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120/Life: A Revolutionary Approach to Cardiovascular Health

High blood pressure is a problem that haunts many, including athletes and individuals leading active lifestyles. Left unchecked, it can lead to serious heart conditions. Within the United States alone, an estimated 108 million people suffer from this condition. Among them was Ira Antelis, whose personal struggle with high blood pressure led him to join forces with his lifelong friend and nutritionist, Susan Schachter, to launch 120/Life, a game-changing company with a mission to promote cardiovascular health through natural and effective solutions.

120/Life was founded on the belief that controlling blood pressure doesn’t have to be a complex task. The concept was born when Ira was diagnosed with high blood pressure and faced the terrifying prospect of surgery. In a desperate bid to lower his blood pressure, Ira changed his diet, began exercising, and started researching natural remedies. He discovered powerful biochemistry in common produce, and with Susan’s help, blended a juice that lowered his BP by 30 points in two weeks. This incredible result led to the birth of 120/Life, the functional beverage that promises support for healthier blood pressure levels in as little as two weeks.

120/Life offers a natural and functional beverage created from a blend of potent natural ingredients like beetroot, hibiscus, and pomegranate. Available as ready-to-drink juice and convenient powdered drink mix, 120/Life provides a wholesome approach to improved well-being. The success of this product is attested by health professionals such as Dr. Lowell Steen, M.D., who lauds its ability to drastically reduce blood pressure, and Dr. Nimit Aggarwal, M.D., who regards it as an amazing addition to the toolkit for managing patients with high blood pressure.

120/Life is committed to empowering individuals with education and tools to manage their blood pressure. They provide resources ranging from a free ebook on BP, a free custom app called BPWise to track numbers, news, tips, clinical studies, videos, and of course, the juice that started it all. The company prides itself on its incredible customer service, with Ira himself handling all customer inquiries and typically responding within one hour.

120/Life’s approach to cardiovascular health is simple, effective, and without pressure. Through their innovative product and unwavering commitment, they are changing lives one heart at a time. 120/Life invites all to be a part of this journey towards better health. As Ira Antelis, Founder of 120/Life® puts it, “At 120/Life, we’re driven by results, not promises. Our journey is about genuine impact, one heart at a time.


Bruna Sampaio: A Journey from Portugal’s Heart to London’s Limelight

Growing up in the historically rich city of Guimarães, Portugal, Bruna Sampaio never imagined that her childhood fascination with ballet would one day take her to the grand theatrical stages of London. Her hometown, with its iconic castle and vibrant culture, kindled a magical spark in her that was impossible to ignore. By the age of four, this spark ignited a passion for ballet, an art form she rapidly mastered with the support of the renowned Royal Academy of Dance.

However, ballet was just the beginning. By twelve, Bruna’s artistic curiosity had expanded to theatre. Memories of her creative plays during Christmastime solidified her desire to pursue the stage. By seventeen, she courageously traded the comfort of Guimarães for the bustling city of London, enrolling in Theatre Arts.

Throughout her journey, Bruna often speaks of the unwavering support she received. Her parents, champions of dreams and happiness, alongside her elder brother and dedicated teachers, formed her foundational support system. Their belief in her abilities propelled her forward, even when facing challenges or doubt.

London presented Bruna with opportunities that shaped her as an artist. Notably, her portrayal of a 1930s mobster in “Arturo Ui” stands out. Initially uncertain about embodying a male character, Bruna immersed herself in the role, making it one of her most memorable performances. Another humorous chapter in her career revolves around her fixation on mastering an American accent. However, she eventually learned the importance of celebrating her unique voice and identity.

Bruna Sampaio: A Journey from Portugal's Heart to London's Limelight

In recent ventures, Bruna delved into science fiction, taking on pivotal roles in “Endings” and “Coordinates.” Venturing beyond the stage, she also explored the world of filmmaking, bringing her artistic vision to the silver screen.

Bruna’s advice to budding artists is both pragmatic and motivational. She encourages embracing rejection, understanding it as an avenue for growth. She sees auditions as triumphs, moments that acknowledge an artist’s potential. Training, she says, is paramount – as is the knowledge of one’s craft, the art of collaboration, and the importance of a professional portfolio.

But at the core of all her insights, Bruna emphasizes continuous learning. In an ever-evolving industry, broadening one’s horizons can lead to serendipitous opportunities and transformative career moments.

Bruna Sampaio: A Journey from Portugal's Heart to London's Limelight

Bruna’s aspirations extend beyond the stage and screen. Inspired by the belief in the transformative power of kindness, she dreams of leading a movement that promotes compassion and understanding. And as her stardom ascends, she hopes to one day converse with her idol, Selena Gomez, reflecting on the shared ideals of benevolent success.

As Bruna Sampaio continues to shine, her story remains a beacon of inspiration, proving that with passion, support, and resilience, dreams know no boundaries. To witness her awe-inspiring journey, visit or connect with her on Instagram @brunalisasampaio.