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DraftKing to bag a win with Super Bowl’s betting scene

DraftKings Nowadays, gambling is legal in many places, especially when it includes sports.

Super Bowl LVII is conceivably the biggest event now occurring in the gambling industry.

High stakes

The American Gaming Association predicts that more than 50 million wagers totalling more than $16 billion will be placed before the Philadelphia Eagles vs. Kansas City Chiefs NFL game.

Because of the importance of the game, the following giants of the gambling industry had the possibility to bring in more customers:

  • DraftKings
  • FanDuel owner Flutter Entertainment (PDYPF)
  • MGM
  • Caesars (CZR)
  • Wynn (WYNN)

The event also had an impact on various sports betting businesses’ stock valuations, with some of their shares improving in 2023 as the market as a whole rallied.

However, a few of the shares are still recouping some of their big losses.

Stock progress

Over the past year and the previous, DraftKings experienced declines of 30% and 75%, respectively.

Barstool Sports is still owned by Caesars and Penn Entertainment (PENN), despite a 40% value decline from the prior year.

Rush Street Interactive, the parent firm of BetRivers, had a decline of more than 65% over that time.

Each business invested significantly in pricey advertising initiatives.

While Jamie Foxx has been in MGM advertising, Kevin Hart has been seen endorsing DraftKings.

Caesars has received endorsements from JB Smoove and the Manning family in television commercials.

Sportsbooks have also started to spend money on promotional initiatives like “free bets.”

Two birds and one stone

Providers of sports betting now have to use strategies that achieve two objectives at once:

  • Gain new customers
  • Restore investors’ confidence

But MGM presently has the upper hand over its competitors.

Only one physical sportsbook is staffed at its BetMGM location for the NFL game. BetMGM is a 50/50 joint venture between the major Las Vegas casino and UK gambling provider Entain.

The Phoenix Stadium relocated there in 2022, taking over the area next to State Farm Stadium, the previous home of the Chiefs and Eagles.

There is no denying that gamblers have placed wagers using mobile devices.

The CEO of BetMGM, Adam Greenblatt, emphasized that activity at the sportsbook should move quickly both before and during the game.

“We have prepared for this Super Bowl like never before, said Greenblatt.

“We are staffing up for a lot of demand.”

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Marketing opportunity

In the 17,000 square foot sportsbook next to the stadium, according to Greenblatt, there are 38 HD TVs and a sizable display wall where bettors can watch the game.

To encourage fans to wager on the game, there are 25 betting incentives.

According to Adam Greenblatt, having a real presence at the Super Bowl presents a significant marketing opportunity in a market where websites like DraftKings, FanDuel, and other bookmakers compete.

He wants people to download the BetMGM app, create an account, and place bets at the sportsbook on Sunday.

By reminding participants that MGM is a respected casino brand rather than a start-up like DraftKings, FanDuel, or Barsteel, Greenblatt emphasized the significance of marketing.

“We’re fun and sophisticated. Ocean’s Eleven. That was an MGM experience,” he said, reminding people it was the MGM Grand in the 2001 film.

“We want to be both aspirational but also accessible.”

Sports betting companies vs. casino companies

Even if there is competition, people who are new to the sector are not excessively concerned about casino operators.

Amy Howe, CEO of FanDuel, asserts that with sports betting being permitted in Ohio, Maryland, and Kansas in 2022, there will be lots of room for expansion.

“This should be the single biggest day in FanDuel’s history,” Howe said.

She said that for Super Bowl LVII, FanDuel expected 17 million bets, or more than twice as much as those made on the Super Bowl in 2022.

Howe claims that FanDuel expects the betting to attract over 500,000 new clients who will gamble on the game, particularly as more women do so.

Jason Robins, the CEO of DraftKings, thinks that bookmakers have realized they cannot continue to invest in expensive promos.

“If anything, the competition now is less intense than last year,” said Robins.

“Last year was the peak. It was somewhat irrational.”

Businesses like DraftKings used to face sanctions from Wall Street for striving to increase their market share at any costs.

“Investor tolerance for the types of undisciplined spending during the NFL season last year has waned,” said Robins. “Investors want to see a path to profitability.”

“That’s different from 2021 when customer growth was being rewarded.”

More Super Bowl LVII advertising is still anticipated from FanDuel and DraftKings.

NFL player Rob Gronkowski’s field goal for the FanDuel ad was touted the “kick of destiny,” while Kevin Hart is the subject of another DraftKings commercial.

Image source: Financial Times

The High Society NFT Creating a United Front for Humans in the Metaverse

Since non-fungible tokens grabbed the world’s attention, it has focused heavily on art and other forms of sentimental items that people might see as too important to pass up. These innovative tokens have also found ways to extend their utility to the growing Metaverse, but The High Society NFT is taking attention away from art and introducing the human element to NFTs through its collection.

The High Society NFT came to life from the need to fill a gap in the NFT space. While NFTs generally have given art all the props, the team behind The High Society wanted to show genuine appreciation for the human folk. The collection is a reflection of humans in the Metaverse as they settle with one another. The collection also highlights a part of human relationships that is not often appreciated enough – Cannabis. The team’s goal is to erase the stigma surrounding the Cannabis community and bring together all races, colors and tribes under one uniting culture.

The founders of The High Society NFT are both former Silicon Valley entrepreneurs with experience working at some of the most prominent companies in the valley, such as Tesla. Their love for solving problems and critical thinking about the important things the world needs spurred them to create The High Society NFT. They enjoy the process of building, putting things together and seeing people enjoy the results.

At the core of The High Society, NFT is a hardworking team behind the scenes that has developed many projects that will be released as they progress along the collection’s roadmap. The project represents this human focus with an image of a human face wrapped around a cannabis bong in a prominent lounge setting. The project is a social club focused heavily on delivering positive vibes to everyone in the world and Metaverse. “Our mission is always to bring something to your living room you can enjoy, share with your friends, and truly be part of what The High Society is. More than art, our mission is to bring positive vibes to you and those around you here in the real world and in the MetaVerse,” the team said.

The High Society NFT’s mint date is slated for June 17th, with each token going for 0.1 ETH. Every holder who successfully collects a token for themselves gets access to the collection’s 2D and 3D NFT, one Holder’s Box, project collaboration whitelists, exclusive access to party invitations, and secret utility access.  The collection contains 10,000, which holders are expected to hold to access its numerous utilities. A thriving community of interested holders is gradually building on Discord, where all the project’s plans and prospects are laid out. The High Society NFT also has a strong presence on social media via its Instagram and Twitter pages, where it announces new developments and milestones as the roadmap progresses.

Jay Cutler’s Innovative NFT Collection MetaPump Gets Ready for Upcoming Release

With the Metaverse being inundated with countless ventures, people are starting to lose interest in those that are cliche and have repetitive ideas. As such, the pressure is on for developers to break away from the status quo and come up with one-of-a-kind concepts. When it comes to recapturing the community’s attention, one venture stands out: MetaPump NFT

Curated by the award-winning bodybuilder and four-time Mr. Olympia, Jay Cutler, the niche collection is an excellent representation for bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts in the Web3. It is a joint venture with Whitney Reid, the Vice president of BPI Nutrition.

There will be a total supply of 9,600 NFTs stored in the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 tokens. It features exquisite artworks that highlight strong characters, many of which are inspired by the iconic muscleman himself. Several distinct traits are included in the design, including accessories such as headbands and fanny packs. Additionally, people will have a chance to mint a rare one-of-one NFT from the collection. 

Aside from its unique theme, what separates MetaPump NFT from the competition is its remarkable utility and benefits. For example, token holders will have access to an exclusive clothing line that will be released in the future.

On top of that, it intends to bring Jay Cutler’s innovative and groundbreaking idea to life. The innovative idea is called MetaGym, which will use the latest technologies to provide users with the most immersive and interactive gym experience. Holders will also receive different attractive discounts for Cutler Nutrition and Cutler Athletics, two brands owned by Jay Cutler. All of these exciting amenities will be available to MetaPump NFT holders only. To accomplish this fantastic vision, the venture will be allocating 25% of its proceeds to purchasing and acquiring digital land in the Metaverse.

But perhaps what the community is looking forward to the most is the prospect of interacting with Jay Cutler, who has over 10M followers between 3 platforms. Lucky token holders will have the incredible opportunity to win a once-in-lifetime VIP experience of meeting the legendary bodybuilder and working out with him. As for the rest of his fans, there is still a possibility for them to strike a conversation with Jay Cutler on the community’s exclusive group calls and chat channels.

When asked what pushed him to pursue creating an NFT collection, the founder and inspiring man insightfully talked about creating a legacy; he shared, “I have this huge, huge fanbase. How can I give back to who follows me and who might follow me? I just look at creating content for people that may look at me as sort of an inspirational model. Everything about me has been and is about leaving a legacy.”

MetaPump NFT is undoubtedly shaping to be one of the most promising projects ever to grace the crypto space. As such, NFT collectors and investors, as well as fitness aficionados, should keep an eye out as the collection is expected to drop any time soon. 

Currently, whitelist spots are still up for grabs, and interested parties can learn more about how to become part of the list through the project’s dedicated Discord server, Instagram, and Twitter accounts.

Parrot Marketing Guarantees First Page of Google for All Its Clients

Whether businesses realize it or not, 95% of people who search online for a product or service, don’t know what company they will choose to provide that product and/or service. 

Since the same percentage of all internet searches for local services begins and ends on Google’s first page, it means you Which simply means that if a business does not appear on the first search results page, only 5% of the people searching will see you on the second page. Unfortunately, if you’re on the third page or lower, it’s like you don’t exist. Businesses with this dynamic often fall at the mercy of the competition, who reaps the rewards of being highly accessible. It is for this reason that Parrot Marketing created a method that allows them to boldly guarantee their SEO product will land a client’s business on the first page for targeted keyword Google searches. Something that will then translate to effective lead generation, profit growth, and powerful brand awareness, to mention a few. 

Co-founders Devin McGeehan and Shawn Collins were motivated to establish Parrot Marketing after recognizing an undeniable gap in the digital marketing industry. A lot of talented digital marketers deliver exceptional results for their clients on social media, but what most of them lack is order—an organized and systematic way of doing things that results in cost efficiency and more desirable outcomes for clients. The company uses tested and proven strategies that have launched numerous businesses successfully and fortified their online presence, making their competitors step up their game as well. 

“We came in to bring order to digital marketing. We find and employ the brightest minds in the digital marketing world. We galvanize their creativity and strategies to create campaigns that haul in leads to keep their sales people busy prospecting. At the same time we’ve created  a service so customer focused, it creates a client experience we can stand behind,” explains the Parrot Marketing co-founders. 

The Parrot Marketing team has the structure to provide a high level of customer service and accountability—something that a lot of growing digital marketing companies are not able to perfect up to this day. At present, the company is growing rapidly, prompting its executives to add three more promising marketers to its original team of three people. The company recently established a new office across from City Hall in downtown Colorado Springs. After a month, its executives are faced with a new challenge: the need for a bigger space to accommodate more tech professionals. 

With their eyes fixed on providing transparency, accountability, and results, Parrot Marketing is giving customers a whole new experience when it comes to scaling their businesses. With a team of highly skilled marketers who also possess genuine and exceptional character, the client can be assured that they are in good hands. By helping clients bring their company vision to life, the company is meeting a unique need. In doing this, Parrot Marketing is empowering businesses to pursue greater feats and dominate their respective industries. 

By 2025, Parrot Marketing executives are targeting being able to serve 100,000 clients in the country. By then, they see themselves serving many of the country’s largest brands and helping them take their businesses to the next level. With digital marketing fast becoming the next best advertising platform to promote products and services, it will only be a matter of time before the company becomes an industry leader with its dedication to providing top notch digital services that are all about making things happen for clients. 

Learn more about Parrot Marketing by visiting its website

ASAR America Inc. Deploying New Customer Experience Strategies for Businesses

ASAR America Inc. is an SAP Gold Certified Partner Company based in Illinois. It is dedicated to helping businesses acquire strategies to deliver new experiences to their customers. There is more to ASAR America Inc. than just the titles it carries. At the helm of its affairs is Sanjjeev K Singh, a strong authority on SAP Customer Experience. He has authored different books on SAP, and his wealth of experience has been the major driving force in all of ASAR America Inc. operations.

ASAR America, Inc. is one of the most reputable SAP Gold Certified Partners in America for SAP CX Solutions. It guarantees taking any business live on SAP Customer Experience solutions within as little as 2 to 5 weeks. The company does not only implement SAP Commerce Cloud, SAP Sales Cloud, SAP Marketing Cloud; it also integrates them with SAP backend while carrying out a comprehensive SAP ERP integration. ASAR builds, deploys, and runs all these integrations to ensure that every business delivers a smooth customer experience to its customers.

The pandemic jerked many businesses to reality and forced them to adopt new strategies to help them stay in business. Digitization of business services, service delivery, and customer experience are part of those strategies, and ASAR America Inc. is at the forefront of helping businesses to achieve that. Businesses are now creating digital solutions to give their customers a better experience. From digital marketing to online selling and service delivery, ASAR America, Inc. is helping businesses expand their operations and reduce the cost of acquiring customers under the leadership of Sanjjeev Singh.

The company’s ability to provide solutions to customers within 2 to 5 weeks enables ASAR to cater to more customers within a short time. The expert consultants at the company have also played a significant role in bringing all these necessary changes to every client. ASAR America Inc. has worked with corporations like Monster Energy, Callaway Golf, Johnson & Johnson, and Swagelok.

Sanjjeev Singh has 15 years of experience that he puts to good use at ASAR, and the company continues to thrive as its clients advance their businesses. With global corporations in its portfolio, ASAR’s reputation as a leading SAP Gold Certified Partner company and a reputable establishment in the customer experience space.

In Sanjjeev Singh’s words, “Customer experience is crucial to growing every business. Business owners need to take a closer look at how they currently engage with their customers, how they are marketing their services, how they are selling, and how they listen to their customer complaints. Customer experience is a big area and could be a daunting task for any medium-size organization. We want them to know that they can trust ASAR to help them create a roadmap and implement new customer experience!”

ASAR helps businesses improve their digital presence and customer service process to achieve one thing: growth. The company thrives on its clients’ growth, and that has been its watchword since it was established. And with new clients every day, the reputation grows, which leads to success.

Learn more about ASAR America, Inc. on its website.

Adwired Is Building Itself Up To Be One of the Biggest E-Commerce Brands

The best of the best business partnerships can be found in the most unlikely places. Take for example the wonderful story of business partners Kasra Moradi and Gage Flesher, who eventually established the wildly successful E-commerce marketing agency, Adwired

Both of them were originally from different parts of California. Kasra was from Sacramento, while Gage was from Murrieta. Although the partnership didn’t originally start until they both found themselves in the same e-commerce community chat. Like two peas in a pod, the two had in-depth conversations about business and marketing, which eventually led to both of them deciding to work together to build their own brand. 

Thus, Adwired was born. It was born out of one truly special encounter that has managed to grant both Kasra and Gage absolute financial freedom, and they’re looking to gain even more revenue as we speak. 

Both entrepreneurs saw how lucrative the e-commerce industry became, so they focused on building their own e-commerce brands, which generated six-figure revenues on a monthly basis. They were earning so much through their brands that they managed to purchase a beautiful house with their earnings. Eventually, they decided to take their business to the next level. 

Kasra and Gage were on top of things at Adwired. They were consistently running highly efficient marketing campaigns and advertising strategies that netted their clients hundreds of thousands of dollars. They found a blueprint for success by promoting e-commerce brands front, left, and center.

Throughout the past three years, the business partners managed to earn a combined total net worth of seven million dollars from both their e-commerce brands and other brands that their clients owned. Budding business owners decided to go to Adwired to receive top-quality digital marketing services that no other company could ever provide.

Adwired thoroughly guarantees its clients massive exposure and conversion rates to drive their revenues. They have built and structured their clients’ marketing campaigns to build a loyal clientele and generate sales. 

The partners recently teamed up with a member of the Forbes Business Council and a sought-after individual in the e-commerce industry, Steven Ridzyowski. Ridzyowski has been in the digital marketing industry for over ten years, and he’s had a lot of experience working with different niches in various industry sectors.

Through the partnership, Adwired has managed to gain an exclusive turnkey service for clients looking to get acquainted with e-commerce and Shopify. Ridzyowski’s reputation precedes him; he has been featured in LA Wire’s 40 under 40 List and has also been featured in various publications and podcasts.

The trio is looking to shake things up within the e-commerce industry, and wherever they go, success is sure to follow. The partnership between Adwired and Ridzyowski fully solidifies the company’s place within the e-commerce industry. They are projected to earn double what they earned in the previous Q4, which is going to be a massive success for the partnership.

Things are falling into place for Kasra and Gage. After partnering up with Steven Ridzyowski, Adwired is looking to corner the market bigger and bolder than ever before. The initial partnership of Kasra and Gage has worked wonders for both individuals, and now that they are adding yet another party into the mix, things are looking brighter than ever for their business and their prospective clients.

Abbey Scott: From Wall Street to Thriving Entrepreneur

When Abbey Scott started her career, she had a good idea of where she wanted to be: corner office with a C-level plate on her desk. But life would take an unprecedented turn when she would find greater purpose and love for coffee, marketing, and entrepreneurship.

Abbey and her husband Mike are the owners and operators of Coffee Over Cardio®, an online shop for coffee lovers that offers a wide variety of high-quality coffee beans with a twist. The brand is known for its eccentric appeal and fun flavors, such as Saturdaze Chocolate donut, Messy Bun Cinnamon Bun, Birthday Cake, and many more. They also run Fit Legacy Marketing, a boutique marketing consultancy that serves small businesses by helping them formulate marketing ideas that convert. 

Abbey’s story started after she graduated from Holy Cross in 2015. She was a Division 1 athlete and majored in Economics. After school, she started working a full-time job on Wall Street for an investment bank she had interned for. At that point, her path was pretty straightforward. Abbey Scott was going to climb her way up the corporate ladder and become a C-Suite executive. 

Her life would completely change and take an alternate course when she met her husband, Mike. He was an entrepreneur at heart and encouraged Abbey to build a business with him. They started brewing the idea of a fun and differentiated coffee brand, researching, designing bags, and testing the coffees together. In December 2017, the couple launched Coffee Over Cardio® from their little apartment with four initial flavors. Little by little, their side hustle started to take off.

When Abbey Scott received news that her employer would be moving her from New York City to Houston, she decided to start putting more time into their venture. She also decided to start helping Mike out with his marketing consulting business as well. Abbey felt drawn to entrepreneurship, feeling that her work had a more significant impact than her previous corporate job. 

Today, Abbey and Mike’s business continues to grow and flourish, even amidst the pandemic. In 2020, Coffee Over Cardio® expanded its collection and offered exclusive flavors every month as part of a membership program. The flavors would be exclusive to members only. Today, the program has built momentum, with more and more customers signing up. The couple would also inject their health and fitness experience and knowledge of health supplements into the coffee world. They created a unique MCT oil-based creamer that contains nootropics that help with mental clarity and cognitive function. They also developed the first-ever coffee-pairing electrolyte that helps keep hydrated minus the excessive sugar loading.

Their consultancy Fit Legacy Marketing would also catch up. In the last six months, the company has grown from zero to ten employees and has reached a value of half a million dollars. The agency continues to service many small businesses that cannot afford to hire a marketing team in-house. They have filled a significant gap in the market and provided so much value to clients. 

Abbey Scott continues to thrive as an entrepreneur and now finds more joy and fulfillment in what she does. She looks forward to building the business with her husband Mike and creating more impact in the local community. To learn more about Abby and Mike, visit Coffee Over Cardio’s website and Facebook page.

Andre Lewis Builds RYLN, Promotes Clients’ Self-Growth

Previously serving in the U.S. army, Andre Lewis is now helping other people find the better version of themselves with his self-created team called “Retire Your Last Name” (RYLN). With income becoming a rare find because of the pandemic, Lewis’s brand is a bright prospect for everyone, especially individuals who are struggling to find enough income.

The master inviter and presenter’s desire to help people win is his driving force in realizing the project. Admittedly passionate about people, Lewis’s intention of building the project was to help other people amass enough income to be financially stable and retire their families through Foreign Exchange Marketing or Forex.

The financial education platform does not demand anything that is difficult. In only the comfort of home and smartphone, one can easily earn money by learning and applying the economics of trading. Lewis takes pride in teaching his clients and subscribers how to trade high-frequency Forex, e-commerce, and digital currencies. Andre Lewis has also partnered with a company featured in Forbes, IM ACADEMY.

Another sector that they are including is the mouth marketing. This platform provides additional income.

With over 400 customers and business partners all over the states and in countries like U.K., Germany, and Jamaica, Lewis’ success team speaks for success itself. The company has produced hundreds of financially-free entrepreneurs this year.

“I put people before profits,” Lewis commented. According to Lewis, college students, network marketing professionals, young entrepreneurs, or simply people who are searching for work-from-home jobs are suitable for RYLN.

What sets Andre Lewis apart from the competition is his penchant for helping. He claims that being a sergeant in the military for years is his ace in helping other people reach their financial breakthroughs. He is genuinely understanding of people from different walks of life.

“I’m a man of God and I understand that if you help enough people get what they want, then you will get the fulfillment and success that you desire,” he said.

Lewis also claims that his skills are a blessing given to him by God. Moreover, his impeccable attention to detail and seasoned leadership skills are also his biggest asset in leading his company and its clients to success.

The man of God is currently being trained by the brightest prospects in the network marketing space. He is mentored by top earners in the field, Matt Rosa and Jason Brown.

Andre Lewis uses his gift to inspire people to let them realize that there is much more room to grow and discover the limitless boundaries of themselves. He said that he loves watching American Idol because its contestants are willing to go a mile further. Additionally, the success stories of people motivated him to create his own brand. The visions and purpose others have shared are integral elements to realizing Lewis’ dream.

“The illiterate of the 21st century is not those who cannot read and write, it’s those who can’t learn, unlearn, and relearn the rules of life and success,” he shared.

Visit his Facebook to know more or check out his Instagram.

Fernando Bernardino Spills Secrets on Multidisciplinary Entrepreneurship

In only the span of a decade, Fernando Bernardino has gone from college dropout to a successful investor and entrepreneur. Born in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico, to a humble family, Fernando is the father of a beautiful five-year-old girl and a brother to an active duty service member. The young CEO is known for his “work hard, play harder” mentality and his heart for the less fortunate.

Fernando Bernardino is the owner and operator of Stellar Media Group and Meraki events. Despite being a college dropout, Fernando earned his first million at the age of 23. This feat allowed him not only to provide for his family but also to care for the less fortunate. An avid car fan, he rewarded himself by buying his first exotic at the age of 25. Since then, he has owned and driven some of the world’s finest cars, ranging from the underrated GT-R to Bentley Continental GT Speeds to Lamborghinis, and even the highly regarded Rolls Royce family.

Fernando Bernardino first found his footing in the marketing industry in 2010 with Stellar Media Group, a company that focuses on handling internet marketing efforts for publicly traded companies — no small feat when you consider how much some of those companies are worth. As the owner and operator of Stellar, he has helped hundreds of companies raise millions in capital for operations, research and development, and more.

Since 2018, he has also owned and operated Meraki Events, a company that centers on techno concerts. Meraki is known as the first company in Central Florida to bring big-name techno Djs to the area outside of EDC. At first, agencies were standoffish when sending their big acts to the area because, at the time, it wasn’t known for having an underground scene. But that has all changed since Meraki started, and today, Orlando residents can enjoy the vibrant and rapidly growing techno scene. Meraki is also known for producing events with extended sets, something that Floridians had only been able to experience in Miami until they popped up on the scene.

Just this year, Fernando started on a new venture. After seeing the burgeoning need for people to grow their personal brand, he began to help others grow their social media presence and leverage their network to strike up new business opportunities — arguably one of the fastest-growing areas of social media. Fernando has connected with some of the heaviest hitters in the game, such as Chris Frederick, Alex Moeller, and others at WiFi Money. This venture has also allowed him to bring others in to build a substantial side hustle — some even earning $5,000 or more a month simply for sending DMs. Through this venture, Fernando Bernardino has helped people turn their personal brand from a following of a few thousand to well over 500,000 or more in several months’ time, allowing them to gain product placements and sponsorships as well as the opportunity for them to sell their courses, e-books, and more.

Always one to help others accomplish their goals and check off their bucket lists, Fernando is also involved in the luxury travel space, helping countless people save thousands on trips to some of the world’s most exclusive properties. His work has helped some to shift their quiet personal brand to that of a luxury personal brand, bringing in more business opportunities.

Because of his success, Fernando Bernardino has traveled the world to attend music festivals such as Burning Man, Time Warp, Awakenings, and more. The connections he has made in business have opened the doors to deep friendships, mentors, and people who he now considers family.

Fernando Bernardino firmly believes that the secret to his success is his genuineness and willingness to listen. While not every introduction turns into a lasting business relationship, while not every meeting turns into a deal, and while not every potential client is willing to spend money at that immediate moment, Fernando is known to always listen and help out with ideas and whatever else they may need because he understands that while not everything pays off in the now… it could always pay off later on.

Early on, he knew that he had one opportunity to do the right thing and deliver on his promises, and he has carried this mentality with him in all his transactions, whether in life or in business.

Stay connected with Fernando on his Instagram and Twitter.

How Emily Standley Leads Struggling Businesses Towards Success

Advertising and marketing have truly evolved in the past few years. Gone are the days when businesses heavily rely on physical advertising, such as putting up billboards and handing out flyers. These traditional methods have slowly been replaced with technology-driven strategies that effectively expand the reach of businesses across the globe. However, the advent of the digital age is not a path without challenges. Because of the rapid growth of technological advancements, some individuals and entrepreneurs find it challenging to navigate the space. And as a well-equipped person with various online marketing know-how and other technological advertising hacks, Emily Standley steps in to help entrepreneurs overcome these modern-day struggles.

Mostly recognized for her sterling image in the digital marketing space, Emily Standley sufficiently proves how passion can lead a person to greater heights in his or her chosen field. And clothed with a zeal to help others, Emily made it her life’s mission to help entrepreneurs shape their business ventures through her unparalleled skills and flair in digital marketing.

However, Emily Standley’s path towards greatness was not a walk in the park. Although her current position has sufficiently paved the way for struggling entrepreneurs in their pursuits towards success, Emily had to undergo a number of obstacles before reaching where she presently stands. 

Like most go-getter individuals who strive for success amid trying times, Emily Standley did not let her responsibilities get in the way of her dreams. And although it might have pushed her to take a few steps back, being a single mother of 3 did not prevent Emily from achieving her goals. Instead, it propelled her to take risks so that Emily could provide for her children. Driven by this unmatched determination, Emily began to work at a website development firm, where she obtained a certification in Google Adwords and Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

But just like any family-oriented individual who strives to strike a balance between a career and raising children, Emily Standley hit a slump. As her children zeroed in toward the most crucial time for growth and development, Emily knew that she had to leave her job to attend to her children’s hectic schedules. But instead of quitting on her dreams altogether, she began to take the chance and offer social media and SEO consulting services to entrepreneurs through her entrepreneurship blog, is an online resource website created and run by Emily Standley in order to provide entrepreneurs and businesses a platform where they can gain effective online marketing strategies. The website gives out free and well-founded tips, training, and guides to aid entrepreneurs in scaling up their businesses. To put it simply, it serves as a one-stop-shop that facilitates individuals in expanding and learning how to develop their reach online.

But aside from helping entrepreneurs increase their visibility in the digital arena, Emily Standley also runs, a blog dedicated to pushing for advocacies against cruel animal testing worldwide. 

As the world continues to progress in the modern age, Emily Standley hopes to transform into the ultimate resource hub for aspiring entrepreneurs and bloggers across the world.

To know more about Emily Standley and her entrepreneurial prowess, you may visit her blog.