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Luvmour & Luvmour – Authors, Educators, and Human Development Consultants

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Human development is a critical aspect of childhood, as it lays the foundation for a child’s physical, social, and emotional growth and well-being. It is essential for children’s overall development and success in life that they receive the necessary support and guidance to thrive. Teaching children about human development can be a powerful way to support their growth and help them to understand and navigate their own development and the world around them. It is important for parents, caregivers, and educators to prioritize human development education for children, as it can have a lasting impact on their lives. There are many different ways in which human development can be taught to children, and it is important for parents, caregivers, and educators to find approaches that are appropriate for the child’s age and individual needs. Most parents are unaware of how to nurture their children in the best way possible. In order to help such parents, professional human development consultants, educators, and authors, Josette & Ba Luvmour provide their consulting and help children grow in all aspects. They are a husband-wife duo, professionally known as Luvmour & Luvmour. 

Being authors, educators, and consultants in the areas of children’s development, Josette & Ba Luvmour have left a prominent impact on the grooming of children and parents. Generally, Children development work with children on a one-on-one basis or in group settings and may be involved in early childhood education, after-school programs, or other types of children’s programs. The primary responsibility of children development consultants is to provide guidance and support to children as they grow and develop and to help them reach their full potential. This may involve working with children to set and achieve goals, providing educational and developmental activities, and addressing any challenges or concerns that may arise. Children development consultants also work closely with parents, caregivers, and other professionals to ensure that children are receiving the support and guidance they need to thrive.

The American couple, Luvmour & Luvmour, work as teachers, authors, human development consultants, and public speakers. They are experts in human development and Natural Learning Relationships, as well as relationship-based education and adult transformational learning. They met each other in 1979, and since then, the couple has dedicated their time to researching and investigating consciousness. They developed a child development theory called Natural Learning Relationships and have been implementing it with children, families, and educators through programs and schools since the 1980s.

The wife, Josette Luvmour, attended the University of Hawaii from 1980 to 1982 and earned her undergraduate degree in Comparative Religion and Eastern Philosophies. She later received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Thomas Edison State College in 2003. Then she went on to earn her Master of Arts in Human Development from Fielding Graduate University in 2006. Josette completed her Ph.D. in Human Development at Fielding Graduate University in 2009.

However, the husband, Ba Luvmour, went to Temple University to complete his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, and he earned his degree in 1968. In 1984, he completed his Master of Arts in Psychology from Sonoma State University in California.

The couple has authored multiple books to educate readers, parents, and educators about the practical implementation of the Natural Learning Program (NLR). The books they authored together are The books include Everyone Wins! Cooperative games and activities – 3rd ed. (2019), Relationship Based Education: Relationships and partnerships in educational environments – Vol. 6 (2019), Brain Development and The Natural Learning Relationships of children – Vol. 5 (2018), A Compendium of writings: The work and ideas of Luvmour & Luvmour 2010 – 2016 – Vol. 4 (2018), Freedom in Education: Talks at the Brockwood Park Krishnamurti School 30th Anniversary – Vol. 3 (2018), Effective Boundaries with children: Creating and maintaining healthy boundaries with all age children – Vol. 2 (2018), Natural Learning Relationships: An introduction to whole-child development – Vol. 1, Win-Win games for all ages: Cooperative activities for building social skills (2002), Tiger by the Tail: Essays on the inherent spirituality of Natural Learning Rhythms (1998), Natural Learning Rhythms: How and when children learn (1993), Everyone Wins! Cooperative games and activities. Philadelphia (1990), and Towards Peace: Cooperative Games & Activities (1989).

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