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Michelle Perchuk Stamps Her Presence as a Top-Rated Career Building Coach

Building a career begins with getting a job which is a task that many people have no clue how to handle. Job seekers easily get lost in the job-seeking process, that they get frustrated along the line. Michelle Perchuk, a seasoned career coach with about two decades of experience in the business and the recruiting world, has taken it upon herself to help job seekers get on their feet and forge ahead with confidence when seeking a position in their dream workplaces.  Michelle Perchuk has worked at some of the top recruitment firms and worked with Fortune 1000 companies with their recruitment processes.

She established MTV Coaching to improve people’s lives thanks to her long-term relationships with human resource professionals, hiring managers, and C-Suite executives. She is big on building relationships and never fails to encourage job seekers to network extensively when seeking a new job. Michelle Perchuk believes that becoming a coach for her was always divinely ordained as her life-long goal has always been to give back, impact and improve lives. From her days as a consultant on Wall Street to the time she ran her own business, she has always been about making a difference in people’s lives.

MTV Coaching aims to ease the stress of getting a job during these uncertain times that the world has been thrown into. “The workplace is evolving at lightning speed. Jobs will become heavily competitive when things go back to normal, and many applicants need an expert’s help to help them stand out, interview successfully perhaps by video, dress appropriately, and craft powerful images and LinkedIn profiles. Many people won’t return to their jobs; that is the reality. Certain jobs will be eliminated, and yet new jobs will be created. Job seekers have higher requirements to satisfy, and we want to ensure they are well-prepared and packaged to clinch these job positions,” Michelle says.

Michelle brings her years of experience and certification as a coach from the International Coaching Federation. Her book on recruitment, “Swimming in the Talent Pool,” has been critically acclaimed by many hiring managers and job seekers. She is a multi-faceted expert looking to do some good in the job world. She has played a profound role in helping thousands of job applicants get employment at the top companies worldwide. Her coaching practice has also played notable roles in many career upgrades and promotions. Her story and personal journey serve as a relatable reference when building a connection with jobseekers as she understands their situation and can resonate with them.

To take her mission even further, Michelle Perchuk partnered recently with Knowable, the audio-only learning platform, to enable her to share knowledge with a wider range of people. Her target audience includes college graduates and business executives looking to pivot their careers or start new careers. Michelle is familiar with what companies and hiring managers look for in a candidate, and she walks her clients by the hand through those specifics.

Her company MTV Coaching is growing very quickly as people realize they need an expert to help them. Michelle Perchuk is determined¬† to grow her coaching practice, launch more courses and publish new helpful books. She keeps putting in work to grow her company while ensuring that more job seekers find the job search process less stressful. “Success is assured if you are eager and determined to be successful; all everyone needs is to be shown the right direction,” she says.

Learn more about Michelle Perchuk and MTV Coaching on the official website.

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