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Understanding the Benefits of Web Scraping

The modern internet is built on a fast exchange of information. A person that has access to the web and its most powerful search engines can go through centuries worth of applicable knowledge. The endless storage of information keeps getting refilled with valuable data so we, the users, can indulge in accessible sources of educational material, entertainment and e-commerce.

Quick transmission of information makes the ever-improving information technologies a great foundation for modern systems that make our lifestyle fast and efficient. Anyone can find and access movies, TV shows, and other forms of entertainment through streaming platforms and social media networks. Companies conduct business tasks, build online shops, and communicate with their client base on internet websites. In the abstract, the web is a colossal structure of data, ones, and zeros that are structured in a way that brings us many pleasures and conveniences of modern life.

It is hard to manage, find appropriate information and reap the benefits from an unimaginable amount of data. To scout and find valuable information, we use web scraping – an automated method of information extraction from chosen websites. Web scrapers extract an HTML code of a page which gets organized into an understandable format with web parsers.

In this article, we talk about automated ways to extract and manage valuable data. Web scraping has many applications, and anyone with little programming knowledge can learn to build a scraper to automate data aggregation. We will discuss web scraping Python frameworks, the extent of their applicability, and how working with them can assist you in your business tasks. Web scraping Python frameworks are very powerful and easily accessible tools that can do wonders in the hands of an experienced data scientist. If you want to learn more about the technical side of data aggregation and the best tools for the job, click here. For now, let’s take a look at the basics of web scraping and its benefits.

Basics of web scraping with Python

Right now, Python is the most popular programming language and the best tool to learn the basics of web scraping. Easily understandable syntax and fast applicability make it a great tool for beginner coders without programming experience.

You can target your first websites with tools in a standard Python library “urllib”, which offers tools to open and read targeted websites. However, with this tool, we only extract the HTML code from a page, which needs to be parsed to make it readable. We can install open-source external frameworks like BeautifulSoup to organize the desired information into an understandable format.

The web is full of collaborative projects that simplify and amplify the process of data extraction. With open-source frameworks like Scrapy, you can build your first web scrapers in a faster, more efficient way. Websites like Wikipedia are a great target to test its extensive features and polish your data extraction skillset.

Benefits of scraping

Once you build enough web scraping experience, you can take up freelancing and assist businesses in data aggregation tasks in lead generation and building dynamic data sets that assist company activity. Upwork is a great example of a website that offers freelance jobs for web scraping enthusiasts. Find a task that suits your skillset and start your freelancing career!

Bigger companies that need a constant stream of information for digital marketing, price intelligence, and other business-related tasks can choose to employ data scientists instead of outsourcing these assignments. Big retailers that run online shops are the main benefactors of data aggregation because they need to keep a watchful eye over their competitors to outfox them and offer the best deals for customers on the market.

The web is a great tool for consumers seeking travel tickets, bookings, and even real estate deals, but the amount of presented information can be overwhelming. To make our lives easier, the modern business environment offers services of aggregator businesses that partner with companies of a particular market and use web scraping to collect all the available deals. With a great team of data scientists behind them, aggregator websites scrape the web and present their visitors with an organized list of the best deals so the consumer does not have to stress and scan the web to find them and avoid unfavorable offers.

Web scraping challenges

Businesses that engage in web scraping face challenges that interrupt data extraction tasks. Aggregator bots are easily identified because they send more data requests than an average user. Target websites use this information to profile their IP address and ban the offender. Although collecting public data is not illegal, businesses employ these protections to protect the functionality of their web page and defend against competitors.

To counteract these limitations and protect their network identity, companies employ residential proxies to keep changing their IP with different addresses during data extraction tasks. With the help of legitimate proxy providers, businesses and private individuals can find the best intermediary servers to protect their web scrapers and continue extracting public data.

Today, web scraping is an immensely valuable skill. Tech-savvy individuals and computer science students should learn about web scraping and the benefits of data aggregation. You can use it for personal gain, benefit from data extraction for your business, work in or even start your own aggregator company. Make sure to learn web scraping and use proxy servers to get the full benefits of available information on the internet.

Ali Choudhri Simplifies the Real Estate Market through Jetall Companies

Real estate is a highly complicated industry and difficult to understand, especially for people who have no basic knowledge about the intricacies of the market and industry. Armed with decades of experience as a Real Estate agent, Ali Choudhri established Jetall Companies to address the most common challenges people face in real estate and make the process of buying, acquiring and selling properties seamless and easy for residents of  Texas.

Through Jetall Companies, Ali Choudhri offers his clients the benefit of sophisticated analytical skills and is committed to providing the highest quality of Real Estate services available in the industry. He aims to represent every client’s interest and provide them with the best possible advice to fulfill their Real Estate needs. For him, the focus is always on commercial real estate. He has designed, built and developed multiple residential communities in Houston, including the tallest single-family home in the state of Texas.

Ali Choudhri is a real estate expert whose proficiency spans areas such as acquisitions, dispositions, joint ventures, financing, development and lending across over 20 years in the industry. As the CEO and founder of Jetall, Ali Choudhri has dedicated his expertise to helping individuals and businesses access choice properties in their preferred locations with little or no complications. 

Mr. Choudhri, as he is popularly known in his business circle, was introduced to the real estate business at the age of 16 by his father. While working for his father, he developed a passion for changing the real estate space and introducing new operational strategies. With the experience garnered, he structured Jetall Companies with systems and strategies that make the entire process of buying, selling and acquisition of real estate properties easy for not just other real estate companies but clients.

Ali Choudhri has designed, built and developed multiple residential communities in Houston, including the tallest single-family home in Texas. As an astute businessman who is vision-driven, Ali Choudhri has invested his personal funds and extensive network to acquire over $1.2 billion of real estate assets. 

Ali Choudhri is best known for closing some of the biggest deals in recent times, many of which were sourced through outright acquisitions of assets, acquiring performing and non-performing notes and REO from servicers, lenders and institutions. Having acquired, developed and managed assets across the United States, Mexico, Europe and Dubai. Ali Choudhri is not resting on his oars as he has his sights set on the next level of possibilities, “I’m passionate about economic growth and employment through real estate development and value creation. I wish to provide solutions that support the changing needs of businesses in our communities” he shared. 

While there is no one-size-fits-all strategy to ease the challenges people face when buying real estate, thanks to his understanding of the market, Ali Choudhri has created a system that works, one that could become the template for many other companies in the future.

“Style your world” Pioneering a New Era in Design, How StyleNations Founder Daniella Menachemson is Changing the Game

The pandemic has exacerbated the need to connect, conduct business, and earn an income without being physically present. The Metaverse provides an attractive solution to meet these growing demands.

This explains why companies are sprouting up across multiple industries to complement the emergence of the metaverse. Many are realizing the cost-effective potential that the metaverse provides to industries that traditionally operate through direct contact.

The hospitality industry has been particularly hard hit during the pandemic. Some have taken the time off to renovate, hoping to make a stronger reemergence post-pandemic. These renovation and design costs only add to the expenses incurred from the ceasing of operations. Lockdowns and government regulations also prolong the design process.

This is where StyleNations is aiming to come in. The Dallas-based custom furniture company specializes in designing, sourcing, and manufacturing bespoke furniture for hospitality and leisure venues. Their unique and high-quality pieces can be spotted across several hotels and restaurants including Marriott Hotels, Ritz Carlton, Wynn, Sheraton, and many more. Part of the reason behind its success for the past 17 years pertains to its deep understanding of the value thoughtful design brings to branding. Bringing venues to life and adding a distinct personality through furniture and interior design is its core mission.

 The CEO of StyleNations, Daniella Menachemson, is a custom furniture maker and environmental design expert. Over the past two decades, she’s remained observant of the shifts in consumer demand, inspiring her to elevate her career and company to the next level. Her approach to design is now met with a hint of anticipation towards the digital age.

The metaverse enhances customer experience

Let’s say you’re a hotel owner that wants to find the perfect centerpiece that makes a dazzling impression on the guests that walk through the lobby. It’s in fact the interior details that really create a lasting brand impression for any establishment. 

The metaverse makes real-time design collaboration easier. Customers can visualize how the pieces will fit into their venues with the precision to scale and color match. For the designer and manufacturer, adjustments times and site visits can be significantly reduced, if not eliminated.

The other client benefit that StyleNations picked up on was the desire for off-shelf furniture. StyleNations gives clients exclusive access to a team of design experts who they can trust with customizing furniture for their venues.

How the design-to-manufacture process will evolve 

The length of time it takes to go from design to manufacturing a product generally takes up to weeks, if not months. This is because adjustments need to be passed back and forth between designers and engineers. Sourcing and shipping time also prolongs this process. 

Now imagine, having a piece of furniture completely manufactured, shipped to the venue only to find out it doesn’t fit exactly. This frustrating occurrence can be avoided with virtual model rooms. 

StyleNations has the flexibility to adapt strategically in the metaverse. “Soon, we won’t have to wait to build and ship to a location to see if the furniture works”, explains Daniella. “We can see it, adapt and make changes instantaneously.”  

Why industries must stay ahead of the curve

Companies that want to survive in the long haul must constantly adapt and pivot in the changing environment and to market demands. Slowly embracing technological changes and planning ahead for it keeps companies primed for tomorrow. 

The metaverse provides a lucrative opportunity for companies to create unique products that satisfy the market’s demand for holding intrinsic value. Creative industries like fashion, design, and architecture have much to gain from the opportunity to innovate within the metaverse. Daniella believes that a metaverse is a place that will bring stakeholders together collaboratively and seamlessly, breaking down obstacles like logistics, travel, and lead times. Her philosophy when it comes to business is “Don’t be afraid of being different. Be afraid of staying the same.”

Just as giants like Nike are leveraging the flexibility enabled by the metaverse to create more elaborate and limited sneaker designs—- StyleNations is bringing its unique angle to furniture design and satisfying the unquenchable desire for hospitality brands to stand out. The main difference is that StyleNations wants to make custom-design furniture friendly for hospitality clients on any type of budget.

Prevention Beats a Cure: Lung Cancer and Home Radon Levels

While most of the leading causes of lung cancer, such as cigarette smoking and secondhand smoke, can be easily identified and avoided, one substantial cause isn’t as easily identifiable: radon gas. Exposure to radon is a dangerous environmental hazard, but a big part of what makes it so frightening is that it is undetectable by the human senses. Sometimes, you won’t know that you have been exposed to dangerous levels until it is too late, which is why it’s essential to be proactive and reduce your risk of radon exposure before it has the chance to affect your health.

According to EPA estimates, radon is the leading cause of lung cancer among non-smokers, resulting in around 21,000 deaths every year. The health hazard posed by radon to smokers is even more substantial because the carcinogenic properties of radon and smoking are synergistic, resulting in smokers being approximately eight times more likely to die of lung cancer.

Lung cancer has one of the lowest survival rates of any form of cancer. For years, doctors have urged people to quit smoking because of its dangers to their physical health. It wasn’t until 2005 that the US Surgeon General issued a national health advisory acknowledging the catastrophic health effects that radon can cause. Homeowners need to take action — and quickly — to help mitigate the effects of radon on their health.

What is radon?

Radon is an inert, colorless, odorless gas, which is a substantial part of what makes it so dangerous. No one can detect the presence of radon by natural means, and as such, testing must be performed to identify what level of radon may be present in a building. Radon is the product of the radioactive decay of trace uranium in rock and soil. While small amounts of radon naturally occur in the atmosphere, when drawn into a building by temperature and pressure differentials, the levels at which radon may be found can be far more dangerous.

When radon gas decays, whether in one’s lungs or within room air, it produces both high energy particles and decay products which are themselves radioactive.   Additionally, in room air, the decay products can attach to easily-inhaled particles such as housedust. When an individual inhales these particles — and the radioactive decay products attached to them — they get lodged in their lungs, allowing them the opportunity to damage and alter DNA, which can then potentially cause lung cancer. These processes are what makes radon such a potent and dangerous carcinogen.

Radon gas can be found in any building, such as homes, apartment buildings, daycare centers, commercial buildings, and even schools. The gas tends to enter buildings through cracks in the foundation due to temperature and pressure “chimney effects,” and then gets trapped in areas of poor ventilation, such as basements. When this gas accumulates to levels above 4 pCi/L, the threshold defined by the EPA, it is vital to take corrective action before the exposure becomes too prolonged.

The importance of continuous radon monitoring

Thankfully, there are professional and consumer tests available to test for and identify the radon levels in your home or building. Knowing this information can be helpful in cases where an individual suspects that they may be exposed to radon at a dangerous level exceeding 4 pCi/L. Still, the reality is that radon levels can be highly volatile, affected by factors such as weather-based atmospheric conditions such as temperature and barometric pressure.

Because of the fluctuating nature of radon levels, a single test — or even a series of tests over a short period — may be ineffective at identifying whether or not you are at risk of radon exposure and developing lung cancer. Instead, you must continuously monitor the radon in your home or building. This often involves a professional coming in and deploying a device that allows them to monitor radon levels, and to recommend mitigation measures when levels pass the EPA’s guideline thresholds.

When radon is present in levels between the ambient outdoor level of 0.4 pCi/L and 2 pCi/L, it can be difficult to reduce it further. However, once levels exceed 2 pCi/L — but especially once they exceed 4 pCi/L — a professional must be brought in to mitigate the levels. This can be done by increasing the home’s ventilation or taking measures to seal cracks and penetrations in slabs or foundations. .

While homeowners would like to think that the radon levels in their homes are likely safe enough, there is no way to know whether you are being exposed to this radioactive gas at harmful levels unless you test for it. The best way to ensure that you are safe from the leading cause of lung cancer among non-smokers is proactive, continuous radon monitoring. If you opt for continuous monitoring, and notice that radon levels are beginning to rise abnormally high, you can take simple measures to increase ventilation, or, if sustained, consult a radon professional. 

Go Team! How A Michigan Student-Athlete Unlocks His NIL With BlockPack’s NFT

Nearly a year has passed since the NCAA announced its game-changing policy that allows student-athletes to benefit from their name, image and likeness, aka “NIL.” Now, thanks to an increasingly popular technology and an innovative startup, student-athletes at the University of Michigan are already reaping the benefits of this change to the NCAA’s NIL policy.

“I am incredibly excited to be part of a cutting-edge program that is on the brink of changing the playing field for college sports,” says Quinten Johnson, a junior defensive back on the University of Michigan football team. Johnson is one of the first student-athletes to sign up for BlockPack, a team-based platform that will allow him, and his teammates, to unleash the value of their NIL.

BlockPack is the brainchild of blockchain entrepreneur and company founder Richard Oh. Simply put, Blockpack is a non-fungible token (NFT) platform designed for teams and organizations to engage with dynamic real-world communities, like university alumni and sports fans. Oh says that college football fans are the perfect demographic for NFTs, which have already made a big splash among NBA fans via the popular online trading platform TopShot.

“College sports represents the dominant form of real-world community engagement in the United States, and we are excited to apply the disruptive community engagement technology of NFTs to benefit student-athletes and their supporters,” Oh says. “We are still in the early days of defining real-world applications for NFTs and we are thrilled to provide a solution that enables forward-thinking college sports teams to generate meaningful income for so many committed student-athletes under the NCAA’s new NIL policy that was adopted last year.”

But the benefits of the new NFT program don’t stop with revenues, according to an interview that defensive back Johnson recently gave to local ABC affiliate WXYZ earlier this month.

“During the pandemic, I started investing, I started learning about investing, which naturally brought me to cryptos, which brought me naturally to NFTs,” the student-athlete told the network. Johnson says that BlockPack was the first platform to highlight the entire team rather than just a few star players, who typically attract the lion’s share of endorsements. He adds that BlockPack is already helping connect supporters and alumni with the team, who are, after all, its biggest fans. In essence, BlockPack provides an always-on digital platform through which fans can show their support and enthusiasm for the team.

That enthusiasm could translate into big bucks for the athletes — and for the school. Blockpack founder Oh says that given University of Michigan Football’s 1.5 million Facebook followers, even a fraction of the team’s fans buying NFTs will create a major marketplace through which student-athletes could profit off their NIL. Additionally, as that marketplace’s community grows, Oh expects the value of the NFTs will go up along with it. In the NFT universe, this automatic price appreciation is known as the “early adopter” advantage, with those who “mint” the NFTs generally getting the best price, followed by the original buyers.

As on the TopShot platform, BlockPack’s NFT buyers will receive a pack of tokens, akin to a digital player card collection. The images might be posed photographs, action shots, or even photos originally taken by fans themselves. The platform’s blockchain, or ledger, will keep track of who owns what cards and facilitate trading via cryptocurrency. BlockPack NFTs may also entitle the owners to special privileges, like admission to VIP fan gatherings. Oh says that because NFTs are minted, sold, and tracked digitally, the opportunities are limitless.

Student-athlete Johnson is not just optimistic, but grateful. “With the NCAA changing the NIL rules last summer, we have seen opportunities for a few people to partake, but have not seen the same opportunities for the team as a whole, until now,” he observes. “I believe this program embodies the concept of what it means to be a part of a football team, as well as have the ability to engage in NIL together.”

Gifted Singer-Songwriter Gabe Griffin’s Inspiring Commitment to Creating Authentic Music

In their desire to find fame, so many aspiring artists resort to reducing their creativity to fit the prescribed formula that audiences like. However, Gabe Griffin knows that this is the biggest blunder any musician can make. After all, making great music is a deeply personal journey that entails its creators baring their souls. As such, the intuitive musician has committed himself to only creating genuine and authentic songs.

Born Gibson Gabriel Gabe Griffin Gerace, the 23-year-old singer and songwriter, is making waves for his heartfelt and honest style. When asked what pushes him to remain faithful to his originality, the insightful man profoundly explained, “When you make music for other people, you often strive to create art that you think people would like, leading to similar-sounding songs with no heart and creativity.”

“Music is subjective! You will never know what someone likes unless they listen to it, and you should share music that is a part of who you are. Artists can’t let what others think dictate how you approach your creative side,” he added.

On top of his awe-inspiring vision, Gabe Griffin is also known for his unmatched eloquence that allows him to pen lyrics that strike the hearts of listeners. His love for poetry began when he was only 15. Two years into honing the craft, his interest continued to grow, and the young creative soon realized he was also passionate about making music.

Because of this, he decided to pursue a music career, and the rest, as they say, is history. He has since composed several captivating singles such as “Sunrise,” “Perspectives,” and “Nature,” all of which are available on various digital platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music.

Aside from his undeniable musical prowess, what helps Gabe Griffin stand out is his commitment to staying true to his creative process and his brand. In fact, all of his releases highlight powerful messages of hope and positivity that aim to uplift their listeners, unlike the typical tracks on the mainstream scene that are only focused on having a replay value. 

In addition, he possesses an incredible mindset and an impeccable work ethic. As a self-professed go-getter, he firmly believes in the importance of doing things today because every opportunity is fleeting. Moreover, he is cognizant that going through the motions is vital in finding out if something will work.

He wisely expressed, “All this hard work in creating music and sharing it with others may not work out in my favor, but I will never know unless I take a leap forward today, not tomorrow, not next year, but right now.”

Armed with this realization, Gabe Griffin aims to continue forging his unique path within the music scene moving forward. Additionally, he aims to push the boundaries of the music scene and show people how songs can impact their listeners. To accomplish this, he plans to create more songs that highlight his distinct style. Above all, the singer-songwriter is steadfast in his vision to champion the importance of authenticity, especially in an industry riddled with superficial standards.

Retail Trader Robinhood to Lay Off 9% Of Workforce

Photo: Reuters

Retail trading platform Robinhood Markets, Inc. announced on Tuesday its decision to lay off about 9% of its full-time employees as shares went down 5% in extended trade.

Robinhood said that the rapid headcount growth has led to duplicate roles and job functions.

The company is set to report its quarterly results later this week.

As of December 31, the company’s total headcount was 3,800.

Robinhood’s convenient interface grew in popularity among young investors trading from home on cryptocurrencies and stocks during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We will continue to accelerate our product momentum through 2022 and will introduce key new products across brokerage, crypto and spending/saving,” Chief Executive Officer Vlad Tenev wrote in a blog post.

Suga Berlyn: Celebrating Success as Singer and Podcast Host

Suga Berlyn is a powerhouse of a woman, and she is not stopping anytime soon. She is multi-faceted and stays at the top of any career path she chooses. Suga Berlyn is a singer, songwriter, entrepreneur, and podcast host. And she pursues her passions while balancing her time and energy for her family. 

Based in Houston, Texas, Suga Berlyn is a singer and songwriter quickly on the rise. Just like she has diverse interests and passions, her music traverses and combines different genres, and Berlyn navigates the intricacies of each genre with ease and brilliant ability. Whether she makes songs that fall under hip hop, R&B, or pop, Suga Berlyn has an excellent command of her craft and her voice, making her a successful newcomer to the music industry. 

Suga Berlyn is known for her sensual vocals and catchy songs. She also writes her music in a way that makes listeners connect to her songs, and some fans even say how they feel a connection to Suga Berlyn herself. Berlyn released her latest single, “No One,” earlier this month. The singer has this to say about her latest song, “This song will be your perfect spring or summer song. That’s the whole vibe. You can dance to it, it’s very catchy, and you and your friends will definitely have a great time playing this song on repeat and singing along to it.”

Aside from her work in music, this talented artist is also one of the Beauty with Shade podcast hosts alongside Titchy and Aurelia Sky. In this podcast, the three strong and passionate women come together to talk about business, travel, wellness, leisure, and everything that modern women enjoy. The show is all about authenticity and sharing good energy with the audience. While Berlyn’s music is an expression of her creativity, this podcast is where her personality shines through more distinctly. “I am confident in myself, in my achievements and my capabilities. And that confidence really motivates the podcast fans,” Berlyn shared, “The podcast is such a fun way for people, especially women, to connect and learn about real-life topics, business tips, and beauty advice. I and my co-hosts are all entrepreneurs, so there’s a lot we can bring to the table when it comes to helping and empowering other women who want to start their own businesses.”

Alongside her creative pursuits, Suga Berlyn also has a head for business. She invested in real estate and put them up on Airbnb. “I had such a good experience as an Airbnb host, and I recently got a Superhost status. That made me really excited because it shows how much effort I have put in to make my properties an ideal place for my clients,” Berlyn said. She also added, “I’m also proud of the fact that I own real estate now, and through it, I get to pass on wealth to my son. It has given me so much peace of mind that I am in a financially secure position in my life.”No matter what she does, Suga Berlyn gives it her best. The singer, songwriter, entrepreneur, and podcast host makes waves in everything she does. “I have so many goals, and I am achieving them one by one. But there is more to come, no doubt about that.”

“A Clean Home Is a Happy Home”: Cleanzen Cleaning Services on Ensuring Cleanliness During a Global Health Crisis

Given the growing need to prioritize cleanliness during this global health crisis, many enterprises have focused their pursuits on the hygiene-centered industry in order to answer to the world’s demands. While today’s economic downturn has dissuaded many companies from establishing a name for themselves, some entrepreneurs and enterprises have gone to great lengths in order to deliver services and products that are proven to be helpful during the COVID-19 pandemic. Cleanzen Cleaning Services is one such entity that is currently taking center stage not only for providing timely cleaning solutions for every household but also for its incredible ability to launch itself to the summits of success. Today, it has become a go-to authority in the cleaning industry, providing individuals and families the protection they need during this global health crisis.

Believing that a clean home is a happy home, Cleanzen Cleaning Services is currently taking the next step to promote hygiene. While thousands of other similarly situated enterprises are focused on generating wealth or gaining fame, this trailblazing entity highlights the significance of quality services without breaking the bank. For this reason, Cleanzen is setting the bar high, delivering success to clients across the State of Chicago.

Established with a passion-driven purpose, Cleanzen Cleaning Services started when the founders were met with a familiar struggle: finding reliable and high-quality maid services across the State of Chicago. Throughout the years, these brilliant minds have experienced all types of unprofessional and subpar services in the market, fueling them to build one of their own. Thus, they breathed life into Cleanzen Cleaning Services.

Cleanzen Cleaning Services is a company that is equipped with a deep-seated love for hygiene and cleanliness. However, this trailblazing entity is more than any ordinary cleaning company. Cleanzen is a platform that connects independent house cleaners with customers across the state, providing a smooth booking process. “We offer a satisfaction guarantee—if you are not happy with the results, we will clean your place again to ensure contentment in our work,” shared one of its founders.

By staying committed to its vision of creating the best and most reliable platform for cleaning services, Cleanzen Cleaning Services is making waves across the industry. This trailblazing entity owes much of its incredible performance to the independent housecleaners that they have handpicked to provide its clients with the best maid services available in the state. “We worked together to create a platform for only the best maid service professionals across the state,” shared its representative. 

On top of the superior quality of work that the cleaning professionals provide, this emerging enterprise also offers one of the fastest booking processes across Chicago. “One can book a cleaning appointment in under two minutes,” explained its founder. “The confirmation also comes within an hour,” they added.

In the years to come, Cleanzen Cleaning Services intends to expand its services, providing more options for various clients across the state. It also aims to offer hundreds of jobs to more independent house cleaners looking to get a job during this global health crisis.

Metaverse Bank MetaFi Built for the Modern Social Trading on Web3

The cryptocurrency world continues to grow, and metaverse applications are quickly following in this uptrend. Accordingly, new projects come out often and promise to bring even greater acceleration towards decentralization efforts. One of the latest projects to come out and to that is MetaFi. 

MetaFi is a Metaverse Bank built for social trading on Web3, and MetaFi is also a gateway to a Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality open trading world: the ultimate Metaverse Bank. It empowers a new community earning layer for the Metaverse.

The fast-rising metaverse concept is growing more and more, drawing new enthusiasts to its mission every day. Now the company is looking for NFT collectors who are looking to find the right community for them. “MetaFi is unlike any other project out right now. Imagine if you combine the gaming aspect of Runescape with the community of WallStreetBets. The MetaFi team has had no budget shortage in developing unrivaled levels of art, videos, and an immersive viewing experience.

Since the first quarter is done already, the quarter two roadmap includes the first IMO on the Metaverse Launchpad, equitable allocations supported by $METAFI staking, and the MetaFi Concept Trailer. Then, for the 3rd phase of their roadmap, they have the MetaFi World Demo launch on the browser, the MetaFi Gameplay Trailer, and Institutional adoption that welcomes non-crypto companies into the metaverse. Finally, for the fourth quarter, Metaverse Bank Alpha Release, a referral campaign for mass adoption, and business development focusing on new Metaverse Bank Clients.

MetaFi is where trading becomes social. Users can display their trades to others in real-time, display their NFT inventory, and have fun chatting. In MetaFi, traders and enthusiasts can curate their personal Metaverse experiences: visit friends, build a home and explore different ways to earn. 

MetaFi World hosts an advanced and futuristic version of the Earth built on Web3. The Multiverse theory explains how different versions of the Earth exist in a parallel universe. MetaFi takes place in an alternate reality Earth-like planet. 

In this fictional world, major cities are divided into zones like DEX, CEX, Launchpad, NFT, Fintech, Guild, Stock, Commodity, etc. The highlight of every city is a Metaverse Bank or a place where metaverse assets are made profitable. 

MetaFi enables traders to choose among different earning opportunities for tokens, NFTs, and land—optimized for the risk-reward appetite of the trader.