Tech is the Farmers Friend

Illinois is one of the top 10 producing agriculture states, 72,000 farms, and 75% of the states total land is farmland. Profitable farming is crucial for our state.

Technology is improving and enhancing all aspects of farming. Drones,precision ag, aerial imagery, GPS smart tech program tractors , and much more are all common words around the farm community. But more than that these words represent what is now a reliable and beneficial friend. The most important purpose of this new friend is to help maintain and grow the farmers profit. The newest most vital tech today comes from California, the number 1 producing agriculture state with over $59 billion in ag production. This tech company has a platform that not only makes the farmer more money but enables them to get paid faster as it incorporates their proprietary fintech PayX.

World TradeX is a Global Commodities Trading Platform for the world’s food supply chain. They have created an mobile device application that is interwoven with buying, selling, finance, and logistics into a simple easy to use singular platform. This satisfies a huge need globally that decentralizes farming enabling farmers big and small direct access to buyers around the world to sell their products. With this being said, World TradeX may just be the farmer’s Best friend. The company seems to keep information private prior to launch however they are currently pre-registering farmers at for access this fall 2022.

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