Top 20 Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2020

For many individuals, it has always been a question of whether or not to continue with the field they chose to pursue. In any field, perseverance is key. Never giving up is almost always a universal answer to the query on how

Alison Bowles Living to the Fullest and Inspiring Others

Photo by Maggie Keating Photography  If there’s anyone who knows to live life to the fullest, it’s influencer, model, and virtual entrepreneur Alison Bowles. She knows the importance of designing life the way you want it and does not procrastinate in making

Caroline Adegun Becomes a Ray of Hope for Struggling Artists

Photo by Kizi Photography Admittedly, venturing into the creative industry requires an incomparable amount of patience and perseverance. While some notable creatives have succeeded in reaching the peak of victory, some equally-talented artists frequently miss their window of opportunity. And because the

How Luke Wade Overcame Adversity Through Fitness

For many people who want to lose weight, all they want is someone to motivate and empathize with them through their lifestyle changes and fitness journey. Based in Texas but serving internationally, Luke Wade, MBA, CPT, PN1, is a fitness consultant who