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How Soaring 2 Success Is Paving the Skyway Into the Future of Aviation Opportunities

In the vast landscape of aviation and technology, there’s a small but mighty nonprofit making a big difference. Soaring 2 Success, a dedicated organization with a focus on aviation and robotics education, is taking flight to reach new heights of success. With their groundbreaking drone simulation software and a mission to empower underserved communities, women, and minorities, Soaring 2 Success is rewriting the script for the future of aviation.

Soaring 2 Success is not your typical nonprofit. Founded with a resolute commitment to bridge the gap in aviation opportunities, they have become pioneers in the field of aviation education, targeting those who often find themselves sidelined from such high-flying dreams.

Their flagship project, a commercial drone pilot program, has already garnered recognition from the State of Tennessee and is planned to expand to Mississippi and Arkansas. This ambitious program aims to train 50 drone pilots in the coming year. 

While it may sound like a modest number, the impact of this program is immeasurable. These aspiring pilots, aged 16 and older, are handpicked for their fearless spirit and solid reading comprehension. It’s a program that does not discriminate based on prior experience or background but looks for passion and potential.

Soaring 2 Success is all about providing pathways to success in aviation and engineering for underserved communities. They understand that there’s a treasure trove of untapped potential in women, minorities, and at-risk youth, and they’re on a mission to unlock it. With a focus on creating family-wage careers in aviation, they have crafted drone simulation software that opens doors to exciting, high-paying occupations. 

What sets Soaring 2 Success apart in the aviation and robotics education sphere is their unwavering commitment to accessibility. They venture where others often do not, bringing their programs directly into underserved areas. Here, they seek out the stars of the future, those who might otherwise remain hidden in the shadows of unfulfilled dreams.

Photo Credited to: Mrs. Divine

Their unique approach is all about transformation. They take individuals from government services to taxpayers, offering them the skills and certifications needed for financial freedom. And more than just about giving people the tools, the organization ensures students have the incentives to finish their training in aviation and engineering.

One of the most remarkable aspects of Soaring 2 Success’s programs is that they’re weatherproof. Rain or shine, drones can be flown indoors or outdoors, making learning and training a year-round possibility.

Soaring 2 Success’s latest endeavor is a drone soccer program. But why is drone soccer the chosen path to introduce these youths to the world of aviation and engineering? The answer is simple: it’s engaging, accessible, and bridges the gap between theory and practice. The thrill of maneuvering drones to score goals not only teaches young enthusiasts essential aviation skills but also ignites their passion for the field. It’s hands-on learning at its finest, making complex concepts like aerodynamics and engineering unrestricted and fun.

For Soaring 2 Success, reaching their goals requires a team effort, and they’re calling for sponsors to join them on this incredible journey. These sponsors will play a crucial role in providing gifts for those who score goals using the drones: the young minds in underserved areas, women, and minorities who want to explore the world of aviation and engineering.

The aviation industry has long grappled with diversity issues, with a significant lack of representation from these groups. Soaring 2 Success aims to change that narrative. By exposing these individuals to the possibilities and skills developed through their programs, they’re not only preparing them for aviation challenges but also reshaping the industry itself.

By providing incentives in the form of gifts, sponsors help motivate these aspiring aviation enthusiasts to complete different levels of training. These gifts will serve as tangible rewards for their hard work and dedication to advancing their aviation and engineering knowledge. 

With their unwavering dedication to underserved communities and their innovative software and programs, Soaring 2 Success is changing lives and empowering the future of aviation and engineering. Their dedication to inclusivity, hands-on learning, and accessible training is making waves in the industry.

Their vision transcends the boundaries of conventional thinking, urging people to dream bigger, aim higher, and achieve the seemingly impossible. Through education, mentorship, and cutting-edge technology, Soaring 2 Success is equipping individuals with the tools they need to break free from the confines of circumstance and take control of their destinies.

With every flight, every achievement, and every life transformed, Soaring 2 Success reinforces the notion that the sky is not a limit but an expansive canvas of opportunity waiting to be explored. Their journey is one of empowerment, resilience, and the relentless pursuit of a brighter future, where the horizon is just the starting point for boundless aspirations.

In the end, it’s not just about piloting drones; it’s about piloting lives toward success and opportunity. With unwavering dedication and a steadfast commitment to their cause, the organization strives to empower individuals from all walks of life to reach for the stars, both metaphorically and literally. For more information about Soaring 2 Success, visit our website at: 

Mitchell & Ness and Hebru Brantley’s Ode to Chicago’s Rich Legacy

Two iconic brands, Mitchell & Ness and Hebru Brand Studios, join forces with their recent vibrant capsule collection. In celebration of Chicago’s captivating legacy, the inventive collection fuses sports, fashion, and contemporary art for a transcendent collaboration. 

Mitchell & Ness’ reputable sports apparel and headwear brand harmoniously mixes with Herb Brand Studio’s esteemed innovation in contemporary art to ingeniously intersect the worlds of sports fashion and artistic expression. The two brands blend their specialties to honor Chicago’s nationwide impact.

The rich history of Chicago stands at the heart of the capsule collaboration, receiving recognition for the city’s long-standing impact that dates back centuries. Hebru Brantley, a native of Chicago and the visionary behind Hebru Brand Studios, spearheads this creative endeavor. Born from a deep love for his hometown, this capsule collection is a testament to the spirit and soul of Chi-Town. 

The pieces in this collection pay homage to the renowned Chicago Defender, an African-American newspaper that emerged from 1905 to the mid-20th century as the most influential Black newspaper. Shining a spotlight on the Black Fives Era, the collection also honors the legacy of the Negro Leagues by artistically reimagining retro-basketball logos in the form of shooting shirts, satin jackets, jerseys, shorts, and more. Prices range from $140-$200, with the statement pieces managing to tell an invaluable story of resilience, creativity, and cultural significance that is truly priceless.

Exploring all the capsule collaboration has to offer effectively transports you into the pockets of history and cultural mosaic that defines Chicago. The capsule’s unique and stylish pieces invite all to journey through a city that inspires and innovates, much like Mitchell & Ness and Hebru Brantley themselves.

In the spirit of Chicago’s indomitable character, this collection arises as an embodiment of artistic innovation. The collection items transform into a canvas that crafts a narrative of a city that has weathered storms and stood tall in the face of adversity. Weaving cultural and artistic significance into every thread, the capsule partnership provides a special opportunity for collectors, art aficionados, and sports enthusiasts to own more than just items and garments but rather immerse themselves in a piece of Chicago’s dynamic and one-of-a-kind essence.

Mitchell & Ness’s illustrious sports heritage and Hebru Brand Studios’ avant-garde approach to contemporary art breathe life into Chicago’s deep-rooted legacy. After trailblazing in their own respective industries, Mitchell & Ness and Hebru Brand Studios pave a new path together with a collaboration that brings important people, organizations, and historical entities to the forefront. Redefining the possibilities within sports fashion and contemporary art, the two brands promise to raise the bar with this enriching collaboration and prove just how much the two worlds of sports fashion and art can accomplish when stirred together.

The iconic capsule collection transforms adversity into art, chaos into elegance, and threads into compositions worthy of an art gallery. Adding significant meaning and thoughtful design behind each one of the items, Mitchell & Ness and Hebru Brand Studios’ partnership stitches together narratives, histories, and the soul of Chicago for a beautiful ode to the indelible and influential Windy City.

Chicago Bears in the Spotlight: Navigating NFL Player Props with Legal Sportsbooks

With another NFL season kicking off, fans across the nation are excited for another year of exciting football action. Alongside the fans, the bettors are also ready to wager on different teams and matches. The most popular betting markets are moneyline and spreads but over the years, prop betting has also seen a rise in popularity. 

This is even more true for Bears fans. If you’re a fan yourself and you’re new to prop betting, you’ll need more than just today’s NFL player props odds – you’ll need some handy tips and tricks to make your experience more enjoyable. 

Luckily for you, this guide will give you just that. 

The Allure of Player Prop Bets

For the uninitiated, player props are a unique type of betting market that’s focused more on the individual players and their plays. For example, which player is going to find the end zone first, how may receiving yards a certain player will have, how many interceptions each quarterback will throw, etc. 

It should already be clear that these wagers emphasize an individual player’s performance and betting on these markets requires more than your average knowledge of the game. To be successful in these markets, you need to know everything about the players.

These days bettors can place prop bets through licensed online bookmakers. They get to enjoy the hype and excitement of prop bets, complete with the security and safety of a sports betting site. 

Chicago Bears: Players to Watch this Season

This season, the Bears have really leveled up their roster and here are some of the players that you should definitely watch out for this season.  

Justin Fields

The Bears’ star quarterback, Justin Fields, has been delivering exceptional performances lately. He notched four touchdowns against the Broncos and Commanders in back-to-back weeks, and has exceeded 250 passing yards twice this season.

DJ Moore

Another player that deserves a mention is DJ Moore. The Bears’ wide receiver has received 27 passes up until this season, including a spectacular 230-yard, three-touchdown performance against Washington. The longest pass that he’s received at the time of writing is 57 yards. 

Benefits of Odds Shopping for the Chicago Bears Player Props

The odds and lines at sportsbooks can vary. You might find one book that has Fields Over 225 yards, and another where you would only have to beat Over 220 yards. That’s why if you care about the payout, you need to start odds-shopping for Chicago Bears player props. 

For beginners, odds shopping might be a bit confusing. So, let’s clear that up. It’s essentially taking a look at different bookmakers to find the best odds on a given market. As we mentioned, there’s a good chance you won’t find great odds for the props markets. That’s why you should definitely compare it with other betting sites. 

Aside from this, here are some of the other benefits that you can enjoy if you’re going odds shopping. 

Better Decision-Making with Real-Time Odds Comparison

By taking a look at different bookmaker odds you get to compare in real-time and find the best option for you because in betting you always want to wager on the most profitable option. That’s why odds shopping is so great at helping you make better decisions. 

And if you find a different odds format, there’s no cause for concern. You can simply use an online odds converter tool to make it easier to understand the odds. 

Opportunities for Arbitrage

You can also reap more rewards by betting on the same market with different bookmakers because thanks to odds shopping, you’ll already have a list of the bookmakers that are giving you good odds for a specific market. You can find spots where the prices differ enough between books that you can bet both sides of a game or prop and guarantee a profit.

Upcoming Events at Atomix with Chef Chih-Hsien Chen

As the year 2023 draws to a close, it’s a time of celebration and anticipation for many, and one person who is at the forefront of creating memorable experiences is Chef Chih-Hsien Chen. Renowned for her culinary prowess and innovative creations, Chef Chih-Hsien Chen is set to curate special menus for a series of upcoming events at Atomix. These occasions include the much-anticipated Thanksgiving Dinner, Christmas festivities, New Year’s Eve revelry, and more, such as the prestigious New York Restaurant Week and an exclusive Michelin Dinner. In the world of fine dining, these events hold great significance as they provide an opportunity for restaurants to express gratitude to their loyal patrons while challenging chefs to showcase their culinary excellence.

Atomix, an acclaimed culinary establishment, has been a hub for culinary innovation and collaboration. In recent times, Chef Chih-Hsien Chen’s contributions to the restaurant’s repertoire have been nothing short of spectacular. Collaborating with chefs from around the world, she has delighted diners with her unique creations. One standout example was her partnership with Den from Tokyo, where she masterfully crafted a delightful dessert featuring tea ice cream, matcha cake, and crispy sweet seaweed. This innovative dish received widespread acclaim and left diners eagerly anticipating more such creations.

Atomix, situated in North America, has earned its reputation as one of the continent’s finest dining establishments. Globally, it stands tall at the impressive rank of eighth in the world. Much of this acclaim can be attributed to Chef Chih-Hsien Chen’s leadership in curating exceptional dining experiences during the restaurant’s various events. As the year comes to a close, patrons and food enthusiasts alike have every reason to plan a visit to Atomix, knowing that they will witness something truly extraordinary under Chef Chih-Hsien Chen’s guidance.

Thanksgiving Dinner at Atomix

Thanksgiving, a time to express gratitude and share a bountiful feast with loved ones, takes on a new level of culinary excellence at Atomix. Chef Chih-Hsien Chen, known for her innovative approach to traditional ingredients, will craft a menu that pays homage to the rich flavors of this cherished holiday. Diners can look forward to a Thanksgiving Dinner like no other, where tradition meets innovation, and each dish is a work of art.

Christmas Delights

Christmas is a season of joy, and at Atomix, it’s also a time for indulgence. Chef Chih-Hsien Chen will transform the restaurant into a winter wonderland of flavors, featuring a special Christmas menu that promises to delight the senses. Whether it’s a beautifully plated main course or a delectable dessert, every bite will be a reminder of the magic of the season.

New Year’s Eve Extravaganza

Bid farewell to the old year and welcome the new with a spectacular New Year’s Eve celebration at Atomix. Chef Chih-Hsien Chen will craft a menu that reflects the excitement and anticipation of the evening. From sparkling appetizers to exquisite champagne pairings, diners can expect an unforgettable dining experience that sets the perfect tone for the year ahead.

New York Restaurant Week

New York Restaurant Week is an eagerly awaited event for food enthusiasts, and Atomix is set to make a mark with Chef Chih-Hsien Chen’s culinary creations. The restaurant will participate in this celebration of fine dining, offering patrons an opportunity to savor the chef’s unique flavors at a special price. It’s a chance to experience the best of Atomix without breaking the bank.

Michelin Dinner

The Michelin Dinner is the epitome of gastronomic excellence, and Atomix has secured its place as a must-visit destination for this prestigious event. Under Chef Chih-Hsien Chen’s guidance, the restaurant will continue to shine on the global culinary stage. Diners can expect an extraordinary dining experience that showcases the very best of Atomix’s culinary artistry.

In conclusion, Chef Chih-Hsien Chen’s upcoming events at Atomix promise to be a culinary journey like no other. With Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, New York Restaurant Week, and the Michelin Dinner on the horizon, patrons have a multitude of reasons to mark their calendars. Atomix, known for its excellence in the culinary world, will continue to set the standard for fine dining in North America and around the globe. Under Chef Chih-Hsien Chen’s leadership, every visit to Atomix becomes an opportunity to savor the extraordinary.

The Triangulum Series: Charting the Cosmos of Artificial Intelligence and Human Exploration


Within the expansive tapestry of science fiction, few series have managed to ensnare the imagination of readers as profoundly as Jerry W Martin’s “The Triangulum Series.” This extraordinary five-book saga embarks on a journey through intergalactic conflicts, emerging technologies, and the limitless realms of artificial intelligence (AI). In this extensive exploration, we will delve into the captivating narrative of “The Triangulum Series,” its probing investigation into AI’s reverberations across humanity, and the visionary storytelling that has indelibly marked the genre.

The Genesis: Emergence of Artificial Intelligence

“The Triangulum Series” emerges from a foundational query: How will artificial intelligence (AI) reshape the trajectory of human existence? Jerry W Martin’s fascination with burgeoning technologies, particularly AI, has served as the driving force behind this epic saga of science fiction. Long before AI vaulted into the public consciousness, Martin was unearthing the potential cataclysms and advancements that could materialize from the integration of AI into our society.

As the series unfolds, the world stands at the precipice of transformation, poised on the cusp of an advanced AI era and the specter of a global conflict. Readers are thrust into a universe on the verge of metamorphosis, as fresh innovations and the enigma of intergalactic warfare thrust humanity into uncharted dimensions.

The Triangulum Universe: A Fusion of Genres

What sets “The Triangulum Series” apart is its fusion of genres that meld together seamlessly—science fiction, action, and exploration intertwine in perfect harmony. Each installment introduces a distinctive blend of elements, immersing readers in a kaleidoscopic narrative that keeps them riveted and on their toes.

From the inaugural volume, “Triangulum: Battle for Earth,” readers are thrust into a captivating sphere where an alien incursion plunges Earth into chaos. The struggle against the extraterrestrial invaders stretches across three galaxies, spiraling readers through a whirlwind of page-turning thrills and tantalizing enigmas.

In the subsequent book, “Triangulum: Earth on Fire,” the saga delves deeper into the labyrinthine dilemmas that humanity grapples with in this altered reality. The series intricately dissects the complexities of human-alien alliances, the toll of warfare, and the unyielding fortitude of individuals confronting unprecedented trials. Furthermore, “Triangulum: Rise of an Empire” ventures into the Triangulum Galaxy, where humanity confronts the invaders on their own turf, striving to thwart the AshMor Empire’s designs on the Milky Way Galaxy.

The Propulsive Power: Artificial Intelligence

At the heart of “The Triangulum Series” resides an exploration of the reverberations of AI across humanity. The series probes the fundamental queries that resonate deeply in our era of burgeoning technological progress: Will AI emerge as the harbinger of humanity’s downfall? Or shall it unfurl doors to boundless realms of advancement and prosperity?

Through the character of Emma Henderson, an MIT professor engrossed in the development of humanoid AI, the series plumbs the intricate depths and potential pitfalls of creating sentient machines. The inception of AI serves as a catalyst for debates centering on ethics, self-awareness, and the role of technology in shaping human existence.

Realism in Fiction: A Commentary on Society and Technology

While “The Triangulum Series” exists within the realm of fiction, its resonance with contemporary sociotechnical discourse is remarkable. Martin adroitly weaves real-world apprehensions about AI and its potential societal impact into the narrative fabric, presenting readers with a mirror to reflect upon the ramifications of nascent technologies.

The series broaches subjects of technological ethics, privacy concerns, and the delicate equilibrium between human ingenuity and the responsible use of AI. Martin’s storytelling transcends the confines of traditional science fiction, prodding readers to scrutinize the ethical and moral quandaries that could emerge as AI becomes more integrated into our daily lives.

The Visionary Chronicler: Jerry W Martin

Central to “The Triangulum Series” is the visionary storytelling prowess of Jerry W Martin. As an author, Martin stands as a paragon of dexterity, masterfully weaving intricate narratives that entertain and incite contemplation. His creative ingenuity beckons readers to embrace uncharted horizons, kindling the flames of curiosity and daring exploration.

Martin’s ardor for delving into emerging technologies, coupled with his astute fascination with geopolitical dynamics, converges within “The Triangulum Series,” bestowing upon it the mantle of a literary magnum opus that resonates with readers of all walks of life. His unwavering commitment to exhaustive research and meticulous attention to detail conjure forth a universe within “The Triangulum Series” that brims with vibrancy, immersiveness, and tantalizing authenticity.

Impact on Readers: A Voyage into Imagination

“The Triangulum Series” has etched an indelible imprint upon its readers. Its intricately crafted characters, labyrinthine plotlines, and exploration of AI’s implications have catalyzed earnest discussions about the juncture of technology and humanity’s destiny. The series has garnered acclaim for its capacity to both entertain and captivate, offering readers an avenue to escape into a realm abounding with awe and discovery.

Within the prism of science fiction, “The Triangulum Series” serves as a vehicle to ponder the prospective contours of AI’s manifestation within reality. It spurs introspection regarding the ever-evolving relationship between humanity and technology, prodding us to challenge our presuppositions and evaluate the outcomes of our decisions.

The Enduring Legacy: Unveiling Boundless Frontiers

As “The Triangulum Series” beckons readers into its immersive tapestry, it extends beyond the realm of mere diversion. The series beckons readers to partake in a journey of intellectual exploration, ushering them to the frontiers of technology, society, and the human spirit.

By venturing into these uncharted territories, Martin’s magnum opus casts a spotlight on the latent potential of AI to sculpt our collective future. It underscores the significance of judicious and principled development in harnessing the full potential of AI, prompting us to recognize the momentous impact technological breakthroughs can exert upon our existence.


Jerry W Martin’s “The Triangulum Series” stands as an eloquent testament to the potent capacity of science fiction to traverse the boundaries dividing imagination from reality. Through his visionary storytelling, Martin has curated a saga that delves into the profound depths of artificial intelligence, plumbs the intricacies of human nature, and extols the resolute spirit of exploration.

As readers traverse the captivating cosmos of “The Triangulum Series,” they are enjoined to ponder the weighty questions reverberating through our modern reality. In an era characterized by meteoric technological advancements and the burgeoning influence of AI, “The Triangulum Series” assumes the mantle of a guiding compass, navigating us through the expansive realm of the human experience.

With its timeless legacy, “The Triangulum Series” serves as a reminder that the pursuit of knowledge, the quest for discovery, and the courage to traverse uncharted domains stand as perennial virtues defining humanity’s odyssey through the cosmos.

Karen Coley, Chicago’s Local Hero: SBC Waste Solutions’ Impact on the Community

Karen Coley, CEO of SBC Waste Solutions, named her first two garbage trucks Unity and Humility five years ago. Coley says she has modeled her business practices on these principles, and her record shows it. Her company, where she’s the majority owner, was certified by the prestigious Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), and Coley has shown her commitment to empowering other women entrepreneurs and supporting family-owned businesses throughout Chicago.

A great example comes from her observation of 20 companies clustered along a street in an industrial corridor in the suburb of Broadview. Coley realized that if all those businesses switched to solar power, the community, the industries, and the environment would all benefit from this sustainable solution. And so the Solar Initiative was born, the first in Illinois.

“Karen’s always had a passion for recycling and the environment,” says Shawn Flood of SBC Waste Systems. “In fact, we’re trying to go to solar energy with our company.”

Coley is also big into recycling, with half the company’s trucks hauling recyclables. SBC Waste Systems is looking to cut costs and provide more local jobs by moving deeper into the recycling business.

“We’re at a point now financially, that we’re actually looking to start developing our own automated recycling facility, which will be automated with robots and other cutting-edge technology,” Flood says. “Then we can start taking all our waste and recycling to our own facility for processing it ourselves, instead of paying someone else for that service.”

And speaking of service, SBC Waste Systems’ customer service center is staffed locally, not in some faraway state or country. Customers like that.

“The biggest complaint of other companies’ customers is ‘We call their Arizona call center, and they don’t give us a response. Or they call us back four hours later,’” Flood says. “Our call center has people who live here. You can’t find that type of service in this market anymore. We’re family owned, you know. Bigger isn’t always better.”

With a focus on sustainable and eco-friendly practices, SBC Waste Solutions aims to revolutionize the way waste is handled and keeping an eye on sustainable business practices and growth. Catering to the suburbs around Chicago, the company maintains a strong local presence while also exploring innovative solutions for the future of waste management, the community, and a clean planet.

Another customer service touch that Coley has added is video cameras on the front of the company’s garbage trucks.

“We’ve got a crime-fighting idea here, so that if there’s any type of crime in the neighborhoods, our cameras will capture that,” Flood says. “We give access to our cameras to the police, which is another big thing in the industry. Another way for us to help the community.”

Besides the commingled recycling facility, another project under serious consideration is a construction and demolition facility as part of upcoming expansion plans. Coley believes in continuous advancement and acknowledges that improvements and diversifications are not only good for her business, but also for the community. Careful, sustainable growth, Coley says, means more jobs, a better community, and a cleaner environment.