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CEO’s Chicago Roots: Unveiling a New Business Adventure

From a dedicated law enforcement career to a surprising revelation of her ancestry, the journey of the woman behind Genetic Genealogy For Law Enforcement(TM) is nothing short of inspiring. An at-home DNA test not only unraveled the threads of her past but also charted an unanticipated course into a new sphere of business and purpose. 

Nearly 25 years after hanging up her uniform and badge, she is back on the case-solving frontier, albeit with a distinct approach. Armed with genetic genealogy – something she knew nothing about until a few years back – she is transforming the investigative trajectory of the police force across the nation.

Her journey into the realm of genetic roots was set in motion by a revelation that shook her to the core. Having been a Burke all her life, the results of the DNA test destroyed her long-held identity. What began as a curiosity-driven exploration to find out more about her health and ancestry ended up turning her world upside down. Instead of having Irish roots, as she believed, she found herself being rooted in Chicago, a city she had no previous connection with – at least not until the DNA test proved otherwise.

In the quest to understand her newfound roots and adopt her true identity, she fervently set about learning everything about genetic genealogy. The more she discovered, the more she realized how valuable this tool could be in untangling previously unsolvable cases and giving closure to countless families still searching for their loved ones. It was a realization stemming from the thought that if she could find a father in a few hours, what might the police force achieve with this technology?

Regrettably, financial limitations often stand in the way of incorporating genetic genealogy into ordinary police operations. External companies charge a substantial fee of around $7,500 per case, making it unsustainable for numerous police departments scattered across the country. Just as one example, over 14,500 cases of unknown human remains cry out for attention across the United States, a vast number that cannot be adequately served within current cost parameters.

Turning the revelation of her unexpected Chicago roots into a mission in the pursuit of justice, she created Genetic Genealogy For Law Enforcement. Through this initiative, she aims to bridge the gap in resources and funding by ushering in affordable in-house genealogical solutions for police departments at every level – from local to federal. By providing training and creating mechanisms to implement this technology within the police agencies, she not only hopes to bring justice but also to give voice to those who can’t speak for themselves.

“It’s exciting that 25 years later, my work has come full circle. It’s immensely satisfying to not only get justice but also to speak for those who can’t,” she expresses with unmistakable conviction. The sentiment encapsulates her years of experience in law enforcement and her newfound passion for genetic genealogy as being seamlessly intertwined, each complimenting and reinforcing the other in an unprecedented way.

As we have seen, the journey of discovery into one’s roots can be surprising, enlightening and even life-changing. Transforming this personal journey into a force of change for the greater good – in this case, the pursuit of justice – is indeed a remarkable testament to the power that lies within understanding one’s genetic origins and harnessing its potential for society’s benefit.

Follow the transformative journey of Genetic Genealogy for Law Enforcement on social media. Find them on Twitter @BurkevonRiddern, Facebook @ForensicGeneticGenealogist, Instagram @dnageneticgenealogist, LinkedIn @ChristineBurke. Your support could make a difference and help solve ongoing cases using genetic genealogy. Visit the website at to find out more about this revolutionary approach to law enforcement.

Reimagining Small Spaces: Expert Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling in Seminole, FL

At Majestic Small Bathroom Remodel Works, the notion of “small” is reimagined and embraced. Through our expert design and remodeling services, we prove that a small bathroom or kitchen shouldn’t limit the aspirations of homeowners in Seminole, FL, and surrounding areas. Instead, it’s an invitation to think creatively, maximize efficiency, and construct intimate spaces that exude elegance, comfort, and functionality.

Located in the heart of Seminole, FL, Majestic Small Bathroom Remodel Works has become a local beacon for custom renovation services, transforming the aesthetic and utility of homes one space at a time, with specific expertise in crafting elegant small bathrooms and kitchens for local residents.

A Small Bathroom Redefined

When it comes to small bathroom remodels, our team does not merely focus on the physical changes in your space. Instead, we strive to redefine your small bathroom – transforming it from a modest necessary corner into an exquisite, personalized sanctuary. Our team firmly believes that even in the smallest bathrooms, luxury can find a place.

We combine modern and sleek designs with space-efficient solutions. Every inch matters in a small bathroom; hence why we focus on creative design solutions such as corner sinks, floating vanities, and backlit mirrors, to name a few. Whether it’s choosing color schemes to boost the perception of space or optimizing storage without compromising on style, we pledge to go above and beyond to ensure that your new bathroom reflects your unique taste and needs.

A Kitchen Facelift To Inspire Culinary Zen

Just like with bathrooms, small kitchens can also present unique challenges. But at Majestic, we view these challenges as opportunities for innovation. From stylish cabinetry to space-saving appliances, the goal remains the same: to create a kitchen environment that feels roomy, stylish, and functional.

Remember, the kitchen is the heart of your home, a place where memories are built around meals prepared and shared. Our team works relentlessly to ensure that this space, regardless of size, is comfortable, sophisticated, and above all, reflects the soul of the house.

More Than Just Aesthetics

Good remodeling companies can make your bathroom and kitchen look visually appealing. Great ones ensure that the renovation leads to increased value for your property. Majestic Small Bathroom Remodel Works is proud to belong in the latter category.

Our remodels not only visually transform your spaces; they also contribute to the enhancement of your property’s value. Considering the significant return on investment bathroom and kitchen renovations provide, our services are a profitable investment for the future.

Sharing Our Journey on Social Media

Undoubtedly, showcasing our projects and sharing our clients’ triumph stories is a crucial part of our journey. Through our social media platforms, we strive to afford both potential and existing clients glimpses into our work process and the impressive results we can achieve.

Follow us on Facebook to stay in touch with our latest news, projects’ before and after photos, and for a window into our daily operations and exemplary work. Our YouTube channel offers informative and inspiring videos showcasing our remodeling skills and design ideas. On our Pinterest page, we amass a broad spectrum of design inspirations and trends that could spark your next renovation idea.

You can also find verified customer reviews on our Yelp business page, attesting to the level of professionalism, competence, and reliability our team maintains throughout the renovation project.

Your Local Home Renovation Partners

For homeowners in Seminole, FL, and nearby, Majestic Small Bathroom Remodel Works is more than just a brand. We are your local friends, crafting high-quality renovation solutions tailored to your needs and preferences. Our passion is seeing the satisfaction and joy on our clients’ faces when our visions get brought to life.

Dreams come in all sizes. We’re here to make yours a reality, no matter how compact the space. Follow us, reach out, and explore your potential with Majestic Small Bathroom Remodel Works. Let’s create something beautiful together. 

Visit our Website or use the Google Maps link to find us in Seminole, FL. Plan your intimate, elegant and functional space remodel with us today.

Tahir Javed’s Brief Stint as Special Assistant to the Prime Minister of Pakistan: A Diaspora-Driven Reversal

On October 6th, 2023, Pakistan witnessed a swift and unexpected appointment that would ultimately become a lightning rod for controversy. Tahir Javed, a Pakistani-American, was named as a Special Assistant on Investment to the Prime Minister. However, this appointment was soon met with an overwhelming negative reaction from the Pakistani diaspora, ultimately prompting the government and establishment to reverse their decision. The key driving force behind the controversy stemmed from Tahir Javed’s criminal history, particularly his conviction in 1992 and a subsequent warning in 2017 from the Food and Drug Administration.

The Appointment

Tahir Javed’s appointment as Special Assistant on Investment was seen by some as a potential move to harness his financial expertise and business acumen to drive investment in Pakistan. However, it wasn’t long before his past came under the spotlight, leading to an outcry both within the country and among the Pakistani diaspora.

Criminal History

One of the primary reasons for the negative reaction to Tahir Javed’s appointment was his criminal history. In January 1992, he was convicted of a crime that resulted in a five-year probation period. This past conviction raised concerns among many who questioned his suitability for a high-ranking government position. Criminal records can often have a significant impact on an individual’s eligibility for public office, and the public was quick to raise questions about whether Javed’s appointment met the necessary ethical and legal standards.

FDA Warning

In addition to his prior conviction, Tahir Javed’s association with a warning issued by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in July 2017 added to the controversy. The FDA is a key regulatory body responsible for safeguarding public health in the United States. Any warning or action taken by the FDA carries serious implications. Javed’s connection to an FDA warning further fueled doubts about his suitability for a role related to investments and economic policy.

Pakistani Diaspora’s Reaction

The negative reaction was not limited to the borders of Pakistan but echoed within the global Pakistani diaspora. This diaspora, often an influential and vocal community, expressed strong reservations about Tahir Javed’s appointment. They highlighted his criminal record and the FDA warning as compelling reasons for the government to reconsider his role. Social media campaigns, petitions, and open letters were mobilized to voice these concerns, creating substantial pressure on the government.

Reversal of the Decision

Under the weight of growing dissent and public outcry, the government and establishment were compelled to reevaluate the appointment of Tahir Javed on 23rd October 2023. This decision was swift and notable for its responsiveness to public concerns. It demonstrated the significance of public opinion and the role of the diaspora in influencing government decisions.


Tahir Javed’s appointment as Special Assistant to the Prime Minister was short-lived but marked by intense controversy. The negative reaction from the Pakistani diaspora played a pivotal role in urging the government and establishment to reconsider their decision. Tahir Javed’s criminal history and association with an FDA warning proved insurmountable obstacles to his tenure in this influential position. This incident underscores the importance of public scrutiny and the need for governments to be responsive to the concerns of their citizens, even when those citizens are spread across the world in the form of a vocal diaspora. It serves as a reminder that transparency and public trust are essential elements of effective governance, both in Pakistan and beyond.