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Snake Mob NFT Rises to the Ranks of the Metaverse with Vim and Venom

The mob life has long been a popular staple in pop culture. The seedy world of mobsters has often been given a negative light in various portrayals in media. The Snake Mob NFT hopes to shed that negativity like snakeskin, offering up massive potential value to its investors with mob aesthetics and a community of like-minded individuals the developers have dubbed as The Mob.

The unprecedented rise of NFTs has given niche communities a place where they can thrive. Token projects have been coming out of the woodwork with vast creative freedom and a community of loyal supporters who elevate the projects to greater heights. Developed by Big Brain Labs, The Snake Mob NFT hopes to stake its claim in the metaverse as it slithers its way into the NFT market with relative ease.

The Snake Mob is a collection of 5,555 procedurally generated Snake Mobster NFTs that has built its home on the Ethereum blockchain. Snake Mobsters are cunning and ruthless, known for their racketeering, money laundering, and midnight poker games. The digital art pieces reflect this venomous aesthetic as the tokens don coats and hats of different varieties.

Most of the Snake Mobsters’ clothing traits are relevant to real-world high-fashion brands. The mobsters wear brands ranging from Rick Owens hoodies and shades, Cartier glasses, Moncler puffer jackets, Acne goggles, YZY hoodies, and many more. Each Snake Mobster NFT also holds trinkets and miscellaneous objects that bolster their personalities. These objects could range from signs, video game controllers, mobster guns, bankrolls, and a lot more.

“A lot of our traits appeal to musical artists and people in the fashion world because of our high fashion clothing traits, and other miscellaneous traits,” share the founders. “We also appeal to the gaming community because most of our Snake Mobster NFTs are holding guns that you can use when playing games like Fortnite or Call of Duty,” they added.

The Snake Mob NFT collection is a game-changer in the NFT industry as it marks an innovation in the market by applying real-world high-fashion brand clothing to the project’s main “Snake” character. It is definitely a step up above the typical tokens that pervade the current market, and it’s a welcome change in a world that’s embracing innovation in the form of technology.

The Snake Mob was developed as a community for the community. The community-based company known as Big Brain Labs was founded on the foundations of progression. The budding NFT project was created by two 21-year-old big brained® artists, namely Neo and Swelly. Neo is the visual artist in charge of creating the look and feel of the digital art pieces, while Swelly handles the social media aspect of the project.

The company is heavily invested in the United States criminal justice system, “but don’t get it twisted, we’re not rats. The Mob supports emancipation and addressing racial disparities in the judicial system,” said the founders. In the same vein, the founders of The Snake Mob have promised to donate a portion of all the proceeds to The Sentencing Project, an advocacy center working for decarceration.

This means that when a community member joins the mob, it will increase the likelihood that a fellow mobster will be released from their unlawful imprisonment. The big brained® mafia bosses ultimately plan to realize their plan in building a true mob-worthy community, urging potential investors to be on the lookout for the upcoming project.

In the hopes of pushing for the project’s inevitable longevity, the Snake Mob founders are aiming to overflow each of its community member’s wallets with 5 – 20+ ETH by the end of 2023. After launch, The Mob will also be hosting exclusive parties all over New York City, which uses the Snake Mobster NFT as a ticket for admission.