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Actor Jermaine Rivers to Suit up for “Black Adam” and Lands recurring role in Netflix hit series “Sweet Magnolias” Season 3

With only two months left on the calendar, 2022 will undoubtedly be seen as a breakout year for actor Jermaine Rivers ,the Atlanta-based actor best known for his role as Shatter on Marvel’s television series “The Gifted”. Some might say that Rivers is an overnight success, but his impressive resume and track record for consistently delivering praise-worthy performances says otherwise. 

For over a decade Rivers has paid his dues, working alongside  academy award winning actors like Al Pacino, Danny Glover and Richard Dreyfuss. He’s landed roles in some of the hottest shows on network TV like MacGyver, Dynasty and “Power Book III: Raising Kanan”. Rivers summarizes his career as “The result of a slow but steady grind that took more than a decade of hard work, discipline, self-sacrifice and even rejection to accumulate.” 

On 21 October the world will see Rivers take it up a notch as he officially becomes part of the DCEU when he suits up for his role in the highly anticipated film “Black Adam“, starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Rivers is no stranger to the superhero genre. In addition to his role on“The Gifted”, last year Rivers became part of the MCU when he doubled as (Jamie Fox’s) Electro in “Spider-Man No Way Home”. 

In addition to his role in Black Adam, Rivers is also joining the cast of the Netflix series “Sweet Magnolias” in the show’s third season that will air in Spring 2023. Rivers has been cast in a recurring role (Charles Perkins). Although no details have been released to the public about his character, Jermaine took to Instagram to share news of his casting saying, “Feeling extremely Blessed and excited to be joining the amazing cast of Sweet Magnolias in Season 3”. Rivers also secured lead and supporting roles in the following films that will be released next year: “A Party to Die For”, and “Freedom’s Path”. Jermaine Rivers is rep’d by Play Management and Eris Talent.

Protect your business with one of the most sophisticated cyber security companies: Cyber Chain Technologies

In recent times when digitization has literally taken over our lives, businesses, other industries, and even our social lives revolve around the digital world. And thanks to the internet, threats to our data are becoming massive, with hackers scamming people all around the world. Companies like China National Petroleum, Royal Dutch Shell, Sony Pictures, and even Volkswagen were hacked and demanded ransom money for their data, which was eventually paid. Data theft is currently the world’s most significant concern mainly because it could compromise sensitive business information, including banking details, government contracts and other trading secrets. In fact, data hacking can severely affect company operations on both governmental and private levels.

As hackers are becoming more intelligent with their ways of using advanced technology, relying on old anti-virus software appears almost ridiculous. Many cyber security companies around the globe are exploring new methods and experimenting with the latest software to guard companies and businesses against cyber attacks. Cyber Chain Technologies is one such leading security tech company that provides its client with exceptional protection against all kinds of data breaches. Their latest data theft security software is creating ripples in the world of cyber security and becoming the leading agency to help businesses become safer on every digital platform. 

Not only does Cyber Chain Technologies’ security software detects threats, but it also identifies vulnerabilities and hardens configurations in real time. The best part is that it helps eliminate security susceptibilities in mission-critical applications in order to meet regulatory and compliance standards. The founder and CEO of Cyber Chain Technologies, Kaleel Mohammed, also known as Casey, is a cyber-security consultant and specialist who has worked for the banking sector in Canada, providing them with his expertise in controlling cyber attacks. In fact, Casey also developed their cyber security system in such a way that it can withstand any data threat. 

For more than 20 years, he has provided excellent strategic business vision, process breakdown and hands-on digital transformation implementations to develop and further his client’s corporate objectives. Being a result-oriented person, Casey firmly believes that cybersecurity has some human limitations, but there are amazing products that do exist. However, according to Casey, it is usually some kind of human error that contributes to companies’ downfall or reputational damage.

Cyber Chain Technologies also provide solutions for integrated security solutions, video surveillance, system security and management. This is not all! The company also offers services like access control as well as network design with the support of OEM (original equipment manufacturer) partners. With network and communication infrastructure, their goal is to ensure safety among all digital platforms while reducing vandalism to valuable life and property through hacking. A recent study shows that 51% of small businesses are the most vulnerable to ransomware hacking attacks, with an average loss of over $200000. The research also stated that data breaches affected healthcare industries and related companies the most. It cost the healthcare industry around $7.2 million in losses in 2020, affecting nearly 26 million people.

Relying on the password methods was a good strategy back in the early 2000s, but with the advancement of software like Android and iOS, updating your security system is of utmost importance. Elaborating on this point, Casey said, “Too many passwords are being duplicated or reused frequently or even circulated amongst family and friends. Hackers will get to know individuals and their circles. This may create a week-point. A move to facial recognition or passwordless society is upon us.” Such technologies provide strong malware and firewall applications to stop hackers from attacking different businesses. In fact, after the blockchain and the invention of Metaverse, now more than ever, it is imperative that we move towards a better and safer approach for our online data.

Every year, cyberattacks are becoming more dangerous, and businesses are becoming more vulnerable. Hence, business owners must stay vigilant and aware of ways to protect against data breaches. Otherwise, it’s a matter of time before they become victims and pay a considerable price. Through social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook, Casey is spreading awareness about cyber security and enlightening the young generation about the preventive step to secure their data from any online threat. Research by a leading analyst firm in the technology sector highlights that cybercrime business losses will likely go up to $5 trillion by 2024. This is indeed an alarming state. Hence, consulting with companies like Cyber Chain Technologies is crucial to protect your business and let it grow and thrive without fearing cyber attacks!

Starbucks shop in Chicago set for closure towards the end of the month

Although 2022 has seen waves of union efforts in businesses, a unionized Starbucks Edgewater store in Chicago will close in two weeks.

It was among the first stores in the United States to join a union.

The coffee giant announced plans to close its Chicago North Side branch the day before Halloween.

The announcement

According to management, the store closes on October 30, a Sunday.

The workers said the closure would come four days before the start of the negotiation process for their first union contract.

However, a Starbucks representative denied the allegation, saying the decision to close was due to unspecified safety concerns for employees and customers.

The Chicago coffeehouse was among the first to win the May union elections, with a 10 to 1 vote.

Retaliation and suspicions

Despite their statements, Workers United employees and organizers suspect October 26 is involved with the closure.

Workers United is a subsidiary of the Service Employees International Union.

Several employees said the closure was retaliation for their successful union campaign.

The company moved employees to other stores with little detail on travel times and costs.

Workers United argues that the closure is part of the company’s tactics.

Starbucks has already closed ten locations where union organizations have taken place.

The group filed a lawsuit against unfair labor practices with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).

Nationwide closure

Workers United argues that the closure of unionized cafes violates the National Labor Relations Act of 1935.

The law is a fundamental statute of labor law guaranteeing workers the right to form trade unions to bargain collectively.

In March, the NLRB learned that an acclaimed Chicago bakery, Lost Larson, ignored the statute and illegally fired an employee.

The employee tried to organize a union in her workplace.

The agreement between the two parties provided that management would not acquit or interfere with employees’ rights to raise concerns and complaints regarding the following:

  • Safety
  • Wages
  • Communications
  • Training
  • Other terms/conditions of employment on their behalf or the behalf of others

The challenge of proving retaliations

While some cases can be proven, other cases of retaliation may be challenging to prove.

In 2020, several fired Wisconsin-based Colectivo Coffee chain employees filed a lawsuit against the chain.

Colectivo Coffee also has five locations in the Chicago area

They said their termination was retaliation for their involvement in the organizing committee of the Colectivo union.

The NLRB found the allegations to be unfounded.

By 2021, however, the pro-workers of Colectivo had the upper hand, forming the largest unionized workforce in a U.S. coffee chain.


Starbucks workers claim Chicago shop’s closure is union retaliation

Meet the #1 hair transplant consultant in the world – Mike Smith, the founder of Get More Hair

They say hair is the crowning glory and this statement holds absolutely true. Whether you are a man or a woman, how you style your hair can make all the difference. A fresh chop or new hair color can change your entire appearance. One thing is sure there is nothing like a head full of gorgeous, healthy hair. But unfortunately, many suffer from excessive hair loss, and then there are those, especially men, who face biological or external issues resulting in baldness. Hair loss can be genetic or a reaction to a harmful hair product, nevertheless it is one of the most problematic situations that one can face. Losing hair not only affects how we look but also impacts our personality, which can lead to low self-esteem. Many men who are ashamed of their appearance resort to wearing caps, though this is not the case with everyone.

A recent survey shows that approximately 60% of men and 10% of women can be victims of hair loss. While these stats can be alarming for many people, sadly, there is no remedy to stop baldness completely. Of course, there are ways to slow down the process, which can be helpful, but eventually, the results wear off. However, when it comes to baldness, we all are aware that a hair transplant is the most effective solution, helping people gain back the confidence and personality they lost due to hair loss.

When it comes to hair transplants, Mike Smith is a leading consultant with many years of experience. In fact, he has been helping those distressed by hair loss to restore their hair and improve their appearance. Apart from that, Mike Smith is the founder and CEO of Get More Hair which he founded back in 2016 with the vision of providing safe and affordable hair transplants. An expert in his field, Mike has always been fascinated by the advancement and improvement of technology. Hence, he constantly learns and keeps himself updated with the latest techniques and technology in the industry. He has been working as a trained hair transplant consultant for the past eight years, and today, Mike Smith is recognized as the number one hair transplant consultant around the globe. Talking about the thought behind his action, the expert said, “I’m only interested in the latest and most successful techniques, and I feel that these must come at a cost that the common man can afford. So, I built my company around this award-winning concept and customer service.”

Get More Hair always seeks to provide its clients with the most advanced and affordable procedures. And that is what sets them apart from the rest of the hair transplant companies out there. The company offers hair transplants using a technique they’ve developed called ‘Micro sapphire DHI.’ This is a hybrid technique which involves a classic FUE extraction, channel opening using a micro-Sapphire blade and then re-implant in the hair follicles with an implanter pen. While this may sound painful, the experts at Get More Hair make sure to prioritize the comfort of their patients. That’s not all! This method is, without a doubt, one of the most effective and successful ways of performing a modern hair transplant as well as cutting-edge surgery. Moreover, the company also provides a complete start-to-finish service for any of its clients with exceptional customer support. While you might think they are still not providing you with the best offer, hold on; there is more. They also give an entire 12 months of after-care support, providing you with the ultimate care and customer experience.

The trust of his clients has empowered Mike to grow Get More Hair with incredible dedication. He has provided consultation to some of the most well-known actors, sportspeople and performers around the world. Mike is a highly trusted hair transplant expert for many A-listers across Los Angeles, Miami, New York, and London. He understands and respects the privacy of his celebrity clients with dignity. “I’ve put my reputation on honesty and integrity. While we have published some of the celebrities on our website with their approval, we never disclose any of our clients’ information and always respect their privacy,” he asserted.

Coming from a family with a genetic disposition to male pattern baldness, Mike Smith understands how difficult it could be for an individual to just wait and watch helplessly as people suffer from this issue. Get More Hair is more than just a hair transplant brand; it is a ray of hope for everyone struggling with hair loss.

Meet Dr. Asif Munaf: A Life Coach and Nutritionist with a Medical Degree

Dr. Asif Munaf: On the Pursuit of Life

A doctor, nutritionist, life coach and entrepreneur, Dr. Asif Munaf has proved that success can be achieved only if we work hard and believe in ourselves. Born in Sheffield, United Kingdom, in a Pakistani immigrant household, Dr. Asif was always on the lookout for opportunities to shine. His positive outlook on life and passion for helping people and the sick led him to acquire an MBBS degree from one of the prestigious colleges, the University of York, in the UK. After graduating with a doctorate, he decided to complete his training at the same college. 

Being an expert in any field and excelling at everything one does can be really challenging. And to perform with efficiency, it is essential to understand that one needs a nutritious diet along with proper rest in order to complete those tasks. This is precisely what Dr. Asif Munaf discovered during his strenuous training. His job was not only hectic but also needed focus and attention to detail. His interest in nutrition developed when he felt he needed to maintain his health through a balanced diet while staying active even after a 12-hour shift. 

Though he always followed a healthy lifestyle, being a doctor with a master’s degree in Public Health, he fully understood how crucial it was for him to perfectly balance his diet. According to him, there was a lack of good quality food available in hospitals for both patients and staff, and hence he decided to pursue further education in nutrition. “I started making my own smoothies which I took to work to keep me nourished during my 12-hour hospital shifts. I then decided to research more about nutrition, and this led me to complete my level 3 qualification in personal training. I experienced firsthand how good food can improve mood, cognition and energy levels,” he shared.

As he studied nutrition, he got to know how much we lack in our diet, and he wanted to make everyone understand the difference between eating healthy and the right kinds of foods. Even though avoiding sugar and carbs can help you reach your desired weight, it doesn’t mean that you are following a healthy lifestyle. Many nutritionists claim that a proper diet contains everything, from protein to carbs and dairy products etc. It all depends on the portion sizes, which we often tend to overlook. Given his medical background, Dr. Asif knew he could help guide people toward healthy living. While researching, he also learned how a bad diet could negatively impact moods and mental health. 

There was a time when Covid-19 had literally taken over our lives; it was a tough time for everyone around the globe. Apart from thousands of casualties, it also brought isolation and one of the biggest depression waves that engulfed the majority of the people. The pandemic had, in fact, restricted all of us to stick to confined spaces, which wreaked havoc on people’s mental health, leading people, especially young men, to commit suicide. Being depressed and emotionally alone can cause an emptiness that sucks every inch of their beings, and their will to live is ultimately lost. Realizing that not many people were paying attention to such issues, Dr. Asif Munaf took the initiative to help the community and all those who were desperately seeking it. He has been conducting coaching courses, with one-off sessions aimed at changing people’s mindsets so they could face life’s challenges without any medication or therapy. 

Then there is another course called Masculine Mastery, which is focused on mental health and boosting self-confidence. The sessions are all about giving men an edge in life, particularly those going through adverse mental health issues, and empowering them to become the best versions of themselves. “I saw a real pandemic of mental health, particularly in men who were often too ‘proud’ to seek help,” he stressed. 

Dr. Asif further elaborated, “It is said that nutritional deficiencies such as low vitamin D often contribute to adverse mental health. As my master’s thesis looked at barriers to men seeking help, I was acutely aware of men’s reluctance to seek help for serious conditions. So, I wanted to remove these barriers, dispel myths and give men a platform to open up about any adverse mental health symptoms they may be experiencing. I appeared on a podcast about mental health, and this led to me starting my own Mindset Mastery course in September 2020.” 

Dr. Asif Munaf understands how important it is for people suffering from mental illnesses to have their nutrition intake checked and balanced. To help them out, he also founded AM Wellness company that offers vitamins, supplements and at-home-blood testing for a range of nutritional deficiencies. 

About Dr. Asif Munaf

After a decade of service, Dr. Asif Munaf put a hold on his medical adventure and has been spreading mental awareness through his courses and health supplements, as well as nutritional products. His remarkable journey from being a first-generation Pakistani British to accomplishing so much in life is truly inspiring. His work to help men become emotionally and physically strong speaks for itself. His love for the well-being of others motivates him to think of more efficient ways to change lives for the better.

The Feds find themselves on the losing end in the battle against inflation

The Federal Reserve has taken drastic measures against inflation with rapidly rising interest rates for months, but their efforts are barely noticeable.

CPI data for September showed little to no change on Thursday compared to March, when the Fed began raising rates.

Total consumer prices rose 8.5% year-on-year.

Today, consumer prices are up 8.2%.

The Fed

Core prices rose 6.6% annually in September, a level last seen in 1982.

Christopher S. Rupkey, the chief economist at Fwdbonds, an economic research firm, wrote:

“This inflation report today was an unmitigated disaster. It shows whatever Fed officials are doing, it is just not working.”

The Fed has redoubled its effort to drive inflation out of the US economy by any means necessary.

They introduced massive rate hikes to curb demand for goods and services.

Despite rising interest rates, there is almost no sign of price easing.

Either way, the Federal Reserve remains stoic about its decisions, betting that the country’s strong labor market can tolerate the stress of higher borrowing costs.

“The Fed will see this as a license to stay aggressive,” said Jan Szilagyi, the CEO of investment research firm Toggle AI.

Thursday’s inflation report is the final comprehensive economic review Fed policymakers will conduct before their next meeting in early November.

The report again guarantees a rate hike of 0.75%.

Investors currently have a 97% chance of seeing a fourth consecutive three-quarter percentage point rise.

Financial pain

The Federal Reserve strives to hold interest rates down to maintain price stability.

Fed Chairman Jerome Powell acknowledged that the broader impact of rising borrowing costs would inflict financial hardship on households and businesses.

The Fed recently adopted a mantra to hurt now rather than let inflation seep into the consumer psyche.

At Wednesday’s most recent meeting, Fed officials stressed that the cost of not doing enough to contain inflation outweighs the cost of doing too much.

The belief suggests that the Fed would push the US economy into recession rather than a downward inflationary spiral.

Meanwhile, consumers endure the pain of high prices and high borrowing costs.

The struggle could also escalate with job losses.

The Federal Reserve believes the strong labor market contributed to inflation.

They cited other factors, including supply chain disruptions, the war in Ukraine, and companies raising prices when costs fall.

Kurt Rankin, Senior Economist at PNC, said:

“Rather than walking a tightrope between a ‘soft landing’ and recession…the Fed now faces the potential of killing off the economy’s job creation impetus beyond a simple rebalancing of the labor market in the name of taming inflation.”

The fight against inflation

In the fight against inflation, the Federal Reserve is enduring an uphill battle.

Interest rate hikes’ impact should be felt in the real economy within a few months.

Fed Vice Chairman Lael Brainard said:

“The moderation in demand due to monetary policy tightening is only partly realized so far.”

He noted that the “transmission of tighter policies” is most evident in the housing market, especially with mortgage rates more than doubling this year.

“We continue to see a tale of two economies in the data,” chimed in Sam Khater, the chief economist at Freddie Mac.

“Strong job and wage growth are keeping consumers’ balance sheets positive, while lingering inflation, recession fears, and housing affordability are driving housing demand down precipitously.”

Unequal pain

Recent CPI reports bring economists and investors back to reality, where millions of Americans feel deeply they are spending more on necessities like food and shelter.

More and more people are controlling inflation by relying on credit cards, which become more challenging to repay as interest rates rise.

The Food at Home Index rose 13% YoY last month.

Meanwhile, emergency shelters have grown 6.6%, the fastest over three decades.

Despite rising mortgage rates, housing costs have gotten bolder, according to Joe Brusuelas, chief economist at RSM, who also said:

“Whatever relief in core inflation that is in the pipeline… it is not flowing through to an easing in rents.”

According to Rupkey, rate hikes have won the battle against falling commodity prices but are losing ground due to price hikes in the service sector.

“Today’s red hot inflation report brings the economy closer than ever to recession next year,” said Rupkey.

“Supply chain bottlenecks, a volatile global energy market, and rampant corporate profiteering can’t be solved by additional rate hikes,” said Rakeen Mabud.

Mabud is the chief economist of the left-leaning Groundwork Collaborative policy group.

“It’s time for Chair Powell and the Fed to step aside and for Congress to step in.”


The Fed is losing the war against inflation

Report: Musician Rex Orange County to go on trial for six charges of sexual assault

Sexual assault is gravely frowned upon, and fans are shocked and heartbroken to learn that Rex Orange County was the perpetrator of the allegations.

The singer was recently accused of sexually assaulting a woman six times in two days.

The reports

Several news outlets, like Variety and The Guardian, claimed Rex Orange County assaulted a woman six times.

The first two times took place in the West End on June 1, 2021, according to The Sun.

He then attacked her in a taxi the next day and three more times that same day at her home in Notting Hill.

A statement was released on his behalf, stating:

“Alex is shocked by the allegations, which he denies and looks forward to clearing his name in court.”

Appearing in court

On Monday, the 10th of October, the singer appeared at London’s Southwark Crown Court.

Rex Orange County pleaded not guilty to charges of intentional touching of a sexual nature without consent.

He was released unconditionally on bail for his three-day trial.

The trial is scheduled for January 3, 2023.

Rex Orange County

Alexander James O’Connor started his music career in 2016 and caught the eye of American rapper Tyler, the Creator.

The two then collaborated on the Tyler, the Creator album, Flower Boy.

From there, Rex Orange County became a popular name among music fans.

His third studio album, Who Cares? was released in March and topped the UK charts.

In July, Rex Orange County announced that he would be canceling his tour dates in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, citing unforeseen personal circumstances.

The message reads:

“It is with a great deal of sadness to announce that due to unforeseen personal circumstances, I am having to spend some time at home this year and I will not be able to continue with touring as planned.”

“The UK/IRE dates will still go ahead this summer but Gunnersbury Park in London on August 13th will be the last show of the year.”

“I am devastated to say that the Australia, New Zealand, and European shows scheduled for September and November will be cancelled [sic].”

“All tickets will be refunded. This is the last thing I want to do.”

“I love touring and I am so sorry to be letting anyone down. I look forward to getting back to it as soon as I can.”


Singer Rex Orange County charged with sexual assault

Rex Orange County charged with 6 counts of sexual assault in the UK

Huawei and ZTE gadgets in danger of FCC ban

According to reports from Axios, the US government is planning to ban the purchase of new telecommunications equipment from Huawei and ZTE.

The two Chinese tech giants are under investigation in an expanding crackdown on perceived national security risks emanating from China.

The order

The reports come from restrictions outlined in proposed Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations.

It focuses on selling video surveillance equipment from three other companies: Hytera, Hikvision and Dahua.

The three companies also originate from China.

The draft ruling states that the ban applies only to new products that have not yet received FCC approval.

An FCC official confirmed that the proposal is more than just rumors.

They also said it would update the agency’s rules regarding the list of suppliers deemed unacceptable national risks if approved.

The proposal would also meet the agency’s congressional mandate under the Secure Equipment Act of 2021.

The ban

The proposed ban on Huawei and ZTE would go beyond previous FCC approaches to the companies.

According to US officials, network equipment could be used to intercept or trace US communications.

In the past, the FCC blocked US telecom carriers from using federal funds from Huawei, ZTE and other carriers on the agency’s so-called “covered list.”

The FCC has also created a program to help carriers remove and replace Huawei and ZTE devices from their networks.

However, the program’s estimated cost has risen to $5.6 billion, exceeding initial estimates by about $2 billion.

Many major mobile carriers in the United States have already stated that they do not use equipment made in China.

Telecom policy experts said Chinese-made phones could be found almost exclusively on smaller network networks to keep costs down.


In 2019, the Trump administration put Huawei on the Commerce Department’s so-called list.

The list restricts experts to individuals and organizations appointed without a license from the US government.

A year later, the US government expanded the restrictions by devising a plan to remove Huawei from its suppliers using US manufacturing technology.

The policy has led to sharp drops in Huawei’s telephony and telecommunications sector, shifting the company’s focus.

From there, Huawei began developing automobiles, cloud computing, and its own mobile operating system.

Huawei’s founder and CEO previously said the company would never share data with the Chinese government.

Meanwhile, Western security experts said the country’s national security and intelligence laws require Chinese companies to comply with reporting obligations.


FCC could ban all new purchases of Huawei and ZTE telecom gear

Angela Lansbury, star of Murder, She Wrote, passes away at 96

Hollywood is mourning the loss of award-winning film and theater actress Angela Lansbury, who died aged 96 yesterday.

Lansbury is best known for her roles in Murder, She Wrote and Beauty and the Beast, for which she sang the main theme.

The announcement

Angela Lansbury’s death was revealed in a statement her family released to NBC, whose parent company produced “Murder, She Wrote.”

The statement reads:

“The children of Dame Angela Lansbury are sad to announce that their mother died peacefully in her sleep at home in Los Angeles at 1:30 AM today, Tuesday, October 11, 2022, just five days shy of her 97th birthday.”

Awards & nominations

Lansbury’s talent was unique, so much so that it earned her her first Oscar nomination for her film debut in 1944, before she was 20.

Her second nomination came a year later for The Picture of Dorian Gray.

In 1962, her portrayal of a mother who betrays her son and her country in The Manchurian Candidate earned her not only a nomination but also a Golden Globe.

It was the second Golden Globe after The Portrait of Dorian Gray.

In 2013 Angela Lansbury received an honorary Oscar.

The award was linked to the five Tony Awards she has collected in more than four decades.

During her career as Jessica Fletcher in Murder, She Wrote, Lansbury received 11 Emmy nominations, but she never won one of her own.

Early life and career

Angela Lansbury was born in London to actress Moyna MacGill and politician Edward Lansbury.

Her father died when she was nine.

In 1940, shortly after the outbreak of World War II, Lansbury and her family moved to the United States and settled in New York.

She studied acting before moving to Los Angeles at the request of her mother, where she briefly worked in a department store before taking on her groundbreaking role.

Her other early works include:

  • The Harvey Girls
  • The Three Musketeers
  • The Court Jester
  • National Velvet
  • Blue Hawaii

Angela Lansbury later made her Broadway debut in 1957 with roles in “Mame”, “Gypsy” and “Sweeney Todd.”

Impact on children

Angela Lansbury has had a few roles in Disney, but her impact has been huge as generations of children have admired her iconic voice.

She first appeared in the 1971 musical “Bedknobs and Broomsticks.”

However, she was nominated for an Oscar in 1991 for “Beauty and the Beast,” which made her a beloved figure for children.

“Oddly enough, children recognize my voice,” she said in 2012. “They’ll hear me and say, ‘Mom, that’s Mrs. Potts!’”

Lansbury recently appeared in a small role in the 2018 sequel, Mary Poppins Returns.

Personal life

Lansbury was briefly married to Richard Cromwell before marrying British actor Peter Shaw in 1949, with whom she had two children: Anthony and Deirdre.

Anthony then directed many episodes of Murder, She Wrote, working with his mother.

Shaw became her manager throughout her career and helped secure the deal that made them the show’s producers.

The two remained together until Peter Shaw’s death in 2003.

Murder, She Wrote

Angela Lansbury’s greatest success in the 1960s was her starring role as a crime-solving mystery writer in “Murder, She Wrote.”

According to the actress, Jessica Fletcher was the closest character she felt was closest to her.

“I had a lot of say in it, and I didn’t want the character to be quirky,” she said in 2009. “I wanted her to be real.”

“I didn’t have to have to put on any kind of veneer for 24 hours a day, which is what a television schedule sometimes feels like.”

Although the show was successful, CBS’s decision to move the series to Thursday nights in 1995 to compete with NBC’s “Friends” angered the actress.

“I really feel angry for all the people who watched us,” she said as the show delivered big ratings after “60 Minutes.”

Despite the show’s concluding after 1995, Lansbury continued to appear in made-for-TV films for Murder, She Wrote.


Angela Lansbury, beloved star of ‘Murder, She Wrote,’ dead at 96

Twitter and Instagram restrict Kanye West over antisemitic posts

Kanye West has found himself in several controversies in the past, but his latest posts led to him being banned from two major social media platforms.

On Sunday, the rapper shared anti-Jewish posts on Twitter and Instagram, violating the guidelines on both platforms.

Ye’s posts

In his posts, Ye made bizarre allegations against fellow rapper Sean “Diddy” Combs, implying that Diddy was controlled by Jews.

Ye also tweeted screenshots of his private texts with the rapper, in which Diddy tried to tell him about the “White Lives Matter” t-shirts that were making waves online.

Kanye West’s posts have gained traction online, with many condemning his content.

The American Jewish Committee called West’s comments “dangerous.”

“The control theme seeks to falsely portray Jews as secret puppet masters ruling over others,” they shared on Twitter.

“[Kanye West] needs to learn that words matter.”


Ye’s posts were later removed from Instagram due to violating the platform’s policies.

His account was also restricted.

The rapper then took to Twitter to call Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who runs Facebook and Instagram.

“Look at this Mark,” he tweeted with a picture of himself singing karaoke with Zuckerberg.

“How you gone [sic] kick me off Instagram. You used to be my n***a.”

More anti-Semitism from Ye followed later on Twitter, with him writing:

“I’m a bit sleepy tonight but when I wake up I’m going death con three [sic] on Jewish people.”

“The funny thing is I actually can’t be antisemitic because black people are actually Jew,” he continued in another post.

“Also you guys have toyed with me and tried to black ball anyone whoever opposes your agenda.”

The tweet remained on Twitter before being replaced by an automated message stating: “This tweet violated the Twitter rules.”

A Twitter spokesperson later confirmed that the rapper’s account had been restricted for violating community policies.

The White Lives Matter controversy

On October 3, Kanye West wore a “White Lives Matter” T-shirt when he launched his clothing line in Paris.

The shirt has received a lot of criticism.

Diddy posted a video on Instagram and other social media platforms to talk about the controversy.

“Right now, all America has planned for us is poverty, incarceration, and death,” Diddy said in the clip.

“So, before I can get to any other lives matter – which all lives matter, you know what I’m saying – that ‘Black Lives Matter,’ don’t play with it.”

“Don’t wear the shirt, don’t buy the shirt, don’t play with the shirt. It’s not a joke.”

It was this video that led Ye to accuse Diddy of being controlled by Jews.


Kanye West’s Twitter and Instagram accounts have been locked over bizarre posts about Jewish people

Twitter, Instagram block Kanye West over anti-Semitic posts