Midwest Duct Works LLC: The Rising Duct Works Company of Toby Welsh

From serving only two projects a day to welcoming 1,200 new customers yearly on top of serving past clients, Midwest Duct Works LLC has been on the rise in the ductworks industry. The impressive testimonials from their clients featured on their page are proof of the unparalleled services they provide.

Midwest Duct Works LLC was established in 2018 by Toby Welsh. He first managed the company alone until it grew to have a total of eight staff with five company vehicles loaded to work on big or small projects. The company handles cleaning residential homes as well as commercial and industrial facilities. From cleaning and repairing chimneys to cleaning dryer vents and air ducts, they have served schools, churches, correctional facilities, banks, hotels, restaurants, and more.

When Toby Welsh hit his third year as a Project Manager in a restoration company, it dawned on him that he wanted to create a business legacy that he can freely pass on to his children when he grows older. With that goal in mind, he made a bold decision to leave his job and start his own business. 

The founder of Midwest Duct Works LLC knew how tough life could get because he had witnessed it growing up. After years of dealing with an abusive and alcoholic step-parent, enrolling in over 40 schools for his elementary education, he knew that he wanted to give his family something much bigger. At the same time, he knew it deep in his heart that he was willing to pursue his goal at whatever cost.

Many of his friends and family members doubted this daring move and pointed out that he was crazy for giving up a job that guaranteed a great salary. But Toby was determined to prove them wrong. Fortunately, he received massive support from the people who matter to him the most, his wife, and kids. From then on, he was able to establish the humble beginnings of Midwest Duct Works LLC.

Initially, Toby did the work by himself. He had no staff with him and not much equipment, yet he went from one house to another and quickly impressed his clients. Soon after, he then landed a project with the Country Sheriff’s office. From that moment, he has been a strong force in the ductwork industry.

He takes pride in the strong impact his company has had on its clients. Toby also makes sure that he and his team educate the clients as to the processes they will embark on and the results that they should expect. His transparency with his clients has earned him a lot of praise. Moreover, in an effort to give back to the community, Toby’s company also provides discounts for government agencies, school teachers, medical professionals, as well as military and law enforcement officials. 

Toby Welsh inculcates a humbling reminder to his staff and company to always look back to where they started. No matter how far their company has reached, they will stay rooted and continue to help better the lives of others in the best ways they can. To know more about Midwest Duct Works LLC, feel free to connect with them through their website.