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Hoss Co. Inspires Individuals to Become Better Versions of Themselves

A significant number of people have gone over and beyond to become better versions of themselves in order to translate dreams into reality. Time and again, those who have managed to transcend limits serve as genuine attestations that success favors those who strive to grow continuously. However, such a great endeavor comes with countless obstacles that one might find difficult to overcome, especially when a person lacks the in-depth knowledge to conquer challenges. Without guidance, people are in danger of befalling to the deadly plateau of stagnation. For this reason, Hoss Co. steps up to serve as a beacon of hope for those who aspire to get ahead in life.

In recognition of the innumerable people in need of guidance to develop their strengths and harness their potentials, Hoss Co. uses its impressive platform to inspire others to break barriers and improve themselves. Through its forward-thinking methods, it comes as no surprise how this brand has been turning heads in the realms of fashion and sports. However, the team behind Hoss Co. explains that the brand is more than what meets the eye.

Armed with a goal of leading the next generation of hopefuls towards the pinnacles of victory, Hoss Co. goes the extra mile by smashing fashion with a purpose. Unlike other competitors in the industry, this athletic apparel brand boasts colors that exude excellence, confidence, and style. It embodies inspiring qualities dedicated to taking individuals from all walks of life to greater heights.

Driving this company forward is the founding team’s emphasis on what it means to transcend limits and exceed expectations by becoming “The Hoss.” Hoss, a term used as slang in the south of the United States, is a strong, respected, and dependable man who is ready to face uncertainties and conquer challenges. Hoss Co. is set to become an instrument of change for aspirants across the state of Chicago by embodying the strength behind the meaning of Hoss to the brand’s ideals.

Besides the noble purpose that fuels this trailblazing company, Hoss Co. takes pride in its commitment to delivering comfortable apparel and high-quality products. Made from materials that are intelligently-sourced, its products take customer experience to another level. From customized athletic fashion wear to redolent colognes, the company wholly and seamlessly carries out its vision of encouraging individuals to greater heights.

Because of its flawless interplay of method and purpose, Hoss Co. has continuously broken barriers as it takes the industry by storm. As a matter of fact, some notable Chicagoan athletes from both major and minor leagues in the sports arena have joined the company’s cause in transforming the next generation of aspirations towards becoming better. Proving to be unstoppable, Hoss is set to release a new athletic shirt line that embodies hope, brilliance, strength, and diversity.

At its core, Hoss Co. is fueled by the desire to create avenues that mobilize people towards making things happen. Through its product line and growing company image, it hopes to secure a more reputable standing across the industry that genuinely motivates people to become better and rise above.

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Marguerite T. Martin’s Unconventional Journey to Self Fulfillment

For most people, getting started on a professional journey is directed at having a more conventional and socially acceptable career. However, choosing an unconventional career path that fully satisfies one’s inner desire is no small feat as it requires a series of calculated steps and sacrifices. Marguerite T. Martin is now setting the trend for career fulfillment and happiness as one brave enough to follow the yearnings of her heart.

Marguerite T. Martin is a Haitian-native born and raised in Miami, Florida. Growing up, Marguerite had a religious upbringing as her father is the head pastor of the South Miami Heights Haitian Baptist Mission Emmanuel. Marguerite towed the conventional path seeking fulfillment and happiness as a child born into a devout Christian home. 

In the early 2000s, she worked as a video vixen for various artists, yet the empty void of dissatisfaction remained. As a proactive young woman, Marguerite had an idea that attending college and working a 9-5 job might bring her happiness, and so she started her journey through college. 

Several accomplishments followed her decision as she graduated in 2012 from Miami Dade College with an Associate’s Degree in Accounting and bagged a  Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from Ashford University in 2013. Going further in her education, Marguerite sought and graduated with a Master’s Degree in Finance from Ashford University’s Forbes Business School. She then returned to obtain another Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management.

Like every fresh graduate after getting their college degree, Marguerite was faced with the big question of what to do next. After a stint in the corporate world, Marguerite T. Martin noted the disconnect between employees and human resources management. “The human resources management department is supposed to be a haven for employees, but I noticed that was not the case,” Marguerite explained. Marguerite sought to develop a software product that any organization can use to provide a solution to this disconnect, but her limited knowledge of tech thwarted her plans.

After leaving her last job, Marguerite was out of work for several months, and employers were not interested in hiring a person with no current Accounting or Human Resources experience. After months of rejections from the corporate world, Marguerite admitted that although all the degrees she acquired have helped her personal life immensely, she still wanted more out of life. 

She banked on her previous experience as a video vixen and a natural talent for performing in front of the camera to switch careers and became a Camgirl and a stripper. As expected, her decision was frowned upon by her parents, but Marguerite stood firm on her choice as she had finally found happiness.

One of the many unique things about Marguerite T. Martin is her innate ability to stay motivated and inspired despite all challenges life threw her way. She is now on a mission to rebrand herself, actively working towards gathering resources to execute her numerous ideas and bring comfort to people around her.

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