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Hip-Hop Artist 2K Pounce Juno Spreading Cheer With Carribean Style of Music

Music is a powerful tool. The interwoven structure of sound, style and lyrics effectively conveying deep emotions. Music as a tool for conveying messages and emotions was quite evident in the year 2020 as the eventful year tried the strength and resilience of many. Prominent among the musical artists that make music to help people cope especially during these uncertain times is 2K Ponce Juno who continues to take the world of Hip Hop by storm, changing the status quo as he reaches over the boundaries of music.

Originally from the Staten Island of New York, 2K Ponce Juno is carving out a global niche from himself in the music scenes. He found his passion for music at a tender age influenced heavily by his musically-inclined family. His sister especially played a major role when she introduced him to hip-hop and reggae music and encouraged him to participate in the West Indian tradition of Carnival. In addition, his innate talent for playing musical instruments was influenced by his brother and father. In an interview, he stated “Music is in my blood. This is just what I do.” He is now renowned as an Hip-Hop artist unique for his authentic blend of Caribbean New York influence in his songs. 

Despite his early start in the music industry, success did not come until later, but the 2K Pounce considers the years as a practice which molded him into the artist he is today. As a result of the hard work and dedication, 2K Pounce Juno is now a professional artist of Sony Music Group/The Orchard and High Performance Records. In 2012 alone, he released his first-ever project titled “Chicken Grease ‘N Grits” which was well-received by the audience, and gained more than three thousand hits on Datpiff. His first album launch titled “Concrete” was also well received by fans, the deep lyrics and sound gaining him wide acclaim and catapulted his career. Before the pandemic halted the world, his music could be heard blaring from public spaces as it grew in popularity.

The waves made by 2K Ponce Juno in the music industry did not go unnoticed and his dauntless effort led to the opportunity of him becoming part of Sony/Orchard and Mo Thugs Family’s America’s Most Blunted Tour. However, due to the pandemic the event could not hold. Undeterred, 2K continues to create sweet tunes and recently released his new single titled, “Go Pretty Girl Remix” featuring artists such as Double K and Beenie Man. The song was played repeatedly on mainstream radio stations such as Hot 97.1, Suncity 104.9 FM, Irie FM Ochos Rios Jamaica, and Drtybsmnt Radio. 

Aside from being a successful musician, 2K Pounce Juno is also a professional with the mind of a businessman. He is the owner and founder of Ellipse Group Records Global LLC which is a home for up and coming hip-hop artists. The company has various subsidiaries namely Star Music Group LLC and EGR Global Music Publishing.

To be in the loop about 2K Ponce Juno’s music releases, you may visit his official website.

Celebrity Chef Carlos Brown Helping the Next Generation

Best known as the celebrity chef inducted into the Smithsonian African-American Museum for his authentic shrimp and grits dish and for working alongside famous personalities such as Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Viola Davis, Whoopi Goldberg and Shaquille O’Neal, Chef Carlos Brown currently stands as an inspiration in the culinary world so much so that he was even honored with “Chef Carlos Brown Day,” which happens every August 23 in Charleston, South Carolina. Aside from all of his accolades, Chef Carlos has a heart for youth, special needs children and families. 

Through his nonprofit C3 International Culinary Camp, Inc., Chef Carlos hosts a training camp for children aspiring to explore their passion for the food industry. Along with highly-trained chefs and food experts, Chef Carlos teaches the campers the fundamentals of preparing dishes ranging from appetizers, salads and entrees to desserts. Children get to explore daily themes with the chance to showcase the skills they learn in the kitchen through hands-on and practical demonstrations, cooking games, and finally, in the Chef Challenge competition.

Aside from mastering skills in the kitchen, C3 International Culinary Camp, Inc. goes over and beyond as it teaches its students several life skills, including effective communication, social responsibility, goal setting and business etiquette. Overall, the organization hopes to use the culinary craft to further develop and influence the appreciation of how food is viewed and consumed with the freedom to experience food as an art that creates fun moments, meaningful connections and special experiences.

The visionary behind the nonprofit is also the restaurateur of Shrimp & Grits Cafe, a Lowcountry and bistro dining experience. Coming from humble beginnings of working in his mother’s kitchen, Chef Carlos first started his culinary career in the dish room of a local restaurant. He worked his way up, envisioning a bright future in the hospitality industry. As fate would have it, award-winning actor Jim Carey tasted one of his dishes and requested him to be his private chef. Soon, Chef Carlos found himself cooking master dishes for Tyler Perry, Ray Lewis and many more Hollywood stars. 

Over time, Chef Carlos has proven to be one of the most talented chefs in the country. His exceptional gift in the kitchen is signified by numerous awards including the 2020 National Black Chefs Culinary Excellence Award, American Culinary Federation Award, the Diamond Culinary Medal and the Kingston Chef Scholastic Award. 

For Chef Carlos, his passion for the culinary world would not be complete without advancing his lifelong advocacy of helping youth realize their culinary dreams. He is committed to giving back and making a difference in the community and hopes to inspire the next generation of chefs to explore their talent and highest potential.

Learn more about Chef Carlos Brown by visiting his website.

The Delaware Nation Lenni Lenape Announces Appointment of Daniel “StrongWalker” Thomas to Combat Corporations Posing as Indigenous Nations (CPAIN)

The Delaware Nation Lenni Lenape People, in efforts to protect Lenapehoking (the Lenape word for their homelands) from the growing threat of Corporations Posing as Indigenous Nations (CPAIN) have appointed their Hereditary Chief, Daniel “StongWalker” Thomas, as the official tribal representative to “combat” the rising threat.

“The forced removal of the Lenape People from Lenapehoking, combined with continued exclusion from contemporary events and happenings, has resulted in various Corporations Posing as Indigenous Nations (CPAIN) groups seizing claim to Lenape history, spirituality and culture” said Chief Daniel StrongWalker Thomas. “These organizations vary in structure, sophistication, stated purpose, and funding, yet all mask their theft within a robe of cultural preservation and unproven indigenous lineage. If a ‘pretendian’ is an individual who falsely claims indigenous lineage, than CPAIN is what happens when a group of them decide to form a corporation, usually a non-profit, and pass it off to the public as a tribe.” 

In the capacity of combating CPAIN, Chief Daniel StrongWalker Thomas will serve as a bridge builder with other federally recognized Indian nations, politicians, and educators  as well as a conduit of communications for authentic allies who wish to support the true Lenape people.  

“Indigenous people come in all shades and complexions; it is impossible to determine who is truly Native based on appearance. This is not an initiative to further the color divide within Indian country. There is simply a process to become an enrolled tribal member, if someone doesn’t meet the criteria for enrollment, then what would give them authority to create their own ‘tribe?’” asks Chief Daniel StrongWalker Thomas. “This is an initiative to preserve our identity and protect our homelands. We are also hoping to protect our well-meaning allies from falling victim as they often donate their land, time, energy and funds to these CPAIN frauds.” 

In 1682, the Lenape, signed the famous treaty with William Penn and on September 17,1778 the Delaware Lenape became the first Nation to sign a treaty with the United States of America. However, by the turn of the 19th century, Chief Daniel StrongWalker Thomas’ band had only 90 souls. Today the original people of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and the Berkshires in Massachusetts find themselves connected by culture, family and heritage but separated into 5 different communities in three different states and two countries: 

The Delaware Nation Lenni Lenape, Anadarko, OK 

The Delaware Tribe of Indians, Bartlesville, OK

The Stockbridge Munsee Mohican Nation, Bowler, WI

The Delaware Nation at Moravian town, Ontario, CA

The Munsee Delaware, Ontario, CA

“After extensive efforts and research, the Delaware Nation says with confidence and without a doubt, that no Lenape were left behind! In the combined wisdom of the Delaware Nations, President Deborah Dotson, and our Executive Council, it was determined the damage done to authentic Lenape communities and our allies by CPAIN has reached a point that we must unify and fight back. The pow-wow hobbyists of the ’70s and ’80s have come together, incorporated, called themselves tribes and now number in the tens of thousands. We need to make a collective stand now before the landscape of Indian country is overrun by CPAIN and there will be no telling who is authentic and who is not,” warns Chief Daniel StrongWalker Thomas. 

About the Delaware Nation Lenni Lenape: The Delaware Nation Lenni Lenape is a federally recognized Indian Tribe, located in Anadarko, Oklahoma. The President is Deborah Dotson, and the Executive Council are the rightful and duly elected authority of The Delaware Nation Lenni Lenape. Reference Resolution #2021-008 ‘Appointing Daniel ‘StrongWalker” Thomas…”

Learn more on their website at

Chief Daniel StrongWalker Thomas is President of the Board of Directors and serves as Chief Servant Leader of the Global Initiative for Indigenous Advancement.

Daniel has a background in economic and business development. An entrepreneur who has been at the helm or in a c-suite role with multiple organizations ranging from professional services, retail, publishing and property management. Daniel attended Salem State University and his passions are his family, his people, and creating opportunities for all Indigenous People.

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