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On Facing Hard Truths and Overcoming Trauma: How Beyond Temptation LLC Empowers People

Despite how advanced the world has gotten, there are still thousands of people with stories of trauma hidden behind closed doors. One of the reasons is that they never found an advocate who they could trust with their truth. Beyond Temptation LLC wants to fill that gap and be the brave voice that amplifies such narratives into the light and frees people from their past.

Beyond Temptation LLC aims to raise a new generation of empowered individuals by helping them build self-esteem, assertiveness, and motivation. Led by its founder, Eleanor Mae Fondren, the organization provides effective tools, motivational speaking, coaching, and outreach services to help people reach their goals and redefine the trajectory of their lives. The founder personally shares her life story, resounding the lives of the people she is helping today to let them know that they are not alone in their fight.

“I often utilize my life story to provide an understanding and relatability, which has been effective in areas such as women’s correctional facilities and a few platforms in surrounding community engagements. I bring authenticity to my platform and offer tools for success,” the founder said. Eleanor often speaks of her experiences with addiction, the overwhelming feelings of imposter syndrome, and normalizing the rollercoaster journey towards facing one’s genuine emotions, including all the relapses that may happen on the way.

Beyond Temptation LLC specializes in helping clients deal with biological, psychological, social, and spiritual aspects of trauma and applying the learnings to aid in their path to success. The company has helped countless individuals navigate their anxiety and stress in the most effective ways. Eleanor also tackles issues of substance abuse, homelessness, sex trafficking, stress relief, and many other social disparities.

“Being transparent is a quality which I find successful,” Eleanor explained. “Coming out of a situation where there was not enough support and information on divorce as a trauma in the Black community, I often found that we were criminalized and dehumanized when we reacted to our personal trauma in a negative way, not defining how these issues affected my household,” she shared further.

Eleanor was a victim of addiction, sexual abuse, and other issues that plague communities today. Although many efforts have brought such problems to light, she emphasized that some gray areas and communities still leave such topics as taboos. So, carrying a sense of responsibility to speak about things keeping her community from moving forward, she founded Beyond Temptation LLC. Today, the organization acts as a resource for others and a voice ready to tell their stories to the world.

“Sometimes, we feel as though we are alone in our struggles. However, many people have a story with which we identify. Not everyone is going to speak about their troubles or past. However, when you find those that have been through dire situations, take time to listen to their stories,” Eleanor said. “They might provide a solution that can assist you towards a better life.”

On a mission to write a different story from the generations that came before and correct the misconceptions about the disparities and indiscretion in humanity, the founder believes that, with a little help, everyone can spark change. Beyond Temptations LLC is genuinely leading people to rewrite their own stories and build better lives. I thank my mentor Mr. Thurston Smith for encouraging me not to give up, to keep moving forward. Not to be silenced, and to utilize my voice and to know that I am worthy. To learn more, go to:

The Sales Connection’s Founder Kayvon Kay on Companies Managing Employees and Instilling Healthy Workplace Culture

In a world where workplace dynamics are evolving daily, employees are taking bold steps to improve working conditions and overall welfare. Employers have found themselves in a position to deal with those steps and do their best to retain their employees. Kayvon Kay, the founder of The Sales Connection, has expressed his opinion on how companies are dealing with backlash from unhappy or disenfranchised employees.

Kayvon Kay advises companies to give their employees a sense of belonging and full trust that they can handle whatever task they throw their way. The sales expert believes that employees should not be micromanaged or overworked. Kayvon Kay states that any company looking to implement a strong work culture and leadership must be willing to show its employees that it trusts their responsibilities effectively. “Employees want to feel inspired because they have enough reasons not to feel that way with the messages of doom and gloom permeating the media. Micromanaging is ineffective and inefficient. As an employer, it is important that you show your employees that you trust them. This is one of the ways to help them get job satisfaction,” Kayvon said.

Some of the recommendations that Kayvon Kay has put forward to companies include giving their employees autonomy, such as allowing them to exercise their choice to work, letting go of the 40-hour work week concept, establishing autonomous work teams, creating decision-making opportunities, and reining in overzealous bosses and coworkers who tend to hover or bully others. “Embracing your team’s autonomy allows them to make the sometimes difficult, but incredibly rewarding, leap from being held accountable to their responsibilities to embracing accountability as they begin to take on and own their initiatives,” Kayvon said. He also reiterated that organizations should instill a culture that aligns with their mission and values and resonate with everyone working with them.

Kayvon Kay believes that building company culture is a never-ending process, and he hopes that companies will take time to establish the right culture for their employees to thrive. “it’s important for employees to feel that their voices and opinions matter to their leaders and peers. They should also feel that their executives are carrying their own workloads and not just passing down their responsibilities to people lower on the employee scale. Few things will have a greater impact on your organization than its culture,” Kayvon said.

As the founder of The Sales Connection, Kayvon Kay has lent his voice to different issues in the corporate world. His expertise as a salesperson has given him an inside look into the inner workings of many corporate organizations and establishments. The Sales Connection focuses on employee engagement and hiring the best sales representatives that create a team culture of winning individuals as well as Kayvon himself is passionate about seeing companies get the best out of their employees.