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The Authority Playbook: Dillon Kivo’s Guide to Becoming Leaders in One’s Industry

Businesses haven’t been the same since the world was ushered into a new era wherein operations have become more reliant on the digital world. In the PR industry, media has been instrumental in helping companies and individuals thrive. Nobody knows this better than Dillon Kivo, an accomplished expert renowned for helping Fortune 500 companies and some of the biggest names in several industries become leaders. 

Dillon Kivo is the founder of leading PR agency Authority Titans and Kivo Daily Magazine. Millions have recognized his works for his influence in raising sales. He would later receive awards and accolades. While most people waited until their education was over to pursue a professional career, Dillon’s ambitions drove him to start early, resulting in his first PR and marketing agency, the Kivo Media Group. The agency quickly grew and became the fastest-growing digital publication in North America. From there, his career would only get better.

An accomplished individual, Dillon is also renowned as an entrepreneur, speaker, social media influencer, and PR expert. He has also co-authored the award-winning and bestselling marketing guide book The Growth Hacking Book. Recently, he picked up the pen to share more advice with his book, The Authority Playbook: How to Become The #1 Authority in Your Niche.

Published on March 4, 2022, The Authority Playbook lays the foundation for future entrepreneurs and individuals seeking a professional career in the PR industry. In the book, Dillon describes how he dedicated himself to understanding how the digital world works, sharing how leveraging media can play an instrumental role in helping people become authorities in their niche.

The book earned rave reviews from readers, with many sharing how insightful the book can be with such simplicity, making it easier for anyone to digest Dillon’s tips and strategies. In addition, the author received many compliments, with one reader calling him a pioneer and trailblazer in the industry.

“Dillon gets right to the point and doesn’t mess around when it comes to giving value in the book,” wrote one Andrew Weiss.

“Dillon delivers once again with cutting-edge industry insights, strategic branding tips, and actionable strategies on becoming the #1 authority in your niche,” praised reader Austin Zelan.

“If you’re an entrepreneur or thinking about starting a business, you have to get your hands on this book,” urged Juliette L. Moody. “Definitely a page-turner, and I left with so much insight into areas of business I didn’t know anything about. This book is worth its weight in gold, and it’s only 99 cents (the Kindle version).”

The Authority Playbook is Dillon Kivo’s guide for people eager to break away from their nine-to-five jobs and pursue a career that can cement their legacy in their professional endeavors. The book reveals how one can utilize the power of media to transform their businesses and obtain wealth, influence, and freedom. Dillon Kivo shares personal experiences and professional concepts, breaking them down into elements for his readers to digest and quickly apply to their endeavors.

Although the book was only released one month ago, The Authority Playbook quickly gained recognition and became the number 1 best seller in the Media and Communications Industry category on Amazon. While the book has already significantly impacted readers, Dillon’s youth means that there is more to come.

Monique LeClair Shares a Different Side of Her Multi-Venture Life

Too many times, society tends to put people in a box. We’re forced to be one thing and not another. But one inspirational personality is proving that you can be whoever you want to be if you put your heart and soul into it. So now she’s sharing that story with the rest of the world.

Monique LeClair, also known by many as Nick, is a Native American, a full-time nurse in school to become a nurse practitioner, mother, model, and successful actress. In addition, she is a multi-talented host, writer and passionate humanitarian. This amazing woman has a child named Nova Lee Jasper LeClair, born November 15, 2019, and is also the daughter of musician and songwriter Cody Alan Jasper.

The passionate humanitarian wanted to help people at a very early age. However, her family acknowledged that she was always that kid who would always have a heart toward others. One of the fondest childhood memories she had was when she would bring possums off the side of the road after being hit by a car. 

“I was that girl and always helped other family members when they were sick. And compassion and empathy have always come naturally to me”, says the outstanding nurse. As a result, the successful actress grew up as a kind-hearted individual, which allowed her to serve and lead in different ways. 

Monique LeClair’s versatility started when she was still young. Growing up, she was an athlete and was also the only girl on the all-boys varsity wrestling team in high school. In addition, she did weight lifting, tennis, and volleyball.  “I wanted to go into sports medicine, but, when I was about eleven years old, I lost my dad to cancer. He had colon cancer, you know, that had metastasized. And he passed away at the age of 38. And I was eleven. And he had some wonderful nurses that just changed his life and changed my life and made his last few months very comfortable and memorable”, recalls Monique.

Monique LeClair believes touching other people’s lives, in the same way, is a great privilege for her. Being a nurse puts her in a position to help in the most vulnerable hours of people. 

“Aside from being a mother, it is an amazing human experience, so it’s gratifying,” says the compassionate nurse. Monique LeClair became a nurse at the age of 20, and so she started taking College credits before she graduated from high school. She graduated with honors like the National Honor Society in high school, had some college credits, and went straight into the program after high school. She has been a nurse for about twelve years now.

LeClair believes that discovering and pursuing one’s passions are essential to success. “I think the most important thing you have to remember in life is to be true to yourself,” explains Nick. “You have to follow your passions. Of course, you will come across bumps along the way and obstacles. But you just have to know that everything in life happens for a reason. So I have a very diverse and colorful background, but I’m proud of every bit of that I’ve known.”