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Actor Jermaine Rivers to Suit up for “Black Adam” and Lands recurring role in Netflix hit series “Sweet Magnolias” Season 3

With only two months left on the calendar, 2022 will undoubtedly be seen as a breakout year for actor Jermaine Rivers ,the Atlanta-based actor best known for his role as Shatter on Marvel’s television series “The Gifted”. Some might say that Rivers is an overnight success, but his impressive resume and track record for consistently delivering praise-worthy performances says otherwise. 

For over a decade Rivers has paid his dues, working alongside  academy award winning actors like Al Pacino, Danny Glover and Richard Dreyfuss. He’s landed roles in some of the hottest shows on network TV like MacGyver, Dynasty and “Power Book III: Raising Kanan”. Rivers summarizes his career as “The result of a slow but steady grind that took more than a decade of hard work, discipline, self-sacrifice and even rejection to accumulate.” 

On 21 October the world will see Rivers take it up a notch as he officially becomes part of the DCEU when he suits up for his role in the highly anticipated film “Black Adam“, starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Rivers is no stranger to the superhero genre. In addition to his role on“The Gifted”, last year Rivers became part of the MCU when he doubled as (Jamie Fox’s) Electro in “Spider-Man No Way Home”. 

In addition to his role in Black Adam, Rivers is also joining the cast of the Netflix series “Sweet Magnolias” in the show’s third season that will air in Spring 2023. Rivers has been cast in a recurring role (Charles Perkins). Although no details have been released to the public about his character, Jermaine took to Instagram to share news of his casting saying, “Feeling extremely Blessed and excited to be joining the amazing cast of Sweet Magnolias in Season 3”. Rivers also secured lead and supporting roles in the following films that will be released next year: “A Party to Die For”, and “Freedom’s Path”. Jermaine Rivers is rep’d by Play Management and Eris Talent.

Meet the #1 hair transplant consultant in the world – Mike Smith, the founder of Get More Hair

They say hair is the crowning glory and this statement holds absolutely true. Whether you are a man or a woman, how you style your hair can make all the difference. A fresh chop or new hair color can change your entire appearance. One thing is sure there is nothing like a head full of gorgeous, healthy hair. But unfortunately, many suffer from excessive hair loss, and then there are those, especially men, who face biological or external issues resulting in baldness. Hair loss can be genetic or a reaction to a harmful hair product, nevertheless it is one of the most problematic situations that one can face. Losing hair not only affects how we look but also impacts our personality, which can lead to low self-esteem. Many men who are ashamed of their appearance resort to wearing caps, though this is not the case with everyone.

A recent survey shows that approximately 60% of men and 10% of women can be victims of hair loss. While these stats can be alarming for many people, sadly, there is no remedy to stop baldness completely. Of course, there are ways to slow down the process, which can be helpful, but eventually, the results wear off. However, when it comes to baldness, we all are aware that a hair transplant is the most effective solution, helping people gain back the confidence and personality they lost due to hair loss.

When it comes to hair transplants, Mike Smith is a leading consultant with many years of experience. In fact, he has been helping those distressed by hair loss to restore their hair and improve their appearance. Apart from that, Mike Smith is the founder and CEO of Get More Hair which he founded back in 2016 with the vision of providing safe and affordable hair transplants. An expert in his field, Mike has always been fascinated by the advancement and improvement of technology. Hence, he constantly learns and keeps himself updated with the latest techniques and technology in the industry. He has been working as a trained hair transplant consultant for the past eight years, and today, Mike Smith is recognized as the number one hair transplant consultant around the globe. Talking about the thought behind his action, the expert said, “I’m only interested in the latest and most successful techniques, and I feel that these must come at a cost that the common man can afford. So, I built my company around this award-winning concept and customer service.”

Get More Hair always seeks to provide its clients with the most advanced and affordable procedures. And that is what sets them apart from the rest of the hair transplant companies out there. The company offers hair transplants using a technique they’ve developed called ‘Micro sapphire DHI.’ This is a hybrid technique which involves a classic FUE extraction, channel opening using a micro-Sapphire blade and then re-implant in the hair follicles with an implanter pen. While this may sound painful, the experts at Get More Hair make sure to prioritize the comfort of their patients. That’s not all! This method is, without a doubt, one of the most effective and successful ways of performing a modern hair transplant as well as cutting-edge surgery. Moreover, the company also provides a complete start-to-finish service for any of its clients with exceptional customer support. While you might think they are still not providing you with the best offer, hold on; there is more. They also give an entire 12 months of after-care support, providing you with the ultimate care and customer experience.

The trust of his clients has empowered Mike to grow Get More Hair with incredible dedication. He has provided consultation to some of the most well-known actors, sportspeople and performers around the world. Mike is a highly trusted hair transplant expert for many A-listers across Los Angeles, Miami, New York, and London. He understands and respects the privacy of his celebrity clients with dignity. “I’ve put my reputation on honesty and integrity. While we have published some of the celebrities on our website with their approval, we never disclose any of our clients’ information and always respect their privacy,” he asserted.

Coming from a family with a genetic disposition to male pattern baldness, Mike Smith understands how difficult it could be for an individual to just wait and watch helplessly as people suffer from this issue. Get More Hair is more than just a hair transplant brand; it is a ray of hope for everyone struggling with hair loss.

Meet Dr. Asif Munaf: A Life Coach and Nutritionist with a Medical Degree

Dr. Asif Munaf: On the Pursuit of Life

A doctor, nutritionist, life coach and entrepreneur, Dr. Asif Munaf has proved that success can be achieved only if we work hard and believe in ourselves. Born in Sheffield, United Kingdom, in a Pakistani immigrant household, Dr. Asif was always on the lookout for opportunities to shine. His positive outlook on life and passion for helping people and the sick led him to acquire an MBBS degree from one of the prestigious colleges, the University of York, in the UK. After graduating with a doctorate, he decided to complete his training at the same college. 

Being an expert in any field and excelling at everything one does can be really challenging. And to perform with efficiency, it is essential to understand that one needs a nutritious diet along with proper rest in order to complete those tasks. This is precisely what Dr. Asif Munaf discovered during his strenuous training. His job was not only hectic but also needed focus and attention to detail. His interest in nutrition developed when he felt he needed to maintain his health through a balanced diet while staying active even after a 12-hour shift. 

Though he always followed a healthy lifestyle, being a doctor with a master’s degree in Public Health, he fully understood how crucial it was for him to perfectly balance his diet. According to him, there was a lack of good quality food available in hospitals for both patients and staff, and hence he decided to pursue further education in nutrition. “I started making my own smoothies which I took to work to keep me nourished during my 12-hour hospital shifts. I then decided to research more about nutrition, and this led me to complete my level 3 qualification in personal training. I experienced firsthand how good food can improve mood, cognition and energy levels,” he shared.

As he studied nutrition, he got to know how much we lack in our diet, and he wanted to make everyone understand the difference between eating healthy and the right kinds of foods. Even though avoiding sugar and carbs can help you reach your desired weight, it doesn’t mean that you are following a healthy lifestyle. Many nutritionists claim that a proper diet contains everything, from protein to carbs and dairy products etc. It all depends on the portion sizes, which we often tend to overlook. Given his medical background, Dr. Asif knew he could help guide people toward healthy living. While researching, he also learned how a bad diet could negatively impact moods and mental health. 

There was a time when Covid-19 had literally taken over our lives; it was a tough time for everyone around the globe. Apart from thousands of casualties, it also brought isolation and one of the biggest depression waves that engulfed the majority of the people. The pandemic had, in fact, restricted all of us to stick to confined spaces, which wreaked havoc on people’s mental health, leading people, especially young men, to commit suicide. Being depressed and emotionally alone can cause an emptiness that sucks every inch of their beings, and their will to live is ultimately lost. Realizing that not many people were paying attention to such issues, Dr. Asif Munaf took the initiative to help the community and all those who were desperately seeking it. He has been conducting coaching courses, with one-off sessions aimed at changing people’s mindsets so they could face life’s challenges without any medication or therapy. 

Then there is another course called Masculine Mastery, which is focused on mental health and boosting self-confidence. The sessions are all about giving men an edge in life, particularly those going through adverse mental health issues, and empowering them to become the best versions of themselves. “I saw a real pandemic of mental health, particularly in men who were often too ‘proud’ to seek help,” he stressed. 

Dr. Asif further elaborated, “It is said that nutritional deficiencies such as low vitamin D often contribute to adverse mental health. As my master’s thesis looked at barriers to men seeking help, I was acutely aware of men’s reluctance to seek help for serious conditions. So, I wanted to remove these barriers, dispel myths and give men a platform to open up about any adverse mental health symptoms they may be experiencing. I appeared on a podcast about mental health, and this led to me starting my own Mindset Mastery course in September 2020.” 

Dr. Asif Munaf understands how important it is for people suffering from mental illnesses to have their nutrition intake checked and balanced. To help them out, he also founded AM Wellness company that offers vitamins, supplements and at-home-blood testing for a range of nutritional deficiencies. 

About Dr. Asif Munaf

After a decade of service, Dr. Asif Munaf put a hold on his medical adventure and has been spreading mental awareness through his courses and health supplements, as well as nutritional products. His remarkable journey from being a first-generation Pakistani British to accomplishing so much in life is truly inspiring. His work to help men become emotionally and physically strong speaks for itself. His love for the well-being of others motivates him to think of more efficient ways to change lives for the better.