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Top 3 Promotions Paves the Way for an Active Lifestyle Through Basketball Tourneys

Like most things, technology has its pros and cons. On the one hand, it has introduced a plethora of practical and convenient solutions that have made millions of lives easier. On the other hand, it has contributed to the increase in a sedentary lifestyle. Taking heed of the adverse effects technological advances have on society, up-and-coming fitness powerhouse Top 3 Promotions strives to revive people’s waning enthusiasm over physical activities. 

Widely acknowledged for its unyielding advocacy of health and fitness, Top 3 Promotions stands as a platform where people can get active and fuel their love for basketball and fellowship. This revolutionary program has committed itself to come up with highly engaging and interesting ways to encourage more and more individuals to move their bodies and participate in physical activities. 

Having gained recognition for making an impact on the industry, Top 3 Promotions owes its success to its founder, John H. Atkinson. This visionary leader is an avid basketball fan who enjoys creating and hosting tournaments for the sport. He wanted to see others ignite their passion for sports and get physically active on the court again. As a result, he created his brainchild. 

In an interview, Atkinson shared that Top 3 Promotions is geared towards those who are passionate about basketball but do not have the time to dip their toes into playing the sport again. The program’s goal is to provide these people with the opportunity to remain active. It accomplishes its mission by bringing states together via the hardwood with competitive basketball and fellowship. It wants nothing more than to reach young adults one jumpshot at a time.

Headed by Atkinson, Top 3 Promotions is dedicated to facilitating a fierce environment that is still fun for the members and staff. Aside from being one of the foremost advocates of basketball, this veteran-owned and operated organization also proves to take an ethical stance by giving back to the community through affordable fitness and recreation. 

“In an age where our youth are more inclined to spend their day indoors playing video games,” John Atkinson said. “I want to show everyone it’s still fun to get out and be active. Let’s teach our youth the values of playing on a team and why competitive sports are good for motivating themselves to do better in both their personal and professional life. And for us adults, we still need to get out and be active,” he added.

Every now and then, one would hear about basketball tournaments being held in the local area. Despite not being a new concept, these events are being revolutionized by Top 3 Promotions in the most engaging and innovative way possible. The program proves to be more than a weekend event and goes the extra mile by covering the state to invite the best teams. Although its primary focus is on adults, it also takes effort in reaching out to the youth. 

In the coming years, Top 3 Promotions hopes to run tournaments in the lower forty-eight states. Determined to establish a reputable standing in the basketball realm, it aims to light a fire in people and remind them to make the most of their lives by staying active. 

Learn more about Top 3 Promotions by visiting its website or Facebook page. 

Shariece Williams Turned Her Negative Trigger Into a Positive Drive to Impact the Youth Through Her Book Series

Children’s books are essential tools in educating the youth. They are used to promote vocabulary enhancement, provide entertainment, and develop emotional intelligence & creativity. Children’s books often plant a seed in the youth, giving them a dream that grows with them as they get older. Shariece M. Williams is a children’s book author who uses her series to implement essential life lessons for the youth.

Shariece Williams was born in Vallejo, California. Growing up, she was always told that her dreams were overly ambitious, and she could not realize them. Like most children, the discouragement left a negative impression on her. However, the negative turned her trigger into a positive drive, one that she would put to use by working with the youth and positively impacting as many children’s lives as she could. 

All the doubts and voices tell her “No” only fueled her passion and drive to accomplish her goals. Williams became more determined to work harder, developed a dedication to everything she did, never giving up, and being consistent. She persevered even through the private moments when she felt like she had failed multiple times.

Shariece Williams spent a lot of time researching how she could turn her dreams into a reality, going into many different ventures. But no matter where she ended up, Williams always found herself geared back to her passion — the youth. She developed a dream to write a children’s book one day that would inspire and motivate children, letting them know that no matter how hard it gets, they should never give up and work hard.

From her teen years to adulthood, Williams became passionate about working with the youth. She would coach sports, music, dancing, cheerleading, gymnastics, mentoring, and more. Williams received an M.A. in Education at Norfolk State University in Norfolk, Virginia. She would later work with the youth globally, going beyond America and pursuing her passion in China, Germany, France, and Italy. Having done many great things, Williams found love back in the United States, where she currently resides with her husband, son, and daughter in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

A licensed educator, Williams would go back to her dream of writing a children’s book. She self-publishes her own series titled Princess Heart and Penny D, which would teach children how to interact from home and motivate & inspire them to remain undeterred with a never-give-up attitude. Upon starting a family of her own and raising her children, Williams was inspired to base the characters in her book on her family. She published four children’s books in a span of six months and was featured in local news channels in Las Vegas with her books available in Walmart.

As the pandemic continues to loom over the globe, Shariece William is hopeful that her book series will provide self-teaching motivation and empowerment skills that can be passed down from one generation to the next. Additionally, Williams has dedicated her time to coach children and adults who are interested in self-publishing.

Shariece Williams will continue building and completing the rest of her series. With many of her dreams already realized, she has set her sights on opening a youth fun fitness center that offers extracurricular activities and more.

To learn more about Shariece Williams, you may visit her website.