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How Dr. Femi Monehin Empowers Others Through Faith-Based Leadership

Learning how to lead is one thing, while learning how to become a leader rooted in faith is another. Dr. Femi Monehin aims to become the catalyst for change and promote a culture that merges both faith and leadership into one. He is known for supporting faith-based ideas globally and helping people unleash the leaders within themselves.

For over two decades, Dr. Femi Menehin has been building a community of people whose lives have significantly changed through his teachings, a passion he considers as his commitment to humanity. Because of his proactive approach to empowering lives globally, the visionary recently received recognition for his exceptional leadership and contributions with an honorary doctorate. 

Despite being the fuel behind some of today’s most notable leaders, Dr. Femi Monehin stayed humble, recognizing that he is merely doing what God has called him to do. “There is no such thing as ‘servant leadership’; to get to the top, an individual must serve,” as one of Dr. Femi Monehin’s famous quotes goes. “The path to greatness in any community is servanthood, especially in the kingdom. This is the bedrock to the success of any nation.”

Furthermore, Dr. Femi Monehin is also inspired by an anonymous quote that goes, “If serving is below you, leadership is beyond you.” The visionary is never one to wait for any returns from his efforts. Seeing the people he has mentored succeed and grow deeper in faith is what he considers to be his most significant reward. Just as he wants to become the change, Dr. Femi Monehin is also taking great strides to build people who will also become catalysts of change. 

To do so, Dr. Femi Monehin equips individuals with the skill to formulate a clear vision on how to reach a goal. “Leading without vision is like running with a blindfold on or boxing without a clear target,” the visionary said. As a mentor, he has worked with thousands of people from all walks of life through several mentorship initiatives, including iMentor and iGenerations. His programs are tailored to build kingdom leaders to become influencers in society.

Dr. Femi Monehin has taken on many roles throughout his run. He is an author, speaker, mentor, life coach, entrepreneur, and the founding Pastor of God’s Favorite House, a non-denominational church located in Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria, but also has several branches in the United States and Canada.

Dr. Femi Monehin is the creative and visionary mind behind nine volumes of daily devotionals for adults and eight for children. The daily devotionals are read widely in various continents, and all his books carry one important message: true leadership and changed lives. He also authored the best-selling book entitled Winning: Gaining and Sustaining Victory in the Battles of Life and New Creation Reality, a spiritual growth resource acknowledged by thousands who are commencing and deepening their relationships with Christ.

On a mission to mentor and empower the next generation, Dr. Femi Monehin coaches various groups of men and women using platforms like the GFH Academy. The training institute is committed to empowering believers and different individuals to take their place in society with confidence. The mentor, a believer of visionary leadership, imparts the primary philosophies that helped him reach success. 

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