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Sillybandz: NFT Collection Banks on Nostalgia of Iconic Band Collectibles

Non-fungible tokens have become the recent craze among investors in the world of cryptocurrency. Many of such tokens are in the form of artistic 2D and 3D art, usually produced in thousands of variations of a single main character. But Sillybandz aims to reshape the landscape by banking on nostalgia, specifically on the collectible items called Sillybandz, which reached the pinnacle of its popularity in 2010.

The Sillybandz NFT collection is based off of the iconic shapes and vibrant colors of the phenomenally successful Sillybandz launched in the early 2010s. The collectibles were formerly sold in packs containing an assortment of designs, including shapes of animals, letters, numbers, and various objects. They were worn as bracelets by both male and female children and were sold in various retail outlets, such as Amazon and Walmart. In addition, some kids used Sillybandz as fashion accessories, others as toys. Regardless of how they’ve been used, Sillybandz became one of the most iconic pieces that contributed significantly to the pop culture of the early years of the millennium.

Fast forward to 2021, a group of NFT creators wanted to bring back the spirit of Sillybandz but in a different form. The creators amplify just how successful Sillybandz has been in the past decade, and the brand remains recognized today. Furthermore, they also saw how the generation who used to collect Sillybandz as kids now grew to become part of the demographics who are actively participating in the creation, buying, selling, and trading of NFTs. Hence, they are launching the Sillybandz NFT collection to introduce the next evolution for the brand and provide its massive fanbase with something new to look forward to. 

“Sillybandz first became a worldwide phenomenon in 2010 with a younger demographic and then grew an older audience of influencers, celebrities, and athletes of all ages. Fast forward to 2021 and the massive resurgence of the popularity of the brand, and we now have the original audience who are now 18-26, plus the older audience, and we cover several decades,” the creators explained. “And with cryptocurrency and NFTs being such a huge category for the ages of 16-35, Sillybandz is a perfect brand to take part in this life changing movement.

On mint day, which will be announced soon, the creators will be dropping 5,000 Sillybandz NFTs available for interested holders across the globe. The artists behind the collection are beyond thrilled to present something that’s never been done before in the NFT landscape.

“Unlike other collections that are graphic pieces without any history or prior collectibility, the Sillybandz NFT collection already has a rich history of collectibility and brand recognition,” the anonymous creators explained.

With such a unique and ambitious take on the NFT movement, Sillybandz will indeed rise above the others. The NFT further aims to raise the bar higher for other creators to take inspiration from things that stir emotions or, in this case, nostalgia, to give NFTs more meaning than just being digital collectibles.

Learn more about Sillybandz NFTs on its website and discord server.