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Safewave Prepares to Launch Their Notification Band for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Community

Safewave is an accessory for intelligent security systems that takes the traditional system and adds a new form of alerting individuals with a sense of touch via vibrations. A band worn around the wrist like a watch, the Safewave alerts people with solid vibrations to wake them up from REM sleep.

“We have placed three motors adjacent to the ulnar and median nerve, giving our band enough vibration power to wake individuals from a REM sleep,” said founder Trevon Bruch. “The benefit is that those who are Deaf(+) rely on visual cues, but if they’re sleeping, they’re left vulnerable to break-ins and house fires. We want to provide safety and peace of mind for this long overdue demographic.”

While Safewave primarily caters to the Deaf(+) community, the brand also helps caretaking individuals monitor loved ones with dementia/Alzheimer’s, special needs, and more. The band allows monitoring without directly using vision or sound. Instead, individuals can be kept inside the home and receive notifications instantly if a breach occurs.

The company is in one of the most unique positions in the market as they are pioneering this innovation. “We are the only vibration-based accessory that is mobile,” revealed Trevon. “The only other vibration-based accessory is a bed shaker, which is limited to the bed and isn’t mobile. We have created a device that goes where you go and is convenient.”

Safewave is more than just a safety device and addresses other concerns like water resistance and charging abilities. In addition, the brand did not reinvent the wheel and instead added a ticker that complemented other successful companies in the industry, including Ring, SimpliSafe, Owlet, ADT, and more. Safewave also partners with major companies, giving them a competitive advantage using other mainstream and standard systems to market and expand quickly.

Once Trevon realized there was nothing in the market that provided the community with a simple & affordable way to keep people safe, he decided to make Safewave Technology an official brand in 2019.

Three years down the line, Safewave remains the only company in the space with a significant impact on the Deaf(+) community’s home and office security space. Trevon Bruch hopes that the brand will influence other companies to begin marketing and creating solutions for overlooked and underserved communities.The product will be launching its pre-sale on June 1st, 2022, with the product only costing $149.99. You can go to to submit your email to stay updated on news and updates. You can also follow their social media.

Joshua Haupt on the Role of Cannabis in His Journey of Health and Entrepreneurial Triumphs

An innumerable combination of factors can serve as the impetus behind the launch of a venture. Some entrepreneurs have been lured into entering the competitive commercial space because of the financial appeal of certain markets, especially those growing in size. However, for others, it is their intimate awareness of the long list of benefits that come hand in hand with a particular product that influenced their decision to establish a business. In the case of Joshua Haupt, a leading authority in the cannabis industry, his history with this plant not only opened his eyes to its positive impact on health but also played a significant role in his entrepreneurial journey. 

Early in life, Joshua Haupt had to deal with a string of physical complications following a snowboarding accident. The then 14-year-old boy would have never anticipated that the injury would herald the beginning of a lifelong case of epilepsy. For five years, his treatment involved the use of traditional medicine, including heavy pharmaceuticals designed to control his seizures.

Realizing that a healthier, more holistic, and more sustainable alternative exists in the form of exercise, diet, and cannabis, Joshua Haupt embarked on a major lifestyle change at the age of nineteen. In the years since then, the Colorado native has contributed to the growth of the industry, managing to establish a name thanks to his innovations. 

Known for crafting growing methods that can dramatically increase both the quality and quantity a single cannabis plant could produce, Joshua Haupt currently serves as a go-to expert in the cannabis space. This reputation has solidified over the years not only because of his in-depth knowledge of the drug and plant. More than anything else, it is his strategic business moves that have pushed him to great heights. 

Attached to his name is an impressive portfolio that includes the lucrative Pono Publications, through which he sells Three-a-Light. This simple guidebook details the process of growing cannabis. In addition, he is the founder of Cultivation Max, a consulting service led by a team of master growers whom Joshua Haupt had personally trained at his commercial grow operations. 

The highly respected go-getter is the mind behind a line of nutrients as well. Success Nutrients, the product of a collaboration with agriculture chemists at Colorado State University, is intended for supporting the growth of a cannabis plant at each phase of its life cycle. Moreover, Joshua Haupt is credited for the birth of the Colorado-based cultivation company Super Farm, which developed two major grows.

During the outbreak of COVID-19, Joshua Haupt wasn’t exempt from the billions of people reeling from the impact of a global pandemic. Yet amid the changes that it brought about, he pushed through, fueled by the desire to make bigger waves in the industry. In December 2020, he created a new packaging and apparel line called Artsy. Today, the brand is producing top-notch quality cannabis, investing in local charities and organizations, incubating artists, and projecting their voices to the world.

Despite the accomplishments that Joshua Haupt has snagged under his belt, he shows no sign of slowing down. In the future, he hopes to run a global cannabis brand that provides top-shelf cannabis to consumers and operates in multiple states and countries.

Meet Upon Main Connecting Disney, Star Wars and Marvel fans and Bettering the World

Companionship and having someone to count on that cares are two ingredients that make humans function optimally. This new dating site, Meet Upon Main is waltzing into the scene with the promise of both and is contributing to a better and healthier world through its many initiatives.

Meet Upon Main is a dating platform that targets fans of Disney, Marvel Universe, and Star Wars fans. Founded by Robby Scharfeld, the dating platform helps people foster romantic or friendship relationships. Beyond its commitment to bringing people together, Meet Upon Main also donates a portion of its monthly membership fees to charities to help children with terminal illnesses to visit the Disney Theme Parks.

Building Meet Upon Main was influenced by many fans of Disney, Star Wars and Marvel seeking relationships with people with similar interests. Robby Scharfeld realized it was a unique need that he could meet with a dating site that satisfies that need, and thus, he set out to work on building the platform. His degree in graphic design and connections in the tech world aided Meet Upon Main’s earliest days as the platform sprang to life and hit the ground running with many impressive features.

Meet Upon Main has a functional website with a seamless modern design that enables users to navigate without hassles. “Our goal is to make those magical connections happen, so we focused on building a platform that offers just that. Users can easily find all kinds of relationships with people of like minds and similar interests,” Robby explained. “We want to make the site a one-stop-shop. So, whether you’re looking for a connection, sharing photos and video of your last Disney trip with your friends or if you need advice about where to eat on the Disney property, or soon to come, even booking a Disney trip,” he added.

Although the company is still new, with its website in the beta stages, the team behind its operations has promised more exciting features over the next few months and much more. The company is also working on an expansion to cover more locations and deliver more initiatives to its esteemed users.

Currently, Meet Upon Main is running a promotion for users who join the platform during its website’s beta testing. Any user who joins will get access to all paid features for free and another 30 days free once the website goes fully live. This is to give users a look into the platform’s offering and show them that meeting new people with shared interests does not have to be a challenging thing to achieve.

Over the next few years, Robby Scharfeld and his team sees Meet Upon Main becoming a leading dating platform in the United States (coming to Canada and the UK soon) and beyond for Marvel, Disney and Star Wars fans. The company has no affiliation with those franchises, but it’s giving their religious fans something to change their lives. 

Electoral Map Dispute: US Supreme Court Rejects Republican Appeals

Photo: Clay Banks

The U.S. Supreme Court allowed North Carolina and Pennsylvania electoral maps approved by state courts to be used in place of those supposedly biased towards Republicans. 

As a result, it facilitates Democratic opportunities of retaining the influence of the U.S. House of Representatives in November. 

The juries rejected appeals from Republicans who wanted to postpone lower court verdicts that assumed court-drawn extremities for the 14 and 17 House districts of North Carolina and Pennsylvania, respectively, to change electoral maps designed by Republican-swayed legislatures in both states. 

With President Joe Biden’s co-Democrats barely winning the House on November 8th, Republicans are looking to take back control of this institution. Primary elections will be held on May 17th for Pennsylvania and North Carolina seats.

Conservative judges Samuel Alito, Clarence Thomas, and Neil Gorsuch objected to the action regarding North Carolina, resulting in the court reaching a 6 – 3 conservative majority. 

The U.S.’s voting districts are a subject of intense debate, with many court cases being filed over their structure determined by the national census. Every decade, electoral districts are redrafted to show population changes determined in a national census. 

In most states, the restructure is conducted by the party in power, resulting in map exploitation for partisan benefit. In 2019, the Supreme Court banned federal justices from restraining the practice – of partisan gerrymandering. 

“The North Carolina courts have usurped (the legislature’s) constitutional authority,” wrote the North Carolina Republicans in a court document.

The Republicans referred to the “independent state legislature doctrine” – a once-marginal legal theory. It is getting attention in conservative legal circles and, if passed, would extensively expand politician power over elections. 

They have been subjected to the doctrine that the U.S. Constitution grants legislatures, not state courts or other bodies of the law, control over election rules, such as drafting electoral districts. 

According to Alito, the court-drawn map should have been obstructed by the judges.

“This case presents an exceptionally important and recurring question of constitutional law, namely, the extent of a state court’s authority to reject rules adopted by a state legislature for use in conducting federal elections,” wrote Alito.

Is Gender Discrimination Really Gone? AG Barr defends Idaho’s ban on transgender athletes in women’s sports

Sports are for everyone. 

Sports are universal.

From the very beginning, sports have open opportunities for women to showcase their skills and talents in their respective expertise. However, gender discrimination and biases are still rampant and common stereotypes can be seen always. Although there are so many notable female athletes that made their spot remarkable the close-minded one is still there.

The rise of the LGBTQIA + changed the game. The diversity among the gender and identity of each individuals stirred confusion and misunderstanding on which category they should belong with. Is this a big deal? Yes. Equality plays a role in sportsmanship and it run both ways. If sports cannot recognize the diversity in athletes then it is a problem to be addressed dearly. 

Meanwhile, attorney General Bill Barr defended Idaho’s law that bans transgender athletes from competing in women’s sports. In a statement of interest filed Friday, Barr said, “Allowing biological males to compete in all-female sports is fundamentally unfair to female athletes.”

This statement have erupted controversies and LGBTQIA+ advocates their disapproval and distaste. Petitions were all over the social media and advocates are voicing out and educating people why it is really discriminatory. 

Barr contended that the Equal Protection Clause of the Constitution allows the state to recognize the “physiological differences between biological sexes” in athletics.

“This limitation is based on the same exact interest that allows the creation of sex-specific athletic teams in the first place — namely, the goal of ensuring that biological females have equal athletic opportunities,” Barr explained. “Single-sex athletics is rooted in the reality of biological differences between the sexes and should stay rooted in objective biological fact.”

On March 30, Idaho’s Republican Gov. Brad Little approved the Fairness in Women’s Sports act, which was scheduled to take effect July 1. All girls’ or women’s sports teams would only be open to biological females, not those who identified as women. This controversial law has left nothing but disappointment for athletes with unique identities. As for them, it makes them neglected and uncomfortable. Divisiveness is still rampant and they cannot do anything about for now. Advocates were doing their part to retrieve the declared law that screams of the remarks of discriminatory and unfairness. However the ban applies to all sports teams sponsored by public schools, colleges and universities.

The sponsor of the law, Republican state Rep. Barbara Ehardt, has said allowing transgender athletes on women’s and girls’ teams would negate nearly 50 years of progress women have made since the 1972 Title IX legislation that’s credited with opening up sports to female athletes and, along with it, scholarships and other opportunities.

The American Civil Liberties Union has filed suit against the law, citing violations of the 14th Amendment’s Equal Protection Clause and the Fourth Amendment’s protections against invasions of privacy because of tests required should an athlete’s gender be challenged.

The law “illegally targets women and girls who are transgender and intersex and subjects all female athletes to the possibility of invasive genital and genetic screenings,” said Gabriel Arkles, senior staff attorney with the ACLU.

Conservatives have praised the policymakers who are in favor of this. Nevertheless, athletes felt unsecured with the law especially for the members of LGBTQIA+. These untimely changes left a positive and negative impression towards people in sports and no amount of protest is really effective by now. However, the never ending support of other politicians and public figures with the LGBTQIA+ community are continuously growing. The sympathy and understanding must be above all.