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Discovering New Careers after a Lifeguard certification

Discovering New Careers after a Lifeguard certification

Summer is a period of sun, sand, and ocean, where lifeguards guarantee the safety of beachgoers and pool fans. Now you go certified, so, what’s next for the people who have earned their lifeguard certification?

Luckily, the skills you’ve gained can open the way to a wide variety of exciting career potential open doors past the poolside. In this article, we’ll investigate different ways you can take after summer with your certification.

Water Safety Instructor

Transitioning into a water safety instructor role is a characteristic movement for certified lifeguards. You’ll play a significant role in teaching individuals of any age how to swim and remain safe in aquatic conditions. Your lifeguard training in California outfits you with the information and skills expected to convey water safety techniques and swimming essentials really.

Aquatic Office Chief

If you have any desire to remain near the water, think about becoming an aquatic office chief. These professionals administer the everyday tasks of pools, water parks, or aquatic focuses. Your certification as a lifeguard provides a strong starting point for understanding safety conventions and emergency procedures, making you a solid contender for this role.

Coast Watchman Helper

For those with affection for the untamed ocean, the US Coast Gatekeeper Helper offers potential open doors for certified lifeguards to add to sea safety. As a worker organization, the Coast Watchman Helper invites individuals with lifeguard training and skills to aid different limits, like conducting safety inspections, providing government-funded schooling, and supporting inquiry and salvage missions.

Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

The skills you’ve gained during your lifeguard course aren’t restricted to water-related emergencies. They can likewise be applied ashore as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). EMTs provide basic pre-clinic care to individuals in health related emergencies. Your lifeguard certification’s accentuation on first aid and CPR makes you an important resource in this profession.

Occasion Lifeguard

Occasions like marathons, long-distance races, and water sports contests frequently require trained lifeguards. You can use your certification as a lifeguard to work on these occasions, ensuring the safety of members and onlookers the same. This role permits you to partake in the energy of different sporting occasions while keeping your skills sharp.

Voyage Boat Staff

Voyage ships offer a one of a kind business opportunity for lifeguard-certified individuals. These floating resorts frequently have numerous pools and water attractions, requiring the presence of skilled lifeguards to guarantee visitor safety. Working on a journey transport permits you to travel the world while putting your lifeguard certification to great use.

Beach Watch Official

If you flourish in the beach climate, consider becoming a beach watch official. Beach watch officials are answerable for maintaining safety along the shoreline, responding to water-related emergencies, and educating beachgoers about possible hazards. Your certification as a lifeguard is a significant qualification in this field.

Camp Advocate

Many day camps include aquatic exercises as a component of their projects. With your certification as a lifeguard, you can become a camp guide, leading water-based exercises and ensuring the safety of campers. This role combines your affection for the outside with your obligation to keep others safe around water.

Search and Salvage Colleague

Search and safeguard groups frequently areas of strength for require and individuals with water safety mastery. Your lifeguard courses can open ways to becoming a hunt and salvage colleague. You can aid water-based salvage activities during emergencies and catastrophic events.

Corporate Wellbeing and Safety Specialist

Corporate organizations frequently focus on the wellbeing and safety of their workers. With your certification, you can seek after a career as a wellbeing and safety expert, specializing in aquatic safety. You’ll be answerable for evaluating and implementing safety estimates in professional workplaces that involve water, like nearby swimming pools or sporting offices.

Lifeguard Instructor

If you’re passionate about wellness and training, consider leveraging your enthusiasm towards a career as a physical education teacher. Holding a certification as a lifeguard not only underscores your commitment to safety but also your proficiency in imparting critical life-saving skills. This qualification renders you an appealing candidate for teaching roles within schools or community centers, where you can guide students in developing their swimming capabilities and comprehending water safety. Furthermore, if the journey to becoming certified as a lifeguard has inspired you, stepping into the role of a lifeguard instructor could be a rewarding next step. By conducting lifeguard classes, you have the opportunity to assist others in achieving their certification, simultaneously sharing your expertise and securing a consistent stream of income. This pathway allows you to contribute meaningfully to the safety and skills of others while engaging in a profession that aligns with your passions.


As the spring season transitions into summer, your lifeguard certification remains a valuable asset that can unlock opportunities for various job positions. Your lifeguard training furnishes you with skills that stretch out a long way in every season, whether you

  • Decide to become a water safety instructor.
  • Seek a career in emergency clinical benefits.
  • Investigate the world as a voyage transport staff part.

Thus, plunge into these exciting career ways, and recall that the American Lifeguard Association is an important asset to additionally foster your mastery and information in water safety. Your future past the lifeguard stand is loaded with conceivable outcomes.


Published by: Khy Talara

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