DUBAI LEAF Redefining Beauty and Boosting Confidence with Quality Products and Services

Confidence is one of man’s biggest adornments, and physical looks cannot be discounted from the things that contribute to part of a person’s self-esteem. DUBAI LEAF is a brand that cares about the beauty, looks and confidence of its customers and actively works hard to ensure they not only look good but feel good. Offering premium 24K gold treatments, cosmetics and tools, DUBAI LEAF has established itself as the go-to place for people who want to get a reboot on their wellness. The company came to life when the owners traveled to Dubai and saw everyone getting 24K pure gold facial treatment. This piqued their interest, and they immediately began working on building a brand that could offer a similar service to all with the firm belief that all deserve high-quality care.

The company’s goal is to attract every customer type to patronize its services and products and derive satisfaction from them. DUBAI LEAF has a mission of redefining beauty through quality products that work and boost confidence. Founded by Haveen Sindi the creative, DUBAI LEAF boasts of some noteworthy products and services, one of which is the Pure Gold Plus Hydrogel Eye Masks, which nominees and media teams will receive as souvenirs at the 2021 Gold Globe and Grammy Awards. 

DUBAI LEAF is safety-compliant. It prides itself on the all natural ingredients that make up each of its products, such as Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin A and C, new and trendy fruit and flower extracts, of watermelon, plum, honeysuckle and more. The company targets people who are passionate about health, wellness, beauty, self-care and cosmetics. On the competitive value that DUBAI LEAF offers, Haveen Sindi says, “Before DUBAI LEAF came to life, I carried out some extensive research and found that no brand offered the type of service I had in mind. Either their audience was for “the elite,” or it lacked that exciting value. Outwardly, we are a smart, cool, and forward-thinking brand. Once you get to know us, the intent of our products is to have others believe that they are caring for themselves first then project that happiness to all those that surrounds them. We place a premium on self-care and wellness.”

Building a brand for Haveen Sindi was just a way for her to share the things she loves with other people while creating a fun and social outlet where people can enjoy themselves and feel appreciated. DUBAI LEAF was established to give others a chance to take better care of themselves through affordable luxury. As an entrepreneur passionate about creating value, Haveen Sindi set out to do exactly that with his company while giving people the confidence boost they need to smash their goals.

Her five-year goal is to see DUBAI LEAF holding all the essential beauty products in stores nationally and internationally. She wants to see DUBAI LEAF as the gold standard for quality beauty and skincare products. “I want there to be an engraved connotation that when you see a person using DUBAI LEAF products that they want the best for themselves and others,” Haveen says. As the company continues to grow and acquire more customers, Haveen looks forward to a bright future with a long line of products that will revolutionize the beauty industry while holding on to those traditional ways that stood the test of time.

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