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Axiom Chiropractic Drawing Attention to Chiropractic Service and Serving Patients with the Best Care

Optimal health is non-negotiable, and the process of achieving that cuts across taking care of every part of the body. So for Dr. Tyler Hartley and Dr. Megan Hullihen, establishing Axiom Chiropractic was a needed move as it gave them the chance to carry out life-changing, powerful and healing work every day.

Through Axiom Chiropractic, the experienced medical professionals aim to show the world that chiropractic is more than fixing neck and back pain. In Dr. Tyler’s words, “It’s a holistic approach to health designed to improve overall body function and optimize performance.” At Axiom Chiropractic, health is a top priority, and all the medical professionals working at the facility understand that fact. Dr. Tyler and Dr. Megan also make sure to pass along the necessary education to keep patients up-to-date about the right decisions they need to make to ensure optimal health for their bodies.

Axiom Chiropractic’s operation thrives on the individualized approach to treating patients. “We understand that no two people are the same. So we take the time to discover your wants, but more importantly your needs, and deliver the best results in the Charlotte area,” Dr. Tyler said. 

The practice utilizes the most specific full-spine chiropractic adjusting technique called the Gonstead Method, which applies five different criteria to identify the cause of a health concern. This method has been highly successful and has played a massive role in the high level of trust that many patients have in Axiom Chiropractic.

“We believe that the amazing results we achieve are credited to detailed nervous system exams, as well as attention to specificity when delivering the chiropractic adjustment. When performed correctly, the chiropractic adjustment will alleviate nerve pressure at the root and allow proper efferent and afferent signals between the brain and body to take place,” Dr. Megan Hullihen explained.

Axiom Chiropractic has plugged itself to the center of educating the entire Charlotte community and beyond about where health truly comes from and connecting the bridge between symptoms or chronic health concerns and how chiropractic procedures correct those problems. In receiving this education, patients get both evidence and knowledge to understand everything about their health and what they need to do or not do.

“We always use objective measurements before we perform any adjustment. We must know when to correct, but even more importantly, we need to know when not to adjust. We cannot juxtapose one for the other to avoid issues,” Dr. Tyler Hartley shared.Over the next few years, Dr. Tyler Hartley and Dr. Megan hope to make Axiom Chiropractic’s office one of the busiest in the greater Charlotte area, focusing on families, pediatrics and athletes. The ultimate goal is to reduce the use of pharmaceuticals and surgery to the barest minimum while putting the power back in the patients’ hands regarding decisions about their health.

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