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Aaron Godwin, the Engineer of Wealth, Shares His Exclusive Approach in Building Financial Legacy

For Aaron Godwin, it was a massive leap of faith when he decided to leave his mechanical engineering profession to invest in a whole new field. But it was one of the best decisions he made in life as it not only benefited him but also allowed him to extend a helping hand to others. Using his extensive knowledge as a mechanical engineer, he molded himself into a financial expert, coming up with strategic and systematic solutions geared toward building a lifelong financial legacy.

Dubbed as the “Engineer of Wealth,” Aaron Godwin is a rising finance engineer specializing in three main areas: helping smart people see the math behind money, helping employees transition to entrepreneurship, and helping entrepreneurs invest back into their business. Essentially, he helps others in freeing themselves from debts and building generational wealth. But before his success in wealth engineering, the finance guru thrived in a much different arena.

After serving the U.S. Navy for nine years as a nuclear machinist mate stationed aboard the USS Pennsylvania for four years, Aaron Godwin earned a bachelor of science degree in mechanical engineering from West Texas A&M University. He then proceeded to work for a United States Department of Energy’s nuclear facility. Eventually, he pursued his master’s of science in system engineering and engineering management from Texas Tech University. While completing his course, he became enamored with financial planning and the statistics of retirement savings. This marked the beginning of his passion for finance and wealth-building.

While Aaron Godwin lived a picture-perfect life, playing golf and watching his kids perform in sports and dance recitals, he often dreamed of what it would be like if he took control of his life without the influence of his engineering firm. But when he finally decided to shift his career, he found himself stuck in a contract with the government where he had no control over the outcome. Feeling outsmarted, he thought he had spiraled downwards until something happened that completely changed everything. 

Aaron Godwin began handling his finances as if it were a business. Focused and driven by what he was doing, he began teaching fellow engineers how to effectively handle their money. Eventually, he formally started his finance practice. He experienced working alongside a financial brokerage company, but later on, he decided to practice independently. Building his finance powerhouse online, he successfully did what he loved to do despite the onset of the pandemic. 

Today, Aaron Godwin shares with the world his exclusive approach to building wealth legacies. While others focus on retirement, investments, savings, and lastly, protection, the wealth engineer turns to the opposite, putting protection as his priority. “I believe you protect what you have. You save for emergencies and opportunities. Your number one investment is yourself. And that you never retire, that you may transition from working a traditional job to doing things that you are passionate about,” he explains.

For Aaron Godwin, his focus is on flexibility. “I want people to have the flexibility to do whatever they want,” expresses the engineer of wealth. Through his engineered wealth solutions, he strives to help them attain the flexibility to start a business, travel the world, and take care of their sick loved ones. In the future, he hopes to help at least 500 families put a generational wealth plan in place and become completely debt-free. “I want these families to become advocates for the engineered wealth solutions so that their friends and family can benefit from financial certainty in an uncertain world,” he says. 

Learn more about Aaron Godwin and his financial insights by visiting his official website.

ZURUIKE Uses a Three-Step Program to Promote Fitness and Healthy Living

Physical transformational change is only possible with the perfect combination of a positive attitude, the appropriate fitness program, and the right guidance. To ensure that clients get the most out of their physical fitness journey, ZURUIKE developed a three-step program designed to get rid of physical roadblocks that get in the way of every person’s desire to stay fit and healthy. Its proactive, preventive, and alternative health care program effectively guides clients toward a better version of themselves. 

The three-step program, founded by Luis Galvan, is called AVATAR. It combines the many benefits of clinical sports massage, a nutrition plan, and fitness training. Known to improve blood flow, range of motion, and flush out toxins from the body, the clinical sports massage focuses on removing adhesive tissue and hitting trigger points. This step works well together with the right nutritional plan, which involves maintaining a diet that promotes the regeneration of new cells and tissue growth. Finally, the fitness training completes the program by allowing clients to achieve enhanced strength and improve speed, agility, and endurance. 

Among the three steps, the clinical sports massage is the unconventional offering in the industry today, but it has impressive long-term benefits. ZURUIKE uses techniques that include structural realignment, trigger point therapy, fascial stretch, and postural repatterning exercises that are commonly used to decrease pain and discomfort, reduce soreness, increase flexibility, and reduce the risk of injury. Additionally, the method is also known to result in fat loss and promote lean muscle gain. Clients who have experienced the clinical sports massage have experienced increased and newfound energy afterward. 

Clients who opt to avail of the AVATAR program will pay a monthly fee that includes four clinical sports massages, four personal training sessions, a month-long nutrition plan, and a workout regimen good for 30 days. Clients are highly encouraged to avail of the three-month package to optimize the program’s effects on the body. 

“Our goal is to educate and empower people to live their best lives, pain, and discomfort-free while keeping them healthy in the world of COVID-19. We want to put healthcare into peoples’ hands, giving them the motivation to get healthy, to save money on health insurance long-term. If clients were proactive about their health, the disease would drop significantly. Our company provides a fun way of accomplishing this,” explains Galvan, the ZURUIKE owner. 

ZURUIKE is also known to be the first private smart gym. Clients can book a schedule so they can have the gym and its smart equipment all to themselves. They will have access to a Peloton, tempo studio gym, Ergatta Rower, and Nordictrack CST. This unique offer makes the company distinct from its numerous competitors in the industry. 

Confident that the three-step program is doing a lot of good for people, Luis Galvan is looking forward to seeing ZURUIKE grow significantly. In a few years, he sees his company opening five franchises in different key cities and continuing to help people live better lives. His program is most importantly about giving people motivation and finding a new zest for life. By assisting them to achieve these, Galvan cannot be any happier to have made a lasting difference in people’s lives. Learn more about ZURUIKE by visiting its website. Check out its Facebook page for updates.

Sierra Coleman Ministries: A Prophetic Voice for the Distraught

People who have reached the summit are often those who have had their fair share of hitting rock bottom. True enough, overcoming seemingly insurmountable challenges teaches everyone a thing or two about faith, strength, and persistence. In the case of Sierra Coleman, the founder of Sierra Coleman Ministries, it was through God’s grace that she was able to grasp the best lessons out of the worst of times. 

No one is immune to life’s obstacles and difficulties. As someone who is intimately familiar with hardships and struggles, Sierra Coleman took it upon herself to create a platform that fosters character development, cultivates spiritual growth, and paves the way for enlightenment. Standing at the helm of Sierra Coleman Ministries, this visionary leader aims to help people become the best version of themselves. 

On a mission to introduce God’s mercy and compassion to others, Sierra Coleman Ministries serves as a pillar of hope to troubled individuals who have gone astray. The ministry seeks to bring peace and kindness into the lives of those who are shackled by past mistakes and painful experiences. Through this beacon of faith and love, more and more people can come together and influence each other into changing for the better. 

Since its inception in 2018, Sierra Coleman Ministries has been empowering and encouraging people to trust God and to keep the faith no matter how hard life’s blows are. Immensely fueled by the desire to transform lives and touch souls, it operates in deliverance, healing, and prophetic works. Today, the ministry has reached over sixty thousand people through its diligent efforts online. 

Sierra Coleman Ministries is a prophetic ministry geared towards making people aware of the greatness buried within them. Through words of knowledge and wisdom, it sharpens the gifts and talents God has given. Aside from being a reliable and trustworthy entity, it also serves as a prophetic voice that speaks directly to wounded individuals and helps them move forward by heeding to God’s calling. 

Above anything else, Sierra Coleman Ministries teaches others how to identify their purpose. According to Sierra Coleman, the only way people can fill every void in their lives is by doing things that light up their souls. Indeed, nothing is more rewarding than spending days rooted in passion and in God. 

Looking back, Sierra Coleman cannot help but feel grateful for the blunders she committed and the sufferings she endured. Previous adversities and past tribulations may have prompted her to question her goodness and integrity. However, she refused to succumb to despair and held on to God. Today, she has made it her goal to inspire others with her story. 

With no plans of slowing down any time soon, Sierra Coleman remains unstoppable at her game. In the coming years, she hopes to build a church and a production company. She also intends to expand her horizons by dipping her toes into the world of acting and modeling. On top of that, this laudable figure also wishes to establish a brand for the next generation.

To know more about Sierra Coleman and her ministry, you may visit her Instagram page.