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Bitcoin Gets the Nod in the Central African Republic with Sango Project Launch

The Central African Republic is still pushing to integrate cryptocurrency into the country, despite recent market crashes.

In May, the Central African Republic announced that it will be following El Salvador’s example and adopting Bitcoin as a legal tender for use in regular commerce. This means citizens can pay taxes using this new form of money.

The announcement was met with divided opinions online, but the government has remained firm on its stance. They argue that it will secure an independent financial future for the country.

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President Touadéra has announced that the government will launch its first major crypto initiative called “Sango Project”.

One of the most popular features about Sango is its abundance in plans designed to attract global crypto businesses and enthusiasts.

This project seeks to pave the way for a world full of possibilities by combining Bitcoin initiatives with Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) metaverse pilots, all while helping the country explore new frontiers in technology.

On Monday, it was announced that Sango will launch with the Genesis event and become a crypto hub attracting investors worldwide.

The President has sent a clear message that he stands by the cryptocurrency movement on Twitter.

“With #Bitcoin as #legaltender & inspiration, our country opens a new chapter in its inspiring journey towards a brighter future via #blockchain #tech,” he wrote. “Everyone is welcome to witness the Sango Genesis Event that will be broadcast on the 3rd of July, on”

The President later shared a press release about how they are tokenizing the country’s natural resources. He also said that this will be “the most revolutionary conference in blockchain technology and Web3.”

In Sango’s vision for the future, there will be a special economic zone within this metaverse. This crypto island is meant as an opportunity to create businesses and create new jobs in what could otherwise just become another part of cyberspace like any other online community does today.

President Touadéra explained why he approved this decision by telling people online that understanding Bitcoin’s disruptive power is crucial.

Despite their decision, the World Bank still disapproved of Bitcoin as a legal tender. They also refused to support Sango’s venture with this decision.

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Candy Bowen Proves to the Real Estate Industry That Genuine Love for the Community is the Key to Sustainable Success

The real estate industry is full of thriving professionals who have championed success in their own little ways. However, monetary gain isn’t always the true essence of real estate. Candy Bowen knows this for a fact, going above and beyond to create value within her community and attain what seems to be unattainable through sheer will and determination.

Natural-born leaders have the innate ability to spread their message to the world. These types of people can paint a clear picture of what their mission is, the intent and reason behind it, and their total commitment to attaining it. Candy Bowen is one such individual who is adamant about helping her community through her craft. She has made great strides in the real estate industry, building a spotless reputation along the way.

“Before you think I’m saying success is unattainable if you don’t yet believe you are a natural-born leader, let me clarify to those who only want to achieve the attainable. First, you are missing the point when you drive your business with a mission so big and so important to you, and the money that business brings in is your means to achieve giving more opportunities to those with none, traveling the world making a difference, or whatever your big dreams are when you are driven by a force that strong, your business is destined to be great,” explained Candy Bowen.

Driven by this guiding principle, she has created an authentic personal brand that her immediate community has gravitated towards. The highly lauded real estate professional is the owner of Bowen Moves, Bowen Stages, and is with the Goldbar Team at eXp Brokerage. Since the beginning of her seasoned career, Candy Bowen has proven time and time again that she is among the most trusted, top-producing, and influential realtors in Arizona. 

Her many satisfied clients are a testament to her massive success in the industry, and her consistent efforts have allowed her to become a well-recognized figure. As a result, she has garnered the praise of her entire community, her satisfied clients, and business leaders alike.

Candy Bowen has remarkably sold over 500 homes throughout her seasoned real estate career during her first five years. She has gained countless accolades through her inspired work, becoming the only RPAC Platinum R Presidents Circle Investor in Tucson. Bowen is also the Participation Chair of the Tucson Association of Realtors (TAR) RAPAC, Events Chair for the Arizona Association of Realtors Diversity and Inclusion Committee, and a member of the Board of Directors for the Tucson Realtors and the Advisory Board for the Care Fund.

Furthermore, the celebrated real estate professional is also known for bringing a state AAR AZ Young Professionals Network. Apart from her many awards, Candy Bowen has all the results that have consistently backed her success.

Her deep commitment to customer service, providing value to her clients, and a burning passion for education have helped her create a positive impact in her community. Candy Bowen is a cut above the rest. She approaches real estate as a way to help other people and make a significant improvement in her clients’ lives. Instead of focusing on the competition, she takes a unique approach to business as she is more concerned with creating genuine value.

Candy Bowen leads the way as always the first to do the right thing, ready to lend a helping hand to offer mentorship and advice to other realtors. By doing this, she adds value and readily puts in her time and money for the community. 

Ultimately, Candy Bowen has entered the real estate industry and become a force to be reckoned with. Her career has always been focused on creating value and making a positive impact in her community, and this genuine advocacy has driven her success without fail.