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How Original Goose Country Went From Being a Small Retail Store to an Entrepreneurial Powerhouse

Not every aspiring business mogul has the luxury of seamlessly establishing their name without having to surpass countless insurmountable obstacles along the way. While others are armed with an arsenal of resources and support that they need at the beginning of their pursuits, some have to trudge a number of hardships in order to reach the summits of their chosen fields. This circumstance is an all-too-familiar scene for serial entrepreneur and trailblazing founder of Original Goose Country, Harsimran Bhatia.

This self-made entrepreneur has earned countless recognitions for her successes, abilities, expertise, and work ethic. Her efforts of transforming visions into actions have impressed industry authorities and aspirants because of how Harsimran Bhatia built her company from the ground-up. As she continues to stand at the forefront of her budding enterprise, Harsimran hopes to send a message of hope for those budding entrepreneurs who are struggling to get ahead.

As an immigrant from India with nothing but an American dream and a persevering spirit in her pockets, Harsimran Bhatia made it her mission to translate her seemingly far-reaching dream into a reality. Along with her husband, Harsimran opened up a small retail store that primarily sold clothes and jewelry. 

This little step of opening a retail store has indeed demonstrated Harsimran Bhatia’s propensity towards entrepreneurship. When the 1990s launched the trend of leather garments, Harsimran jumped the first train towards the craze. This exploration enabled her to expand her business, which led to the birth of Original Goose Country. By the years 1996 and 1997, Harsimran was able to grow her enterprise, reaching the twenty millionth mark in annual sales and profits.

Without a doubt, Original Goose Country has been making waves in the fashion industry since its establishment with its trendsetting garments, unique leather apparel, and brilliant founders. However, things began to turn for the worse when Harsiman Bhatia’s husband started to suffer from a stroke.

Having been greeted with adversities in the middle of her successes, Harsimran Bhatia did not allow these tribulations to overpower her dreams. Fueled by the determination to change her circumstances and improve the lives of her family, Harsimran persevered until Original Goose Country garnered enough traction to get itself back on the map. However, this promising enterprise suffered losses again as the economic downturn of 2008 had massively pushed them towards the edge. Refusing to throw the towel, Harsimran catapulted her enterprise to the pinnacle of greatness with the help of her talented son, Deep Bhatia.

In 2018, Original Goose Country managed to pull itself from the depths of failure while gaining massive fame worldwide. With notable figures wearing the brand’s intricate leather jackets, Goose Country has become one of the most sought-after retail companies across several industries. The teamwork demonstrated by the Bhatia family has proven itself to be worthy of its reputable name.

Although Original Goose Country is still in its first phases of business growth, Harsimran sees a bright future for her rapidly rising enterprise. In the coming years, the founder and her son hope to expand their venture across the globe.

With everything that has happened behind Original Goose Country’s success, the founder wishes to remind everyone that victories are still possible for those who are struggling to get ahead. All it needs is the right amount of grit, passion, and dedication to keep people going.To know more about Original Goose Country, you may visit its website.

Nour Atta Making the Next Generation of Millionaires through Trading

Making millions in today’s world is no longer unachievable as wealth-building opportunities abound all over the place. Stock trading is one of the most rewarding ventures that many people are either ignorant about or do not bother to learn the ropes. Nour Atta found the hack, tested the waters, reaped the rewards and decided not to hold his cards to his chest. Seeing the need for more people to gain financial freedom through the many possible ways, he made his trading strategies and secrets open.

He built a community where traders can come together and help one another make profits in trading. Through his establishment, Stock Hours LLC, Nour Atta has created an informal mode of education that schools do not provide. He shares daily insights and tips that people can use to achieve effective day-trading and be in profit every day. He created a chat room where he posts trade ideas every morning, hosts lessons between 3 and 5 times a week, and signals his entries live on voice and many more valuable offerings. In 2020 alone, his students generated more than $7,000,000 in profits, which is quite unprecedented in many forex trading schools.

Nour Atta has been a trader for five years and is now a 21-year old millionaire. His journey started when he worked as an intern on Wall Street, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that he put to good use. He did some clerical and admin work but also took his time to observe how professional traders worked daily using proven strategies to win the markets. Nour got drawn to the profession, and he began to save towards building a career in trading. Within six months, he already created an account and started putting money into trades. From that point forward, Nour Atta never looked back.

“In my trading journey, I have had my fair share of ups and downs, but staying consistent has helped me build my experience a lot. Today, I can confidently put other people on this path, and I’m happy to do that for as many people as possible if they are willing to learn,” Nour says. Stock Hours LLC has been training people since 2018, but the company made its mark in 2020 when it reported profits to the tune of $7 million in total. During a pandemic and a time when the entire world was in a financial crunch, Nour Atta’s work was impossible to ignore.

Nour has committed himself to providing his followers and students with tons of valuable content on YouTube and Instagram. He takes every opportunity to teach and continually takes up more people under his tutelage to learn the best trading practices and insights. Nour’s five-year goal is to launch his own hedge fund while still helping more become expert traders. He hopes to keep sharing valuable knowledge and pitching in actionable help to help as many people gain financial freedom and real independent trading skills that they can pass on to other people.

Learn more about Nour Atta on his official website, Instagram handle, and YouTube channel.