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BRICS+ Fashion Summit: Showcasing the Best of Men’s Fashion with Global Flair

BRICS+ Fashion Summit: Showcasing the Best of Men's Fashion with Global Flair
Photo credit: BRICS+ Fashion Summit

By: EPROnline

The BRICS+ Fashion Summit, held in Moscow, was a resounding triumph for men’s fashion on the catwalk. It served as a platform for showcasing brilliant collections from designers representing India, Indonesia, Brazil, and South Africa. The event also provided a forum for extensive discussions on the new possibilities emerging in the global fashion industry. With authentic and diverse offerings, these countries managed to rediscover their unique fashion sensibilities, infusing their collections with a captivating blend of national flavor and contemporary spirit.

KHANIJO: A Fusion of Global Trends and Indian Culture

Gaurav Khanijo, an Indian fashion designer, put on an exquisite display of his collection, which was a seamless blend of global fashion trends and traditional Indian codes. The show was made even more compelling by live music and singing that drew inspiration from Indian national motifs. Khanijo’s ideology of biomimicry for material innovation, along with his use of indigenous handwoven textiles and natural fibers to create intricate textures, was particularly noteworthy.

AL•DRI•E: Exploring the Dark Aesthetic

Another notable designer hailing from Indonesia was Aldrie Indrayana, who championed responsible consumption and eco-friendly fashion. Through her innovative approach, she delved into the realm of upcycling, transforming second-hand items into renewed fashion statements. Her collection, showcased at the BRICS+ Fashion Summit, exuded a sense of grunge and fashionable gloom, employing dark hues, grim humor, and Gothic references. The ensembles featured multi-layered, intentionally disheveled looks that were complemented by daring hairstyles, distinctive makeup styles, and unique accessories. 

BRICS+ Fashion Summit: Showcasing the Best of Men's Fashion with Global Flair

Photo credit: BRICS+ Fashion Summit

David Tlale: Vibrant and Flamboyant South African Fashion

David Tlale, the South African designer, brought his vibrant new collection to Moscow, encompassing both casual and eveningwear. The garments were adorned with flamboyant prints, while the looks themselves boasted intricate cuts, complex layering, and extraordinary proportions. Tlale’s expertise transcends gender boundaries, as he effortlessly merges women’s and men’s clothing with harmonious resonance. The designer masterfully juxtaposed translucent lace with sequins, dressing men in form-fitting corsets. While the designer is renowned for his mastery of colors, this particular showcase primarily revolved around monochrome black looks, adding an element of contemporary sophistication.

BRICS+ Fashion Summit: Showcasing the Best of Men's Fashion with Global Flair

Photo credit: BRICS+ Fashion Summit

SHIN: Regal Remembrance

SHIN, a Russian-Korean fashion brand, has embarked on a creative journey by drawing inspiration from the last imperial dynasty of Korea, known as “Joseon.” Seeking to bring historical grandeur to modern fashion, the collection features prominent collars and the striking scarlet hue associated with this bygone era of Korean traditional costume. However, the designers’ goal is not to provide a literal interpretation of historical fragments. Instead, they seem to translate the historical narratives into the contemporary language of clothing, harmonizing the past with the present.

Lucas Leão: Skillful Manipulation of Architectural Shapes Shines

Lucas Leao of Brazil, known for his skillful manipulation of architectural shapes, mesmerized the audience with his latest collection. Leão showcased monochrome ensembles for both men and women, featuring straightforward yet artfully draped silhouettes that emulated various sculptural forms. Maestro at his craft, Leao breathed life into seemingly uncomplicated tops that resembled artwork rather than mere clothing pieces.

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