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This Self-Recruiting App is Looking to Improve The Current Job Market Dilemma

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From the start of the coronavirus pandemic, throughout the last three years, the job market has seen a record high of employees quitting and employer layoffs, creating major staff shortages. Luckily, one innovative app is offering a solution: a new approach to connecting employers with candidates.

Recruit Me is a recently-launched app that takes inspiration from the highly-successful concept of dating apps, where users fill out profiles and answer questions that allow the algorithm to suggest romantic matches. The Recruit Me difference? It’s employers and employees filling out their profiles. Through this innovative approach, Recruit Me saves time, money, and effort in finding the best pairings.

“Recruit Me simplifies the hiring process and makes it much more personable, creating a better experience for employees and employers alike,” says Catarina Matias, the app’s founder and CEO. “Staff retention has been a significant and ongoing problem post-covid, no matter the industry, and using the old ways of hiring isn’t fixing that issue.”

The new way of hiring, Recruit Me doesn’t connect employees to just any job – ideally, it connects them to their perfect match, even if they’re not sure what that is. It’s the perfect service for recent and soon-to-be college graduates or employees looking to transform their careers. For employers, it significantly reduces the time and resources wasted on unsuccessful candidate searches.

The app is great for anyone. For companies looking to urgently fill positions and wanting to ensure that the people taking those jobs will stay and grow with the company, Recruit Me eliminates hours of searching through hundreds of automatically-unsuitable candidates. Instead, the algorithm quickly searches all profiles on the app and suggests the best matches. For companies who are not currently hiring, but foresee and understand that it is best to always be “looking,” keeping this app year-round will significantly cut back on their ad budget and ensure the best candidates are circulated to them. 

This streamlined but technology-forward approach to filling vacancies also benefits would-be employees. They have much more control over the process and can craft their profiles to ensure pairings with their ideal companies and roles, a concept that may lead to heightened job loyalty.  Recruit Me has an indicator that lists if you are actively looking, open to new opportunities, or not available – making the process of starting or restarting a job search much easier. With the click of a button, a new job seeker is back on the right companies’ radars.

Before launching Recruit Me, Matias started her own business, giving her insider insight into the workings of small businesses. She also developed an extensive career in the hospitality industry, meaning she’s witnessed first-hand the impact that mass resignation can have on a sector.

“Until now, jobseekers have primarily applied for roles with a do-it-yourself approach. Otherwise, they’ve relied on recruiters, who can have hit-or-miss track records,” says Matias. “Recruit Me mimics the best features of a dating app – putting the resources for finding your ideal match in the palm of your hand. In our case, it’s helping you make the right connection for gainful and sustainable work at a company that you’ll stay committed to.”

Just like aspiring employees, companies also have to take a chance on Recruit Me’s cutting-edge approach. “The app lets employers have the right candidates attracted to them,” says Matias. “Job ads can no longer be the main way to hire or get hired. They are outdated and, in today’s world, more focus is placed on skill sets versus specific experience. That’s the focus of this app.”


Healing the Psyche, Spreading the Light: Elliott Connie’s Exciting Journey to Rewrite the Psychotherapy Fight

In the world of psychotherapy, there are those who follow the status quo, and then there are trailblazers like Elliott Connie who are rewriting the script and challenging conventional wisdom. With a unique approach to solution-focused brief therapy, Elliott is revolutionizing the industry, one transformative question at a time. Armed with his motto, “You are always just one question away from making a difference in a client’s life,” he’s on a mission to train the best psychotherapists and empower them to change the world.

So, who is Elliott Connie? A licensed professional counselor, speaker, and author hailing from Arlington, Texas, Elliott is the mastermind behind Elliott Connie PLLC, a business dedicated to training psychotherapists in Solution-Focused Brief Therapy through online videos, live lectures, and books. Since 2008, he has been helping therapists build their skills and confidence, bringing his expertise, passion, and vision to a rapidly evolving field.

Elliott’s journey was anything but linear. As a child, he dreamt of becoming a marine biologist, but life had other plans. Through overcoming personal adversity, including a rough family upbringing, Elliott discovered his calling in psychotherapy. He dedicated himself to learning the intricacies of human behavior, eventually earning a master’s degree in professional counseling.

Drawing from his own experiences, Elliott has a unique perspective on the importance of resilience and the power of belief. “I believe doubt is useless,” he says. “Adversity is key; you need it to grow.” This unwavering conviction in the face of challenges has become the cornerstone of his practice.

Elliott’s approach to therapy is rooted in Solution-Focused Brief Therapy, a therapeutic model that emphasizes finding solutions to clients’ problems instead of delving into their past. This methodology aligns with Elliott’s belief that empowering people to visualize their desired outcomes can lead to transformative change. By helping clients focus on their strengths and resources, he equips them with the tools to construct a brighter future.

His commitment to his craft and the success of his clients have led him to develop innovative methods of delivering psychotherapy. Elliott is a firm believer in leveraging technology and social media to make therapy more accessible, and his digital presence is a testament to that. He actively engages with his audience through his official website as well as various social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

In a world where self-doubt and adversity can hinder success, Elliott’s confidence in his approach is refreshing. “As a black man in this industry, it can be hard to be taken seriously,” he admits. “But we are the best, the biggest, the most innovative, and still growing.” His vision for the future is ambitious: he aims to grow his business ten times in the next three years.

Elliott Connie’s journey in psychotherapy is a remarkable testament to the power of perseverance and the potential for growth. As he continues to break barriers and redefine the field, his impact on the lives of both clients and fellow therapists is undeniable. One thing is clear: when it comes to healing the psyche and spreading the light, Elliott Connie is truly in a league of his own.

Unlock Your Inner Potential with Suspended Solutions’ Atomic Ormus

Suspended Solutions is a health and wellness brand specializing in providing holistic supplements nourishing the mind, body, and spirit. Their mission is to help people unlock their true potential by providing them with the best natural supplements available. The brand was founded in 2017 by two best friends, Gregory Harris and Jerome E Martin III. The idea for the brand came about when Martin stumbled upon Ormus while reading about ancient Egypt. He had stumbled on a youtube video of someone explaining its use and production and decided to cue Harris in. Harris, however, was reluctant to sell the product until he tried it himself. Once he did, he was sold. He immediately knew that more people needed this in their lives as a healthy alternative to coffee, energy drinks, and other stimulant-based products. So, the two friends discovered the powerful effects of Ormus and decided to share it with the world.

Ormus, also known as monoatomic gold, is a mineral supplement that has been used for centuries for its healing properties. Suspended Solutions‘ Atomic Ormus is a liquid form of Ormus that is believed to enhance many aspects of one’s life. Customers have reported improved sleep patterns, energy levels, pain relief, and spiritual growth. Both reiki healing, and strict quality control, ensures that customers receive the best product.

Suspended Solutions believes that true health and wellness can only be achieved by addressing the whole person, not just individual pieces. The brand wants to encourage people to try something new and unlock a better version of themselves. Their Ormus is a great place to start for anyone interested in spiritually-based activities such as yoga, meditation, and martial arts.

In early 2023, Martin decided to pursue other interests outside of the company, leaving Harris as the current owner and CEO. However, Martin still performs reiki on all of Suspended Solutions’ products and serves as an advisor to the company.

Suspended Solutions‘ website and social media accounts provide customers with a wealth of information about the brand and its products. However, what sets this brand apart is the passion and dedication of its founders. Harris and Martin’s friendship and shared passion for natural supplements has led to the creation of a brand that is changing people’s lives for the better.

Suspended Solutions is truly a brand committed to helping people unlock their full potential through natural supplements. The incredible reviews left by its customers is significant proof of the boost in the quality of life its product offers. Their Atomic Ormus is a great example of a product that can enhance many aspects of one’s life. With strict quality control and reiki healing, customers can be confident that they receive the best possible product. Harris and Martin’s story is a testament to the power of achieving anything you can put your mind to. Suspended Solutions is a brand worth checking out for anyone interested in health and wellness.