Protect your business with one of the most sophisticated cyber security companies: Cyber Chain Technologies

In recent times when digitization has literally taken over our lives, businesses, other industries, and even our social lives revolve around the digital world. And thanks to the internet, threats to our data are becoming massive, with hackers scamming people all around the world. Companies like China National Petroleum, Royal Dutch Shell, Sony Pictures, and even Volkswagen were hacked and demanded ransom money for their data, which was eventually paid. Data theft is currently the world’s most significant concern mainly because it could compromise sensitive business information, including banking details, government contracts and other trading secrets. In fact, data hacking can severely affect company operations on both governmental and private levels.

As hackers are becoming more intelligent with their ways of using advanced technology, relying on old anti-virus software appears almost ridiculous. Many cyber security companies around the globe are exploring new methods and experimenting with the latest software to guard companies and businesses against cyber attacks. Cyber Chain Technologies is one such leading security tech company that provides its client with exceptional protection against all kinds of data breaches. Their latest data theft security software is creating ripples in the world of cyber security and becoming the leading agency to help businesses become safer on every digital platform. 

Not only does Cyber Chain Technologies’ security software detects threats, but it also identifies vulnerabilities and hardens configurations in real time. The best part is that it helps eliminate security susceptibilities in mission-critical applications in order to meet regulatory and compliance standards. The founder and CEO of Cyber Chain Technologies, Kaleel Mohammed, also known as Casey, is a cyber-security consultant and specialist who has worked for the banking sector in Canada, providing them with his expertise in controlling cyber attacks. In fact, Casey also developed their cyber security system in such a way that it can withstand any data threat. 

For more than 20 years, he has provided excellent strategic business vision, process breakdown and hands-on digital transformation implementations to develop and further his client’s corporate objectives. Being a result-oriented person, Casey firmly believes that cybersecurity has some human limitations, but there are amazing products that do exist. However, according to Casey, it is usually some kind of human error that contributes to companies’ downfall or reputational damage.

Cyber Chain Technologies also provide solutions for integrated security solutions, video surveillance, system security and management. This is not all! The company also offers services like access control as well as network design with the support of OEM (original equipment manufacturer) partners. With network and communication infrastructure, their goal is to ensure safety among all digital platforms while reducing vandalism to valuable life and property through hacking. A recent study shows that 51% of small businesses are the most vulnerable to ransomware hacking attacks, with an average loss of over $200000. The research also stated that data breaches affected healthcare industries and related companies the most. It cost the healthcare industry around $7.2 million in losses in 2020, affecting nearly 26 million people.

Relying on the password methods was a good strategy back in the early 2000s, but with the advancement of software like Android and iOS, updating your security system is of utmost importance. Elaborating on this point, Casey said, “Too many passwords are being duplicated or reused frequently or even circulated amongst family and friends. Hackers will get to know individuals and their circles. This may create a week-point. A move to facial recognition or passwordless society is upon us.” Such technologies provide strong malware and firewall applications to stop hackers from attacking different businesses. In fact, after the blockchain and the invention of Metaverse, now more than ever, it is imperative that we move towards a better and safer approach for our online data.

Every year, cyberattacks are becoming more dangerous, and businesses are becoming more vulnerable. Hence, business owners must stay vigilant and aware of ways to protect against data breaches. Otherwise, it’s a matter of time before they become victims and pay a considerable price. Through social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook, Casey is spreading awareness about cyber security and enlightening the young generation about the preventive step to secure their data from any online threat. Research by a leading analyst firm in the technology sector highlights that cybercrime business losses will likely go up to $5 trillion by 2024. This is indeed an alarming state. Hence, consulting with companies like Cyber Chain Technologies is crucial to protect your business and let it grow and thrive without fearing cyber attacks!