Juliet Obodo’s FWRD Institute Emphasizes the Power of the Mind in Achieving Personal and Professional Success

The field of brain optimization has emerged not only as an advocate of mental health and a provider of strategies to optimize mental power but as a reminder that people’s brains contain the key to success.

There are countless recipes to success that have been formulated by people dominating industries. And while their testimonials about what can bring a person to the top will always be a source of learning insights, they quite often miss mentioning that the answers to any personal and professional dilemma are in one’s mind. And this is why entrepreneur, hypnotist, and NLP practitioner Juliet Obodo established the FWRD Institute.

Brain trainer Juliet Obodo is a Psychology graduate who set aside pursuing medical school and earning a degree in Psychiatry in favor of bringing tech products to people. And after ten years in the corporate world, she decided to apply her entrepreneurial acumen into the creation of her own design agency and business funding venture. 

Given her inherent propensity to excel in whatever field she is in, Juliet found success in running two six-figure businesses. But that commercial triumph came at a price — severe burnout.

Burnout has been implicated in the mental distress of millions of people at any given time. More often than not, it is work-induced and is the result of workplace behaviors and attitudes toward productivity that do not leave time for rest and self-care. Burnout is a serious issue and can serve as the seed for another graver mental health concern. So, Juliet looked for a cure and, in the process, re-discovered hypnosis and NLP, or Neuro-Linguistic Programming, which is a strategy intended for personal growth. 

Hypnosis, NLP, and the desire to address the issue of stress became the factors behind Juliet’s founding of the FWRD Institute. This company offers personal and professional development programs for individuals and institutions. 

FWRD Institute emphasizes the power of the mind in making things possible. By guiding clients through the process of tapping into their subconscious, it has facilitated numerous personal and professional achievements for its clients.

Not only has FWRD Institute been able to transform startup founders into the outstanding entrepreneurs and workplace leaders that they aspire to become, but it has also made it possible for celebrities immersed in the deep-end of addiction and depression to find their way back to the shallows. As a result, these celeb clients have managed to obtain new roles and opportunities that would further enable them to stand back on their feet.

This brain training powerhouse utilizes evidence-driven and hypnosis-based methods to tap the subconscious minds of individuals. It offers one on one hypnosis sessions, as well as group hypnosis. Moreover, FWRD Institute boasts a wide range of brain training programs and facilitates mastery in the areas of business, career, and money, as well as in the aspects of emotions, the mind, and life, in general. 

As a certified and highly competent master hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner, Juliet makes use of the advanced methods of hypnosis, neuro-linguistic strategies, and T.I.M.E techniques she designed to produce immediate and lasting results for FWRD clients. And with the way she coaches clients to bank on their subconscious mind to create mental and emotional resilience, Juliet is able to push people forward on the road to success. 

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