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MobileyMe is the Newest and Most Secure App to Back Up Your Data

There’s too much uncertainty in the present around data security, and all the apps, images, documents, and other important files stored on our smartphones are no exception. If you want to be extra cautious about the safety of your data, it’s about time you knew what MobileyMe is all about.

MobileyMe Inc. has created a Eureka-type product and service that is ready to hit the market. The elegantly engineered software, ‘MobileyMe,’ is a patented internet-based program that would enable any user’s cell phone data to be saved in a cloud service without even holding the phone in their hands. It offers you full access to your smartphone’s features, including accessing your contacts, and receiving and making calls with your own caller ID, while giving you a seamless experience.

There’s no need to be anxious any longer about being able to access your phone in the event of a lost, stolen, or bricked device. MobileyMe will prevent loss of data from happening, because you will be able to keep the ability to access your personal information and continue running your business without even physically having your phone. It’s a brilliant breakthrough in mobile application technology, as it gives the assurance to any mobile phone owner that their smartphone data will never just go kaput. The user will have the capability to access the phone as if it were never lost and can be traced no matter where it is.

The company’s founder and CEO, Myra Durrani, takes pride in the product being first of its kind and changing the game entirely. “The closest competitors are not competitors at all, given that they only have some limited basic features. She adds, “MobileyMe goes well beyond what they offer. The software will bridge the gaps by adding features that will greatly enhance what is currently on offer that is quite simply inadequate for today’s communications needs.”

Speaking about competitors in the market, if you think about saving to the cloud, the Apple Cloud service may quickly pop into your head. But undeniably, there are some significant limitations to Apple service, such as verification codes being sent to the unusable device, the phone untraceable in ‘airplane’ mode, or if the SIM card was removed, or simply turned off. It’s inevitable to compare the service to MobileyMe, but knowing Apple’s significant limitations, we can clearly see who will climb to the top.

MobileyMe is targeting 5.1 billion smartphone users, assuring each user that worrying about lost data is now a thing of the past. As soon as you download MobileyMe, you will instantly be able to operate your lost phone like it was never gone. You can take photos, send messages, make calls, or even completely wipe out your data if necessary.

If you want to secure all the data on your smartphone now and find out more about MobileyMe, visit their official website,