Maya Comerota on Her Love for Chicago and Finding Her Purpose

From its sophisticated architecture to its well-developed infrastructure, the city of Chicago is hailed for being one of the unique places in the world. Because of its one-of-a-kind key features, people always find living or visiting this area an unforgettable and worthwhile experience. As one of the foremost advocates of Chicago’s grandeur, Maya Comerota, a globally renowned visionary entrepreneur and speaker, talks about her beloved city and the impact it has made on her thriving career.

Maya Comerota, having been married for over fifteen years, could not have asked for a better place to raise her amazing children. In fact, she loves Chicago and enjoys being on Lake Michigan more than anything else. Her favorite spots in the city include Cindy’s Rooftop bar, Avec restaurant, Coast in Bucktown. “I love that my family and I get to have so much fun. There is always something to do in the city,” she exclaimed.

Determined to reach greater heights, Maya Comerota has always been dedicated to her goals and dreams. In an interview, she shared about what led her to Chicago and how it all began.

Back when she was working in Biotech as the Global Head of Innovation, the go-getter was relocated to the company’s head office in Chicago. Unknown to her at that time, relocating would become one of the best things to ever happen to her.

Standing at the pinnacle of her career, Maya Comerota experienced a life-changing car accident that transformed her in ways she could never have imagined. According to her, it was a terrible mishap that left both vehicles totaled. Fortunately, all those involved in the tragedy survived.

“As my car was spinning out of control, I saw a vision of my funeral and I knew that I had not yet done what I came here to do,” Maya Comerota shared. “Deep in my heart, I was aware I had a bigger purpose, and I didn’t want to have any regrets,” she added.

Up until that point, Maya Comerota had been really successful in her career. As a matter of fact, people would think she had it all. However, the visionary always felt something was missing. For this reason, she embarked on a journey geared towards serving others and helping individuals from all walks of life.

With her newfound path, Maya Comerota was supporting over a hundred thousand people worldwide through a global coaching program that yielded incredible results. Despite her outstanding efforts, the luminary was still feeling unfulfilled. 

“At that time, I knew I needed to figure things out and go deeper into the practices and principles I was teaching others. I wanted to be both successful and fulfilled,” she said. “It seemed so simple, and yet, only a few people seemed to have the answers back then.”

On a mission to discover the secret to success and fulfillment, Maya Comerota left her career and started traveling around the world to study and learn from experts in neuroscience, quantum physics, and high performance. “What I learned transformed my life. When you have lived through pain, and you are able to get through it, all you want to do is share it with others, so they don’t have to go through the same pain and suffering. I knew that this was what I was meant to share with the world,” she shared happily.

Today, Maya Comerota is one of the most sought-after transformational teachers and intuitive guides. Her expertise is usually geared towards those who want to live a meaningful life and desire to make a significant impact on the world. She also works with corporations, executives, high-level coaches, and entrepreneurs who long to be the best in their respective fields. She even has group coaching programs to support high-performing women who want it all.

Throughout her career, Maya Comerota has worked alongside incredible people like Tony Robbins, Mary Morrisey, Brendon Burchard, and Dean Graziosi. “I am really grateful for having the privilege and honor of working with some of the most exceptional teachers and coaches in the world,” she said.

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