Beta Bowl Helps Teen Turn Slime Into Dollars

Choosing a career path is difficult for some high school students. But for students who have decided to forge their paths in business, Beta Bowl is something they can rely on. Beta Bowl’s students’ success stories are well-known, with hundreds of students who have completed the program (more than 350 just this past summer). 

The credibility of Beta Bowl’s success is perfectly illustrated by Clare M.K.’s success story. The 10th grader joined Beta Bowl in the spring of her sophomore year in 2020. Clare embraced the challenges of Beta Bowl during her disrupted school year. For years, Clare has had a penchant for slime. She made herself a resounding figure in the slime community, even before she enrolled for the program.

After completing the program, Clare applied all her newfound learning to her business. Though she had no real business experience and little capital, Clare turned her passion for slime into something profitable: a five-revenue-stream and 80% profit margin business. Instead of just selling her craft on Etsy, she furthered her reach by teaching kids how to make slime. She has implemented her Beta Bowl business plan and financial model to service multiple target markets at varying price points by offering a host of products, services, and combinations on both a one-time and recurring basis. Clare’s success proves that entrepreneurship can be applied to any passion, regardless of age and experience. Beta Bowl can help creative people maximize their skills and even earn significant revenue and profit doing so.

A virtual entrepreneurial extracurricular program, Beta Bowl has helped hundreds of students hone their skills and develop impressive business acumen. This outstanding entrepreneurial program covers everything from the introduction of business building and ideation to financial modeling and investor pitch decks.

The virtual program has maximized the use of the internet and technology. Instead of the traditional mode of teaching, the program boasts an interactive system as it has video lessons, live startup mentor calls, and associated business building tasks and resources. It also includes 24-hour email and text access for individual support from the Beta Bowl team for the duration of students’ programs.

The entrepreneurial enrichment program’s bite-sized modules effectively ensure the students’ learning. Their methods also promote critical thinking and analysis skills that will prove helpful for their careers in the academic and professional world.

Impressively, even students who do not have prior experience with entrepreneurship are welcome in the program. Since its students are everywhere, across the States and internationally, Beta Bowl is equipped with flexible schedules all year-round.

As students complete the program, they do not leave empty-handed. The students will finish the program with a robust portfolio of business assets that includes a unique marketing strategy, financial model, ready-to-beta-launch business, etc. They will also receive a Successful Completion Certificate. Graduates of both 6-week and 12-week programs will also receive a custom letter of recommendation and free access to a  4-week college prep course, hosted by a top college admissions consulting company.

Following its success, Beta Bowl has earned the recommendations of countless top college prep companies and admissions consultants and has even received referrals from guidance counselors all over the country.

Beta Bowl has paved the way for admissions to prestigious universities like Caltech and Babson and summer programs like Stanford’s Summer Session and Drexel’s LeBow Camp Business, as well as significant scholarships into honors and business-related university programs. Moreover, many of its graduates have been accepted in their dream schools. It has also helped waitlisted applicants gain admission, submitting their Beta Bowl experience, portfolio, or recommendation as their supplemental waitlist application material. 

In addition to Beta Bowl’s entrepreneurial advancement, the company stays connected with former students beyond the program and goes on to help them in their entrepreneurial, academic, and professional futures. Beta Bowl has done this via partnerships with top college admissions consulting companies who help Beta Bowl students apply their entrepreneurial experience to their application, as well as through connections with and referrals to both university business programs and professional internships for former students.

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