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Shylo Eckstrom on Being a Survivor and a Thriving Entrepreneur

Among those who leave the most significant impact on this world are people who use their crafts to helping others turn dreams into reality. As facilitators of success and enablers of victory, these individuals have dedicated themselves to encouraging aspirants to step into their light and realize their potential. In the case of Shylo Eckstrom, it is shown how one’s years’ worth of experience can be used as a formative tool in creating leaders in the entrepreneurial landscape. 

Widely acknowledged for her incomparably resilient character, Shylo Eckstrom embarks on a mission grounded on compelling others to become the best versions of themselves. Through her entrepreneurial acumen, this visionary sheds light on what it takes to reach the summit of success. 

Although she is recognized as a laudable figure in the business landscape, Shylo Eckstrom is also a dedicated and loving mother to three amazing children. Proving to be unstoppable at her game, this ball of fire now owns a multi-million dollar business and a rapidly growing brand. On top of that, she is also a highly regarded public speaker. 

Standing at the helm of a thriving and flourishing career, Shylo Eckstrom explains that life has not always been easy for her. As a matter of fact, she had to undergo a series of misfortunes before getting to where she is today. 

Being someone who has been through her fair share of trials and tribulations, Shylo Eckstrom is intimately familiar with extracting valuable lessons from difficult situations and trying circumstances. For this reason, she addressed herself to the challenge of bringing hope to those on the brink of giving up on their dreams due to seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Using her story and previous experiences, she inspires others to keep moving forward and transcend any adversities that come their way. 

If there is one thing that Shylo Eckstrom wants aspiring and success-driven individuals to remember, it is that they should always embrace their authenticity and stay true to themselves. “I am 100% and unapologetically me. However, this wasn’t always the case. I tried to dress and talk a certain way to fit in and be successful. I ended up burning out and felt like a failure,” she said. For this reason, she encourages everyone to take pride in who they are and not get swayed by others’ standards. 

Aside from her skills and abilities, Shylo Eckstrom is acclaimed for her compassionate stance in dealing with clients. “I am passionate about people and their success. My ultimate goal is to help people live the life they deserve,” the luminary said. As someone who has been through the depths of rock bottom, she understands how disheartening it can be to carry on. Thus, she strives to remind others that hardships are nothing but necessary steps in the road to success. 

With no plans of slowing down anytime soon, Shylo Eckstrom recently added a podcast called “Grit & Grace,” where she highlights high-figure entrepreneurs along and engages with real people. In the coming years, this go-getter wants to take her brand to the next level as she reaches global profit-sharing and supports her multi-million dollar team. 

After everything she has been through, Shylo Eckstrom sends across the message that one’s painful experiences in the past have no control over the greatness that awaits in the future. Indeed, anything is possible for those who set their hearts and minds into realizing their dreams. Learn more about Shylo Eckstrom here.

Jonni Apollo, a Rising Latin American Hip-Hop Artist Fueled by His Dreams to Take Center Stage Within the Music Industry

As much as one would like to believe that translating their vision into reality is a piece of cake so long as they pour the time and resources needed to materialize their dreams, numerous roadblocks may stand in their way. For others, it is the lack of financial resources that has hindered them from taking center stage in their target market, while for some, the lack of social support has proven to be disheartening. In the face of the challenges that peppered his way, Jonni Apollo barrelled through. Instead of letting these hurdles stop him, he transformed them into stepping stones from where he could launch off to start making waves in the music scene.

Hailing from Santa Clarita Valley, California, Jonni Apollo is a rising Latin American hip-hop artist who is best known for his well-delivered lines, quick tongue, and intricate rhyme patterns. Quickly being considered an elite in the scene, he is on track to securing a coveted spot in the heavily saturated and increasingly demanding music industry. 

Ever since he was young, Jonni Apollo had set his eyes on standing before a crowd and in the spotlight. With his affinity for rhythms and beats, he demonstrated the potential to make a mark as a musician one day. However, the road that led him to where he is currently was nowhere near smooth. Like countless aspirants worldwide, this go-getter experienced having doors shut in his face. Over the course of his career, he had to contend with the reality that success does not come easy, and only those with the privileges could easily make a name for themselves.

Setting an example for other dreamers to follow, Jonni Apollo did not give up on his dream. He clung to them, holding on to the clearcut vision of the future he wanted to achieve despite the odds. Years down the road, he is now capturing the interest of listeners worldwide and building a loyal fanbase of supporters. This emerging star, boasting a distinctive discography, succeeded to impress through his song and album named “Chains of Apollo.”

Apart from taking the necessary steps closer to the forefront of the industry as an artist, Jonni Apollo is also proving to be a multifaceted personality with the launch of his record label. The self-starter first introduced his venture as CFA Records, adopting his song and album title and plastering it on his brainchild. Eventually, he soon changed it, and now, he takes pride in spearheading a company that is bound to make an impact — CFAM Records, also known as Creating Finances and Music Records. 

Without a doubt, Jonni Apollo is just getting started. In the future, more projects are expected from this passion-fueled figure. With plans to expand his discography in the future, he is on track to having his long-held dreams come to fruition. As he continues carving a path toward the summit of the music industry both with his music and company, he hopes to inspire others into chasing their dreams. 

Learn more about Jonni Apollo by visiting his website.

Sammy Rovalino and His Mission to Guide Young Go-Getters Toward Financial Security

The economic crisis of the past, coupled with the realities caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and people’s daily experiences involving money, has driven home the point that securing financial stability is a priority. For those who are aiming to build generational wealth and obtain the ability to provide for oneself and one’s family without any troubles, entering the entrepreneurial realm as well as investing have proven to be ideal. However, countless aspiring entrepreneurs and investors have fallen prey to misinformation. Additionally, some have failed to translate their money-related vision into reality because they did not seek proper information enough. Banking on his expertise and experience in the commercial space, Sammy Rovalino has stepped up to serve as a guiding hand for individuals on a journey toward financial security. 

Since he started advising people on how to invest in stocks and generate a sustainable income back in 2020, Sammy Rovalino has enabled the success of numerous go-getters. The establishment of his finance-centered YouTube channel rests on the acknowledgment that existing gaps are hindering young people, in particular, from achieving their financial objectives. One of these roadblocks has less to do with the saturation of knowledge and more about how challenging these pieces of information are to grasp. 

“When I first embarked in the area of financial investments, I wanted to learn through ways that are simple, fast, and effective. I would have liked to have access to insightful content on YouTube. While doing a market study, I found out that there is a lack of financial education opportunities for young people. There is a need, as well, for the kind of content that not only encourages and attracts young people to learn about investing money but also keeps them engaged,” expounds Sammy Rovalino. These observations led to the launch of his awareness-raising platform on Youtube. Today, the fast-growing channel by this writer, software engineer contractor, and land developer, is making it possible for individuals to learn the nitty-gritty of the commercial world.

Established for the purpose of equipping viewers with the knowledge and skills they need to manage money more effectively and execute well-informed financial decisions, Sammy Rovalino’s channel has managed to distinguish itself from a plethora of other platforms thanks to the extent to which it provides financial advice. In addition, it has risen through the ranks because it explains financial concepts in entertaining ways, incorporating humor into topics that may easily bore the average learner. 

Given his passion for finance, in general, and his commitment to giving people the opportunity to become more financially competent, Sammy Rovalino is expected to reach greater heights in the coming years. His content-rich platform is set to take center stage, as well, in the near future because of its ability to explain the methodologies one can use to attain financial freedom in ways that are easy to understand. Through his channel and his other initiatives in promoting financial education, the emerging powerhouse hopes that more self-starters and aspirants get to materialize their dreams into reality.

Learn more about Sammy Rovalino by visiting his YouTube channel.

Shawn Fair Provides Coach Tia Monique With the Opportunity to Take the Stage and Share Her Story

Shawn Fair is a name that most speakers are familiar with. A member of the Forbes Coaching Council and founder of the Leadership Experience Tour program, he is one of the most sought-after consultants for major companies. Such is his reputation that companies from the United States, Canada, and Europe seek his guidance. Shawn’s genuine & personal coaching and training service has helped boost him as a top choice in the training industry.

As a leader and consultant, Shawn Fair incorporates a unique technique that guides leaders to identify their blind spots. His training program has reached over 300,000 leaders in the United States and abroad. Shawn attributes his success to his comprehensive and first-hand experience in the corporate world, molding an efficient trainer for companies and individuals.

The Leadership Experience Tour program is an exclusive club that Shawn created exclusively for speakers. Aspiring entrants have the opportunity to join by undergoing a rigorous audition process. Once they get through, they have the privilege of gaining a column on the Speakers Magazine and appear in one of five virtual leadership shows produced by the Fair Consulting Group. Among the most recent additions to Shawn Fair’s platform for speakers is Coach Tia Monique.

Coach Tia Monique is the CEO of Let It Out Academy, a school for aspiring authors, that offers courses to help them write their own books. A wife, mother of six, and ordained leader, Tia was able to push on with her work despite being unable to stand or walk for the last nine years. Although the neuropathy and paralysis would have rendered most people feeling broken, Tia did not let the obstacle stop her from obtaining success. She became an award-winning, international bestselling author even as she mentored other bestselling authors.

Early last year, Tia’s success and business came to an abrupt halt as she was required to undergo emergency surgery to remove necrotizing fasciitis. There she would discover that she had tested positive for Covid-19, bringing in more challenges. Tia’s body shut down, forcing her into a cycle of uncertainties with her life hanging by a thread. 

Coach Tia Monique would spend more than ninety days in hospitals, rehab, physical, occupational, and speech therapy. She was determined to fight back and rebuild her life and her business. “I am a poster child displaying triumph, encouraging others not to give up. If I can make it despite many limitations, they can make it too!” she proudly proclaimed, “God had a plan for me because He kept me here while others died all around me. A part of His plan is for me to help others live and win.”

Since making her return, Coach Tia Monique hopes to travel to take the big stage to speak and motivate others, inspiring them to fight to win despite their obstacles. She is driven to help mold at least 5,000 award-winning, bestselling authors and speakers who can use their position to eradicate poverty in their lives.

Learn more about Shawn Fair by visiting his official website. You can also reach out to Coach Tia Monique through her website.

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