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Tyrone Evans Clark: Creating Success Despite Adversity

“Over time, grit is what separates fruitful lives from aimlessness,” said John Ortberg, a renowned Christian author and speaker. Life has never been smooth sailing for Tyrone Evans Clark. Still, with no small amount of determination and hard work, he overcame any obstacles that life sent his way and created his own path to success.

Tyrone Evans Clark is a multi-award winner entertainer, actor, executive producer, writer, and director famously known for his work on Homeless Sam & Sally – The Movie (2020) / Homeless Sam & Sally (2019), a story with a premise influenced by his personal experiences. In addition to the Homeless Sam & Sally franchise, some other titles he worked on or appeared on are Reverie (2018), Netflix’s Velvet Buzzsaw (2019), Netflix’s Magic for Humans (2020), Lifetime’s Seatbelt Psychic, E! Entertainment’s Dating #NoFilter (2019), BET’s Running Out of Time, AXS TV’s Women of Wrestling (2019), MTV’s Flex on My Ex (2019), FOX’s Phone Swap (2018), Awesomeness TV’s Tri Me (2019) with Rickey Thompson (and SUNKEE ANGEL), Face The Truth (2018) with Vivica A. Fox, and so much more.

Homeless Sam & Sally is a TV series about a mother-and-son tandem who ended up on the streets due to life’s unfortunate happenstance. Homeless Sam & Sally – The Movie was directed, written, and executively produced by Tyrone Evans Clark (Tyrone Evans Clark Inc. / Tyrone Evans Clark, LLC). It received 22 awards, six nominations, and has been officially selected from various prestigious film festivals from all over the world.

Like his titular role Sam, Tyrone Evans Clark has spent a considerable amount of time in homelessness. Born in Chicago, Illinois, and later moving to Berrien Springs, Michigan, his family was devastated by a house fire that took the life of his two-year-old brother Carl, as well as most of the family’s possessions. His family moved to a homeless shelter in Benton Harbor, Michigan.

They were later able to move into their new home, but as his father grew increasingly abusive, violent, and drug-dependent, he opted to leave home and take his chances on the streets. Despite the hardships of being homeless, he graduated from Benton Harbor High School with honors and a number of scholarships (Horatio Alger Scholarship, Gates Millennium Scholarship, etc.) years later.

Deciding to pursue his passion for gaming and technology, Tyrone Evans Clark worked to earn his college degree. He graduated from the Art Institute of California in Los Angeles with a bachelor of science degree in game art and design. After came the foundation of Tyrone Evans Clark, LLC (a.k.a Tyrone Evans Clark Inc.), a technical, interactive media and entertainment company with an emphasis on advanced technology and entertainment.

Tyrone Evans Clark has been making a lot of noise in the technology industry as well. He implements state-of-the-art programs and practices to create interactive and fully immersive experiences for his players. Working as an augmented reality developer in the past eight months, he has created impressive VR/AR scenario games in Unity and Unreal Game Engine at Beckman Coulter Diagnostics in Miami, Florida.

The entertainer and game developer has an impressive resume on the tech side with over ten years of experience under his belt. He is highly proficient with programming languages Python, C++, and C#. In addition, he does 3D modeling, animation, and game content creation.

Tyrone Evans Clark does just about everything from teaching, acting, singing, directing and producing, writing, podcasting (CALL TYRONE!!!),  to working in technology. Tyrone is even creating a few young adult fantasy science-fiction novels with illustrations (His personal creations, all of TEC Inc. brands) that will be coming out to the public soon on just about every platform, such as Barnes & Noble, Amazon Prime Books, etc. With his success story and each milestone that he achieves, he inspires people to respect adversity as it can only serve to strengthen one’s virtues. Today, he continues to impress people with his outstanding work ethic and client-centeredness when it comes to business and working in the film / television industry. 

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