The Chicago Journal Partners Up with To Help Small Businesses Gain Some Footing Amid the Pandemic

In this day and age, it is absolutely essential for a small modern business to take advantage of all the technological advancements the world has to offer. Smartphone apps have become all the rage in recent years, and most businesses have taken an interest in utilizing the technology to serve their customers better. was specifically created to give small businesses an opportunity to create their very own app. grants customers the ability to purchase from a small business anywhere. It also allows them to track rewards programs and receive real-time marketing as well as real-time notifications on promotions and special events. To ensure their clients’ success, they use TestFlight to test the apps that they create prior to submitting them to the App Stores.

Recently, the company has partnered up with, allowing their apps to accept online appointments, 24/7 scheduling and updating, reminder notifications, and other online scheduling tools so that their clients can further grow their businesses. makes online scheduling easy. They allow their customers to grow their business without having to waste time managing software, and tools. Paired with the capabilities of, the result is an amazing combination of features that can guarantee the success of small businesses far and wide. Imagine having the capability of scheduling and tracking orders 24/7 through a fully managed scheduling software that leverages cloud technology.

Paired with and their built-in Bluetooth technology that sends orders through a single platform. Through the combination of their services, small businesses will have the opportunity to create new revenue streams with tech-savvy and loyal customers. is more than just a one-time introductory special; it offers small business owners the ability to receive, own, and update their very own menus in real-time on their own app. They distribute the app through the Apple Store as well as the Play Store without any monthly fees. The platform itself has a fully transparent business model where businesses can share their best practices to help each other.

The business model completely removes the need for their clients to spend millions of dollars on major online marketing campaigns on Instagram, Facebook, or Google. Instead, reaches out to influencers on social media simply asking for their help to share their vision of a better tomorrow where businesses support one another by building a community.

Not to mention, gives a lot of benefits to their clients, solving major problems for business owners. With their own app, they no longer have to increase their sales by 30% because they no longer have to rely on a third-party to deliver their food. This allows them to boost their sales and drive more revenue just by investing the time and effort to build an app with the community.

Furthermore, once the app is in the market, offers marketing services to its clients at no charge. Their full transparency business model means that there are no hidden fees at all; they will not be charging monthly down the road, unlike many other services that are currently being offered to small business owners.

Overall, is looking to serve more and more small businesses as the years go by. As they foster a bigger and more successful community over the years, they are planning on bringing non-profits to their platform in 2021. This much-needed development will allow for more people to become aware of the various non-profits that they can support straight from the comfort of their smartphone devices.

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