Wake and Make Media Founders Explain How Film Content Can Boost Business

One of the most common myths about the entertainment industry is the possibility of being discovered and then magically being propelled into Hollywood fame. Megan Nager, co-founder of Wake and Make Media, learned this within her first year of working as a SAG actor, writer, and stand-up comedian in the competitive field.

She watched as countless friends and creators sat home waiting on the edge of their seats for a call from an agent or manager to book them in a show or a gig. After a few years of doing the same thing herself, she decided that she would combine her unique set of skills and create her own video content and then market it on her social media channels. After years of doing this for herself, she teamed up with award-winning cinematographer and editor, Corey Turner, and the duo launched Wake and Make Media. 

Wake and Make Media is a creative marketing and PR agency that operates in both Charlotte, North Carolina, and Los Angeles, which specializes in making high-quality content to target specific audiences and build their online brands. Although the company works with all types of companies, they’ve found a niche in alternative and specialized healthcare, such as CBD brands, plastic surgeons, cosmetic dermatologists, and chiropractors.

Before launching Wake and Make Media, Megan appeared on television shows on Amazon, TruTV, MTV, and more, in addition to writing and producing several award-winning TV shows and short films. Her experience in comedy and filmmaking has proven beneficial in building her personal brand—her digital content has gone viral in many platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube. Meanwhile, Corey has filmed hundreds of commercials, TV shows, and feature films. He’s spent the past eight years working with Endeavor Content and William Morris Endeavor and has created content for brands such as Miss Universe, Ciroc, UFC, World’s Strongest Man, PBR, IMG, and more.

Megan and Corey had the unique experience of building their own personal brands and learning how to get their names out there before they helped others do the same. During their time in Hollywood, they quickly established themselves as a go-to creative team for any type of project. The duo got their start after seeing the huge demand in Los Angeles. There were so many creatives they came into contact with who wanted to create their own content but weren’t sure how to do it. Megan and Corey came together and began writing scripts for them, then producing and filming those scripts. They found a market for the films online. Luckily enough, the films were picked up by Amazon Prime and other outlets, and soon, they were featured in magazine and digital outlets.

Small businesses in their area quickly got word of their success and saw for themselves the professional quality of their projects. Business owners started reaching out to them, asking them to help boost their businesses as well. They worked to grow CBD brands and food blogs, which led to working with some alternative medical practices. Megan’s family has a background in medicine and had asked her and Corey to help a few of their offices grow their online presence. After a few of these projects, other doctors began reaching out to ask for the same services.

Megan and Corey recently moved from Los Angeles to Charlotte to collaborate with even more businesses. Their filmmaking and social media backgrounds allow them to tackle all aspects of media production. With their skills combined, they are able to successfully launch whole campaigns.

They have worked with hundreds of Hollywood’s biggest names to create all types of content that have heightened brand awareness. Megan has also grown her own personal brand to over 150,000 followers on social media and has consulted numerous brands on how to grow their social media presence and get featured in the news. They have the expertise to build a business from the ground up using film, marketing, and PR.

The duo is well on their way to becoming the modern-day small-business version of marketing giant Goodby and Silverstein while also creating their own films.Find out more about Wake and Make Media on their website.