jewelry pieces. Each piece in Torres Omar’s vast collection is carefully crafted to perfection and handpicked for its uniqueness by the owners – Jose and Maria Torres. With a diversified inventory and unparalleled customer service, this family-owned business is committed to exceeding all of its customer’s expectations.

Celebrities like The Weeknd have shopped Torres Omar pieces, bringing the quality of the store’s jewelry into the limelight. In addition, the store has a team of diamond and colored stone experts available to guide clients through the selection process for a perfect piece.


  1. Windy City Diamonds

Since its establishment in the diamond and jewelry industry around 1929 by Harry Zimmerman, Windy City Diamonds has grown through four generations of the Zimmerman family, serving the world with the most exquisite jewelry. This family-operated business has fostered and developed an excellent reputation for honesty, integrity, with exceptional customer service in the industry. As a result, the store boasts of one of the largest selections of GIA-certified diamonds in the Chicago area, providing their customers with the most delicate jewelry custom-designed to their specifications at competitive prices. 

Helmed by a group of professional designers, diamond and colored stone experts, the store offers individual consultation with limitless options to help each client meet their style. 


  1. Blue Nile

Founded in 1999, Blue Nile is a jewelry store serving delicate handcrafted diamond jewelry and engagement rings while revolutionizing the industry with a disruptive online business model. As leaders in the industry, Blue Nile provides the highest quality diamonds and gemstones by helping their clients design the perfect pieces for every occasion.

With customer service at the core of the business, Blue Nile’s team of passionate, non-commissioned diamond and jewelry experts are equipped with GIA-standard expertise to aid clients in the selection process of handcrafted engagement rings. They also offer unbiased diamond buying tips and quadruple-check each piece of jewelry before shipping so customers can feel confident that every piece is of the highest quality in the industry. 


  1. KAY Jewelers

KAY Jewelers is one of the jewelry stores in America with more than 1,000 stores and a team of dedicated jewelry experts. On display in the showroom is a collection of designer jewelry from classic must-haves to the latest trends delicately crafted to perfection. KAY Jewelers is part of many love stories coast to coast with its wide selection of handpicked engagement rings, wedding bands, diamonds, gemstones, gold, contemporary metals, watches and more.

The store’s customer service is unparalleled. It carries a wide selection of famous name brand styles, including Ever Us, Neil Lane Bridal, Adrianna Papell, Tolkowsky diamonds and Le Vian Chocolate Diamonds.


  1. Treasures Jewelry 

Treasures Jewelry is a family-owned jewelry store in the heart of Chicago’s South Loop neighborhood at the Roosevelt Collection. Established over two decades ago, Treasures Jewelry is acclaimed as one of the best jewelry stores in the midwest with its large selection of unique diamonds. In addition, the store offers wholesale diamonds in custom design and fabrications.

Treasures Jewelry boasts the most extensive GIA-certified diamonds, including solitaire and matched pairs at competitive prices. Their unparalleled customer service and high-quality gold and diamonds place them as one of the city’s best jewelers. In addition, the store offers custom designs that are made in-house at their design center, eliminating any possibility of damages. 


  1. Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co. is one of the top jewelers in the world and the first global jeweler to the originating country of its newly sourced, individually registered diamonds of .18 carats and larger. At the forefront of expert craftsmanship and innovative jewelry design, Tiffany & Co. has grown into a global design house with an exquisite collection that upholds the company’s sparkling reputation. 

Tiffany & Co. specializes in engagement and wedding rings, custom designs, watches, fragrances, home accessories and more. The company protects the environment by taking a future-focused approach and ensuring every piece of jewelry created and sold contributes to the well-being of the people and the planet.


  1. Razny Jewelers 

Ranzy Jewelers is a family-owned and operated store providing superior guest services, quality, and value for over 70 years. The jeweler has exquisite collections of principled watch brands that reflect their inherent respect for excellence and trustworthiness. Focused predominantly on luxury watches, Ranzy Jewelers has maintained a sterling reputation and was honored in 2002 as one of the select few to showcase Patek Philippe and is now the only Patek Philippe dealer in the Chicago city.

In addition, the store is reputed for its excellent customer service. It offers in-store repair services by a professional team of  WOSTEP and SAWTA certified technicians who understand that each piece of watch is a treasured possession. Website:

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